How to make money on a blog on the Internet? Turning a hobby into a steady income

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Earnings on the blog

How to make money on a blog on the Internet and is it possible to get regular income from it? I open the secrets of the process and share my experience as the author of a blog that I love very much and will not give it to anyone. More than 65% of marketing strategies are implemented on blogs, and this year this figure has overtaken even social networks.

Special sites help not only to be popular, but also to act as a way of income, and then you can think about where to invest moneyto get profit from other sources. Not only the sale of goods or services, or the preparation, filling, and turnkey platform, can bring money. Among the main source is advertising, and about what mistakes to avoid, where to find advertisers, what types of advertising work, and how much they bring you - right now.

Why do people blog?

And quite an interesting question: in truth, why? Someone finds in this a way of popularity, someone so promotes goods or services and uses how source of additional incomefor someone it's a hobby. Predicting your question, what is the GQ Blog Monitor for me? It is all together, a kind of, such a creative cocktail. Often, they say that to start a blog on the Internet, interested:

  • celebrities (you need to somehow warm up popularity with fans and journalists);
  • the one who describes his passion - from traveling and ending with the preparation of pumpkin pies;
  • businessmen.
Every day, a total of about 2 million new posts in the blogosphere appear in the world.

What do bloggers make?

Want to make money on a blog? It is quite real and not even as difficult as you might think at first glance; the main thing is to choose the right strategy and constantly increase the attendance of a resource in order to be attractive to a partner. The main income is advertising, but at the same time your blog is interesting to the advertiser if it is regularly filled, it has good stable traffic, its growth is observed, and the content is high, thematic and justified. Agree, it is unlikely that the manufacturer of dog food will be interested in placing an advertisement on a blog dedicated to chess.

Blogger's earnings

Today Instagram is “firing” where you can get money for posting or story, but the advertiser is interesting if you are subscribed (for a post with a photo) - 20 thousand, for stories from 50 thousand.

Plus, you can participate in promotions, affiliate programs, expand through barter "I will write about you, and you about me."

TOP ways to make money on a blog

It is impossible to single out the most effective way to earn money from bloggers, since seasonality, as well as suggestions for different audiences, allow us to “shoot”, then one, then the second direction, which I will discuss in detail below. I would like to note that the blog was not just your online diary with texts, photos, animation and video, you need to improve your professional skills, in particular:

  • learn how to work with hosting, domain names, blogging services;
  • master the layout of the site, programming languages;
  • understand the principles of SEO - the principle of indexing sites by search engines.

It is not necessary to know all this at once, but gradually it is necessary to improve in order to develop partnership areas.

Affiliate Programs

You need not just to know how to make money on a blog, you need to be able to communicate with those who work with you, and only in this case affiliate programs will be effective. The principle is this: you attract someone to something by your reference link, and you get a bonus for it. The most frequently affiliate programs (except classic network marketing) are found:

  • in the investment industry (I always indicate this position in reviews of newbies);
  • online entertainment;
  • sales of various goods and services.

There are even special exchanges where you can find a suitable option, one of them is

Affiliate Programs

Sale of goods and services

This remote work allows you to find customers around the world. In this case, as a rule, novice bloggers are working on a barter of the type: the blog of the fashionista is interesting to the new clothing manufacturer. She is photographed in a sweater, writes a text about how cool he is (but without an obsessive style), publishes and receives this sweater. The option is interesting at the age of 14-20 years, but then you can get good money for such posts, expanding the audience of customers and your potential audience of subscribers and regular readers.

According to surveys, more than 61% of Americans believe fashion bloggers in their choice of clothing and brand.

Branding blog

The main task is to make the blog noticeable and attractive. Frankly speaking, today marketers are experiencing a crisis of branding, because all the usual and early working forms have become obsolete. We must look for something new and promising. Branding is the creation of symbols, slogans and other proprietary information about a blog, which applies only to it and favorably distinguishes it from the rest, and this is the best answer to the question - how can you make money on a blog on the Internet? If you are a designer, illustrator, marketer, or just self-taught with an excellent portfolio, you can offer your services and get paid for it.

Promotional articles

The principle is simple: you blog about traveling, and you are approached by an aspiring cosmetic line to write a custom article about how its products protect from the sun. You write, take photos, often pre-use the tool yourself and post the material. Producer - advertising, especially with the story from the first person, you - profit. This will allow create passive income on a regular basis, because there will be many customers, but only in the case of well-prepared advertising material and a large number of views.

Promotional article

Advertisements in articles

A rather popular type of earnings from a blog is based on the fact that you sell advertising space, as it was previously available for newspapers, and now they trade in city lights, billboards, websites and blogs. Of course, the offer is interesting for those manufacturers who are thematically connected with you. You can offer a different area and with different conditions, including, not just placing a statistical, but also making an animated banner.

Recommendation: do not abuse advertising at the very start, as this will cause a critical audience reaction that the blog was made exclusively for commercial content.

Selling guards

The task of the blog author is to write a post in which something would appear in a winning light. But, the difficulty is that if you directly promote tea or hair dye, the reader will find the material not organic and will not even finish reading it to the end, and in the worst cases will never go to your page. It should be hidden, beautifully and easily enter the brand advertising in the post, not forgetting to give readers useful information.

Earnings on advertising in videos

This technology will let you know how to make money on YouTube. The principle is this: you prepared a video, placed it on a channel, but before you watch it, the viewer is obliged to watch an advertisement for which you received money. If earlier it was rather annoying, now many are accustomed to it and take it for granted that we must first watch the video. The amount of income is based on such factors:

  • the number of subscribers on the channel;
  • regular content update;
  • subject matter;
  • roller length

On average, for 1000 ad views you can get from 1,5 to 2 dollars.

Selling SEO blog

This method will practically show how to make money online, but at the same time it will be necessary to work hard, and a similar way of earning will bring income after some time. The essence is simple: create a blog, take into account all SEO requirements, put it in the TOP of search engines, and then sell it as a finished product. The difficulty is not only in the creation and promotion of the page, but also in the fact that the client turns up, who will be satisfied with the platform in subject and content, and you will be satisfied with the price he pays for it.

Michael Arrington’s TachCranch, a blog about IT technology, was founded in 2005 year, and AOL bought it for 2010 million dollars.

Advertise on a blog

You can make money on a blog with the help of advertising, but at the same time it is important to understand and feel that very edge and not turn into a newspaper with ads or a copy of Avito. Advertising can be open, half-open or closed (hidden) type, and you, as the author of the blog, choose what is profitable for you. The site may become attractive for teaser, targeted, banner advertising, as well as advertising lines. And about the intricacies of working with each species, more detailed.

Targeted Advertising

The basic principle is pop-up windows, but on the basis of the user's personal data, and its effectiveness depends on the correct setting of such advertising. Data from social networks (gender, age, place of residence, interests) are pulled up, but the last requests in the browser are taken into account. By accessing anyone’s blog, reading new articles or posts, you can see an advertisement for a lucrative offer to buy a vacuum cleaner in your city, because you studied the assortment a couple of days ago. This option to monetize a blog is often used by owners of sites with entertainment content.

Targeting Advertising

Teaser advertising

Your blog can be a platform for posting a teaser. In fact, this is a mystery short message with intrigue, and is used when the goods only enter the market. Advertisers are interested in "clean" sites, so that at the same time other similar-shaped pop-up windows would not appear on it. Content, attendance is taken into account, but also the general advertising budget for product promotion. A good option is how to make money on the Internet from 200 to 500 rubles per day, and the platform is higher in the top, the amount can gradually rise and increase.

Banner advertising

This option how to make money on your website, was quite popular 5-7 years ago. Then he began to attack the heels of a teaser, contextual and hidden. Despite the decline in popularity, banners are still posted. Here the main thing is not to overdo it with the size and their intensity, so as not to arouse the feeling of "market" in the visitor. The size of the banner, the subject of the blog, the number of visits per day, and, of course, the mood of the advertising market will affect your profit.


This is an open advertising that allows you to sell space in the text to your partners, of course, with a positive context. You can sell strings in entertaining or serious materials, for example, where to invest money. They can also be placed in empty places, making the lines active and animated, but this is annoying to some users. You can find a client on the lines directly: go to him yourself with offers or he to you, or on special exchanges, where each ad contains:

  • Characters;
  • terms of placement;
  • way of registration;
  • subject.

How much can you earn on a blog

Income is directly dependent on the topic that is selected, the number of visitors, on the selected ways to make money on a blog: one or several. On average, with Insta more than 25-30 thousand subscribers can receive up to 100-150 dollars per month. On YouTube, you can spend a couple of days to earn that kind of money, provided that more than 100 users have viewed ads. Do not forget that the regularity of the post, user-friendly interface, useful info, and besides this, promotion in various social networks is the key to success and expansion of the audience.

Where to start and how to overcome difficulties?

From my own experience I can say that finding a sponsor for your blog in most cases will not be crowned with success, so you need to look for different ways on how to make money on your blog, make regular income, increase attendance, constantly surprise and satisfy guests. We must have patience (as if philosophically this is not read), and find a way out of difficult situations.

Beauty blog

For example, a change in the indexing algorithm of Yandex was reflected too critically at the work of many resources; but having studied the new requirements, we adapt to them. Start with an idea: what you like and what can be profitable. I think that the audience of travelers is more than those of those who know everything about turning machines. It is necessary to engage in the promotion of the resource, attracting other blogs of partners, their profiles in social networks. Well-established monetization of your blog requires:

  • content filling work;
  • promotion in search engines;
  • participation in other venues - your name should be recognizable;
  • ability to negotiate with advertisers.

But at the very beginning strategically right to determine the topics. Web marketers say that finances, travel, beauty direction, medicine and technology remain the most “delicious”. Working with your own blog is not a universal, but rather effective recipe, how to become rich.

And the plus is that you can work in any country, independently regulate the working day, do what you like and still make a profit. This income is available as a student, and an experienced manager. Traditionally, I wish you a blog that brings joy and benefits, a steady income, and your popularity on the network grows regularly.

Author Ganesa K.
A professional investor with 5 years of experience with various financial instruments, maintains his blog and advises depositors. Own effective methods and information support for investments.
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Very useful information, thanks.
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Custom articles are a topic, banners are a plus or minus topic, and the lines, as for me, are a long-forgotten topic, a rarity.
Dima (25.08.2019 to 08: 41)
I think that you need to invest in promotion, attract real professionals to secure a place in the sun, establish a flow of orders, and click on the seeds themselves. Valuable thought - the blog will not promote itself and will not fill, it is necessary to do this and sometimes it’s very, very active.
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I agree with Ganesha in the sense that the blog is its own boss, and working from anywhere in the world is extremely important.
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It is immediately obvious when surfing blogs, who live by their blog, and who, as the article indicates, uses it exclusively for commercial purposes.
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A blog that allows you to receive money should have a charismatic author. Agree, if the child is 5 years old blog, then this is a chip, or a person who lives in Antarctica. And if there is no charisma and uniqueness - do not even start anything.
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Well, such a lot of information, but there is no specific scenario.
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Recently I read a marketing study that is ahead of the rest in the blogosphere. So this is "green energy". Some resources with ready content for dozens of logs are sold.
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I run my blog of a traveler and I will say this: the broader the subject, the more commercial offers will be knocked to visit. Never start a blog in a strict framework: conservation, books, furniture.
ShaQx (21.12.2018 to 09: 52)
To earn stable money, you need to come up with not just a cool topic, but find its uniqueness, a chip of its own kind. Type - children of celebrities - girls are reading this, or space content for boys.
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