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    Bitcoin wallet

    Crypto currency has flown into our lives, and it will stay forever. Every internet user already knows what bitcoin and etherium is. Almost every investment project appearing on the market uses as investments not only PM or Payeer, but also bitcoin.

    Bitcoin wallet

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    Payeer - registration, login, verification

    Namaste! Now a lot of investment projects use the PAYEER wallet for withdrawal and money entry, so to work with projects you should register in this system. In this article we will tell you how to create a Payeer wallet and use it. The PR has an intuitive design, especially since they were updated less than a month ago, and everything became much more convenient and simpler. The system is very comfortable to work with different currencies, and transfers to other wallets.

    Payeer wallet

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    Review and feedback about Perfect Money - a popular payment system, official website and registration


    Perfect Money - a wallet, like webmoney and others, without which it is quite difficult to manage in the process of working on freelancing, online investing or e-commerce. In addition to the fact that you can work with other systems for input and output, available internal transfer between wallets.

    The system is in demand because it is registered in the offshore zone, which means that data on operations will not be available to the tax authorities. What other features of work, where to see what the commission for the transfer, the security and speed of transactions?

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