What is infobusiness and how to get paid for selling information?

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Work in infobusiness

What is infobusiness? I am sure that everyone who uses the Internet has met this concept more than once, especially if you receive a newsletter about training materials, upcoming seminars, courses and trainings. One of the brightest schools was Business Youth, which was founded by two guys from Cheboksary and, of course, I will also talk about them in the article.

The principle of operation of such schools is that successful businessmen reveal their secrets and prepare a shift for themselves (or competitors). The material is a review of new features that everyone can adopt. Looking ahead, I will clarify: in order to survive and achieve success in the infobusiness, it is worthwhile to have a strategy and precisely follow the designated goals. About the details of the concept, types and where to start I will talk further.

What is infobusiness?

Arguing over the question: the info business is what it is and what is the use of it, it is worthwhile to designate that it is trade in information in various forms. As for the other case, the initial profit is not great, but with time engaged in infobusiness, you can significantly increase your income. Those who have already surrendered to this niche, say that it is important:

  • use different channels of communication;
  • launch advertising, including aggressive;
  • PR the name of the seller.

These rules are relevant, launching infobusiness from scratch, in various thematic segments. The info-business does not have age limits: on the one hand, it is possible to study at different ages, on the other - to teach. And this is especially important for "martyrs of science" who are looking for options how to earn a student and not be expelled from the university.

Information business issues

Types of infobusiness

It is customary to single out several information business classifications. First of all, on the subject: from fitness, a healthy lifestyle, parenting to arranging the cottage. They also say that the info business is set up for an individual client, or corporate (group training). Depending on the form, on what is offered and in what way, we can talk about other types of such activities. Some of them are similar, or are a logical continuation of the first product that entered the market. Let's get acquainted with the most popular forms.

Video courses

An experienced info-businessman offers not one, but a whole course. As a rule, he tells them how to do something: prepare a multi-layered cake or sew a fur coat. Along with the applied direction, the intellectual aspect is also in demand, for example:

  1. learn a foreign language;
  2. improve family relations;
  3. understand how to work with software.

Audio lessons

You can establish this business through the Internet. In fact, this is an audio instruction that allows you to discover something new or learn something. Interestingly, a couple of years ago, those who had a great voice and diction were interested in reciting audio books. Strong marketing when the author himself voiced his work. Listen to advice from a professional, anywhere.

Trainings, consultations

They are conducted offline by appointment. If the coach is very popular, or offers a topic that is interesting for everyone, then you can arrange a meeting online. To attract the audience, it is worthwhile to launch a competent advertising, to give a lot of interesting and intriguing information. Separate direction - investment consultantwhich will prompt and give answers to the questions: where to invest money so that they work.


Webinars, seminars

Looking through ideas for infobusiness, webinars will appeal to many. It remains to understand: what can you teach your partners to be competitive in the market. As a rule, webinars consist of several series and in addition to the presence of the author, should include:

  • visual content (schemes, graphics, video);
  • answers to questions from the audience;
  • practical part.

Famous trainer Peter Osipov, the author of the course “Business Youth”, talks about his history in info-business and teaches newcomers exactly this direction. Together with him, similar courses, mostly online, are launched by his colleague, co-author of the course, Mikhail Dashiev.


Among the types of infobusiness, e-books stand out for their long term work and the fact that they were able to survive many “Internet storms”. Since there is a tendency of digitalization, the number of printed books is gradually inferior to electronic ones, such a segment will allow to receive a stable income. The author is not limited to either the topic or the number of pages. It is practical to write a book, to issue it if necessary, to place it on your website or other resources for paid download and to receive passive income regularly.


InfoBusiness History

Activity came to Russia at the beginning of the 2000s. Gradually developing, new forms appeared, including collective ones, like a business incubator - mass preparation of entrepreneurs. The authors themselves have positioned it as “training millionaires”. Of course, not everyone prepared successful followers, but such bright personalities did exist. As such infobusiness on the Russian arena was brought by Evgeny Popov, having developed several courses on how to start a business on the net. Beginning with 2010, training aimed at personal growth is becoming more active; in the form of personal consultations; telling what is MLMand you can learn more about network marketing today at iqmonitor.ru.

From a technical point of view, the initial stage can be considered the 2002 year, when the authors Dmitry Smakotin and Maxim Higir launched SmartResponder - a service for automatic mailing. But due to the limited possibilities of the Internet, immediately few people appreciated it.

Who are infobusinessmen

The info-businessmen of the entire Internet, as well as Russia alone, are the authors who wrote the book, developed the course, receive income and share knowledge with the rest. Of course, not free of charge. As a rule, infobusinessmen have a bright history. For example, Sergey Gran has been actively teaching people for 7 for years and didn’t even know that he had already become a millionaire. A loud advertising campaign for coaches, authors, and 2019 continues, because a potential client wants to understand that he is cooperating with the best.


How to create your infobusiness?

Creating an info business for a million is still possible, despite the fact that many niches are already occupied by famous people who have gained a positive reputation. Remember: the client is comfortable that he is offered structured information, answers to specific questions, he should not waste time searching. Plus, the society becomes more portable due to the development of gadgets and can study in different places. Go through several stages to organize and start your own business:

  1. study the market;
  2. work on content that is interesting, useful and different from competitors;
  3. actively promote the course;
  4. expansion of the list of proposals for customers.

Here you can additionally consider earnings on affiliate programs, because, as a rule, you have your own website, a popular page on social networks and from scratch, following the step-by-step instructions, connecting this method of passive income is not difficult.

By offering a squeeze, specific and necessary information, you can gain popularity among your listeners.

It is necessary to work with your customers, follow how the info-business sales funnel narrows down and change offers directly upon request. For example, if the audio course “How to lose weight by the summer” did not become popular, you should offer the client a full version - a course of video lectures.

Should I start to create their infoprodukty

To establish a stable earnings in the infobusiness does not work in a week from the start. It is also a time consuming and laborious process. But at the same time, they are attracting the lucrative advantages of their own business, which infobusinessmen are beginning to feel after a few months.

The strengths of infobusiness:

Pros Characteristics
Remote work Ability to coordinate your own schedule, work from anywhere in the world.
Popularity The development of infobusiness is associated with the growing popularity of the name of its author.
Passive income Many areas allow you to make a profit for the implementation of the product, which is prepared once, and then only finalized.
Can be used as a hobby or additional income There is no need to devote 8 to the info business every day while sitting in the office.

If you decide to discover the info-business, besides the idea, the content, it is important to understand the technical features of the implementation, about which Azamat Ushanov talks a lot. In his video lectures you can learn how to draw up a letter for mass mailing, as well as where to start making paid online courses.

Promotion of new information business

I am like blog author Ganesa, are also actually infobusinessvruden and, of course, faced with all aspects of entering the market and winning their customers. I must say: you need to offer not just a unique, but a quality product. Remember about the presentation of your course or book - a beautiful wrapper, which draw attention, has not been canceled. There are special services for infobusiness, which contain lessons from experienced trainers, telling the details: how to create your website or on which sites it is better to exhibit video lectures for purchase.


In particular demand enjoys infobusiness2.ru. On this site there is a schedule of free and paid webinars, lessons from Koutcha-gurus are announced. Conveniently, you go to the official website, or subscribe to groups on social networks, see what 2.0 info-business offers or other resources, what lectures and what coaches are expected, leave a request for those that interest you. On such resources they give recommendations on how to fill their courses, and on how to technically prepare and launch everything.

I want to remind you: most often, you cannot do without an assistant and that you need to understand - to correctly use several directions for advertising and work. For example, organizing infobusiness in instagram, step by step going to the status of “opinion leader”, you should make regular posts, which will be commented on by users. Work in parallel and in Vkontakte. You can make a profit in infobusiness through affiliate programs by posting links, preparing paid reviews. Opening this type of Internet entrepreneurship, you are not only an author, but also a marketer, manager, SMM specialist, director - the one who sets up and leads advertising campaigns.

If you read the summary of Top Speakers, such as Andrei Parabellum, you can learn not only about records, but also how to combine work on the author’s educational program and how to promote it. Many of the coaches need in remote assistant, because I myself just do not cover everything. Summing up, I will note: there is a lot in common between the producer and the owner of the infobusiness: creating attractive content for sale and submitting it “in beautiful packaging”, and, having completed the training, you can save time on self-study of the technology and engage yourself in promotion.

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Mikall (27.01.2020 to 14: 33)
the information business is very situational, because competitors will constantly appear, and it is necessary either to improve, or to give up money in such a way. It is necessary to offer new courses, work with subscribers, work can not be called easy. And it’s well noticed that you need an assistant
Andrei (04.01.2020 to 13: 44)
everything is based on personal consultations, and you can offer 2-3 courses easy and free, but to get a personal answer - 100 rubles, this makes perfect sense
Kagamand (11.12.2019 to 11: 50)
It’s interesting, but the information businessmen, in Russia, take some kind of guarantee that their methods or speech will not be retold somewhere?
Arigas (25.11.2019 to 09: 02)
Nobody will teach to get money for free, but to earn - maybe yes
Marim (14.11.2019 to 08: 09)
Here I have associated public lectures with some preachers who are dragged into the sect. Or the other extreme - a dude sits on an armchair, foot to foot and almost smokes a cigar. It is disgusting.
Kasida (09.11.2019 to 14: 31)
I began to think, maybe I can do something for myself, but it immediately discourages the fact that the information business first takes time and money. They are not big: but make a site, fill it with volunteer ambushes and it is not clear when it will fire.
Felhathis (24.10.2019 to 14: 20)
as for me, an effective infobusiness is just webinars and whole courses, and audiobooks will not go in any way.
Tholen (10.10.2019 to 10: 36)
Well, few people will download books for money. IMHO.
Marava (16.09.2019 to 08: 27)
Now instales, there you can promote your courses.
Kristi (05.09.2019 to 07: 31)
Infobusiness is a cool thing even for a housewife, sculpt yourself a donut, shoot a video, collect subscribers and become a culinary video blogger over time.
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