Tips on how to invest in websites to earn income and what ways to monetize information sites are effective and tested

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Investing in sites

The material that you will now read about how to invest in sites and what ways to monetize information sites are effective and can bring a good income. Many of us are familiar with investments in Bitcoin, investments in binary options, online projects, and sites that are constantly expanding the audience and pay can also fill up the investment portfolio.

This is especially true for those who are already involved in the field of online. Set yourself up for a long process, this is not a lottery and no income at the same moment. Even if you decide to independently develop the site, its content, without the periodic help of specialists (programmers, designers, copywriters) is not enough. Further, literally step by step instructions on how to make a profit from such resources and what to look for when buying a finished product.

How can you earn by investing in sites?

The development of the Internet as a platform opens up the possibility of investing in sites or establishing a process of their monetization, and today I will help you figure out how to make money on sites. In fact, there are 2 main areas of such income:

  • launching its own author's site, its promotion and profit;
  • the acquisition of a ready-made site and work with it.

Another direction is sponsoring a separate resource, which, as a rule, is tied to a start-up. You can find offers at crowdfunding sites. Such an investment on the payback period is also not fast, but I recommend, when making a decision, to evaluate not only the source of the traffic, but also the source of income, both in Fiat and cryptocurrency. To do this, you can ask for screenshots of financial documents to make sure that the profit was and how it was formed.

Earnings on the site

Strategies for successfully investing in sites

For those who are considering investing in new and already profitable sites, it is important at the initial stage to determine for themselves the most profitable strategy. In fact, their 3 exists:

  1. independent creation of the site, its subsequent promotion and work;
  2. development, content of the site and its sale over time;
  3. site acquisition and further active monetization.
I will designate: a blog or a website actually serves only as a tool for technical and creative implementation, while the value is in the audience. Therefore, it is necessary to keep track of its requests, regularly fill it with relevant and useful content, and respond to requests.

Newbies often wonder: how much time must pass before the site starts to make a profit. I will not discover America if I say that everyone has different ways, but not earlier than 12-15 months from the moment of development and active filling.

How to choose a site for investment?

The most popular option is a website that offers something commercial: selling goods or services. But there is no less profitable and no less interesting direction - investing in websites with an information theme and constantly filled with content. In fact, you can build passive profits using several strategies:

  • placement of contextual or targeted advertising;
  • banners, pop-ups;
  • partnership programs;
  • links, active lines;
  • placement of classic advertising ads or hidden advertising, including product placement.

Such an investment in an information resource is not typical, as it exists on the Internet, it has a number of features. In addition to keywords and position in the search engine, there are other important factors. This is what I propose to pay attention to so that the money invested will return and, of course, bring profit.

Criteria for selecting a suitable resource

Criterion Characterization
Audience Number of visitors per day, unique users, is there a positive trend, how sharp are the drops
Тематика The relevance and value of the proposed materials. The subject of finance remains popular (investments, Forex, binary options, stocks).
Children’s content is less popular, since children are not a solvent audience, specific products, narrow industrial areas.
Purpose of the visit to the site Ask yourself the question: what is the goal when navigating to the user's page: to distract, know the news, find the necessary information, buy a product or order a service
Technical aspects of the resource Domain, hosting, layout, design, number of headings, the presence of different content style: text, photos, videos, stream
X, PR Analytical indicators important for sales links

Self-development site

When I first discovered investment in websites, I decided that I would try to do everything as much as possible independently, if I had time, desire and knowledge, and my experience confirms that this can be done. I actually started my blog on 3 a year ago, but it became known to my partners after a while. This is due to the fact that it is necessary to fill it, to provide a variety of information, and not to offer raw content. Given the fact that the market for services in the resource development segment is constantly evolving, it is easy to find a specialist. In order to save money, you can use ready-made templates in the network, but you will have to work with them. Next, be sure to need services that offers the profession SMM specialistBecause it’s not enough just to create a resource, you need to make it work.

Investment site

To order a site

Many programmers and developers work to order. If you need a site, make a specific task, specify all the wishes, and they implement it in a certain time. Sophisticated investments on the Internet, of course, must be paid off, consider this when ordering websites. On average, their development costs from 10 thousand to 100 thousand rubles (there is no limit, it all depends on the complexity, uniqueness and specific tasks). You can find cheaper. Before ordering it is important to take into account how the site will be monetized: contextual advertising needs more expensive, for placing links, it is possible and cheaper.

Buying a ready and popular site

These investment projects use sites on the Internet that are fully prepared and can generate income already tomorrow. When purchasing a ready site, you should ask for statistics and traffic analytics, find out the key features of the work, including financial ones. As a rule, together with the site you can get thematic linked accounts and groups in social networks. It is important to know in advance how much its maintenance costs and how much it already works.

Should I buy sites with income as an investment?

A rather controversial situation and expert opinions differ on how profitable it is to buy a site that already generates income. As a rule, proven sites with stable traffic (with the exception of seasonal subsidence) are not cheap, but pay off faster than not so popular, but cheap sites, and investing in sports betting is even more efficient. The average price is from 30 thousand rubles, but before you buy, you must carefully check the resource so as not to stumble upon scammers.

Pay attention to how exactly the audience is attracted, because “hastily” and with the use of prohibited programs in the future can cause problems with traffic.

Another way to invest Yandex remains Yammiwhich is especially beneficial to those who are willing to invest more than 52 thousand rubles more than 3 of the year.

Where can I buy sites?

Deciding to discover investment in informational, or as they are often called, content sites, you can find ready-made products on specialized forums and exchanges. You can also connect personal acquaintances or thematic groups in social networks where web technologists, programmers, online wizards communicate. But the human factor has not been canceled. Experts recommend choosing work with exchanges, for example, on you can immediately see the site data, technical specifications, developer profiles and estimate the number of successfully implemented projects.

Buy site

Such investments should include maintenance costs, and it is worth making an estimate indicating in rubles how much support and further promotion will cost.

Risks when investing in sites

Any investment is a certain risk, but at the same time captivating earnings. The typical risk is that the site “will not go” and, of course, will not bring profit. I would share all the popular risks in the 2 category, depending on whether you are developing the site yourself or buying an existing one. The risks of investing in your own website:

  • a long period of time over which much can change in the market and in the trends of the audience;
  • when full payback comes and if it comes;
  • underestimation of their time and effort during the preparation of the plan and, as a result, emotional burnout.

Risks of investing in a ready platform:

  • the cost of maintaining its work, filling content, working with the audience;
  • customer readiness to buy goods or services that you offer;
  • weak market position among competitors.

The common risks when investing in non-classic commercial, but informational sites, is that it will be difficult to find an advertiser interested in placing content. It is important to remember: the content should be relevant, interesting, relevant, and most importantly - constant. If you cannot provide it yourself, you can turn to the services of copywriters, and leave the visualization to designers, widgets, attack protection, and error correction - to programmers.

I will clarify: investment in websites is not only cash infusion. This is the cost of time, nerves, because sometimes you want to leave everything and switch to something else that gives income now.

The fact how to make money on your website I have given and continue to give many recommendations on, as well as in the course. If you have questions - be sure to write and get answers to them. Summing up, I note that investments in websites are of the type of medium-term, sometimes it is more profitable to invest in cryptocurrency and make a profit already on the next transaction on the exchange.

But at the expense of already proven: banner, teaser, contextual advertising, affiliate programs, you can establish a stable income. Plus, opportunities will only expand to attract new audiences. I wish that investments in the sites were not just financially profitable, but also pleased with the productive work, themes and development.

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Comments (24) (Comments)
Gholace (04.01.2020 to 17: 40)
Investing in sites is necessary and not profitable. IMHO
Narn (11.12.2019 to 19: 10)
Such methods of monetization are interesting for those who can take on a huge part of the work: either write text, or move the site in the top and track the results, or attract an audience, or do a rough, but tryndets important technical part and tasks
Alsardana (07.11.2019 to 15: 13)
I would not consider such investments as investments in general. Just a way to bury money.
Bandinrad (24.10.2019 to 14: 09)
Ways to monetize will appear new every year, so advertising is now going well, and 2 years ago selling links, and 3 years ago contextual advertising almost brought millions.
Thorn (09.10.2019 to 17: 09)
There is something to ponder over, but 10 of thousands is expensive. Would be cheaper.
Ninel (04.09.2019 to 19: 20)
Investing in a website is good when this resource is tied to real business or to real media, at least. Just look at how actively and expensively links to news resources are sold: about concrete, cinema and dominoes.
Oksana (15.07.2019 to 11: 27)
I think that investing even in sites, even in the spacecraft Ilona Mask is a risk. Therefore, think ahead and think not to blame yourself.
fora4ka (28.06.2019 to 10: 19)
In general, it is interesting, but little attention is paid to technical aspects. And so good.
Zak (26.06.2019 to 12: 55)
I do not think that investment in the site, especially promoted e. Crypt, sport, HYIPs, deposits, even real estate — yes, and this is all doubtful.
Roman (16.06.2019 to 16: 40)
Links to sell is generally not effective, but the types of advertising still afloat. I think that it is possible to invest in websites, but if it’s in a club, or a new project from 10 thousand rubles, which theoretically will pay off for 15 months - a dubious pleasure.
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