Ixwallet.io Low Profit

IXwallet Project
Start: 10.05.2019 Pos. pay: 18.09.2019
Works: 186 day Conclusion: Anytime
My contribution: $ 700 Min conclusion: $1
Title: SCAM Min contribution: $ 160
payment type: instant Max. Investment: n / A
Accrual: Daily Refund of a deposit: Yes

Payment: Bitcoin | Ethereum

Features: DDoS Protection | SSL encryption | Dedicated Server IP | Unique design | Registered company | Unique script

Forums: MMGP

From 0.3% per day

Bonus partners: 2%

Insurance fund from 1000 $

All Namaste!
About me:

I am the author and the ideological mastermind of the GQ Blog Monitor, one of the TOP articles on money and economy came out of my pen. I work with more 10 investment tools and teach people to become rich and free.

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