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Author: Ganesa

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Dear friends, partners and investors!

I am convinced that it is necessary to share the experience that we were able to get, because it is always much more effective and more valuable to learn the subtleties of work from a person who has gone all the way and knows the nuances and pitfalls not by hearsay, but having experienced ups and downs with his own shoulders. And how can you not remember the wisdom that it is better to look at how someone steps on a rake, then you go around your tenth side and stuff less cones, or even do without injuries.

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Author: Ganesa

Authors-investors, respond!

Remember how the TV program “Hello, we are looking for talents” was popular in its time? So, now I’m looking for sponsoring investors who understand financial stability, cryptocurrency, methods and methods of investing, Forex markets and ... And then, perhaps, I’ll put in a dot, because this spectrum is so wide that it can be replenished for a very long time.

“Why do you need it, Gаnesa?”, You ask, and I will hurry to answer that it is always interesting to read articles by new authors, to get acquainted with new opinions, to draw something useful, and besides this it will be an honor for me that my GQ Blog Monitor will become a platform for the publication of previously unknown authors who want to make a name for themselves in the investment world.

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