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Dmitry Medvedev said the entire government is resigning

The news that the Government had resigned before the ruble / dollar exchange rate reacted to this as quickly as possible before showing on the sites, showing a jump - a real candle. The first to tell the Russians and the whole world such news was RIA Novosti.

It is interesting that the Government in its entirety resigned, and this was not such a predicted or expected decision. The ruble showed a fall in relation to the dollar by 20 kopecks, and the rate was 61,4 per $ 1. Some experts, especially on their pages on social networks as platforms for expressing opinions, managed to note that the fall can last several days, or even weeks in a row.

Posted by: Ganesa

A new way to invest in real estate with Investel -

Unfortunately, for a long time in the country, in particular in megacities, unscrupulous developers have been killing the reputation of a quality real estate market, including as an option for investing and making passive profit. Everything has changed this year since Law No. 214-FZ entered into force, which clearly regulates the rights of developers and significantly reduces the risks of improper use of funds by developers.

In the article I’ll tell you how banks will control developers and why it is important not only for those who want to buy real estate, but also for people who invest in such objects for the purpose of dividends. You can also learn about a simple way to get 13% per year, but in the beginning about the features of real estate market reform with fairly bright prospects.

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Black Gross - an online store with a wide range of accounts in payment services, exchanges, bookmakers

We are used to buying a lot in this life. The Black Gross online store confirms this again, as it offers ready-made and verified accounts on payment systems, exchanges and services, the number of which has crossed over to 50 (!).

Of course, the service is popular among those who invest in online projects, and among those involved in the Internet business; suitable for those who place bets in bookmakers and is indispensable for those who play big at the casino, regularly withdrawing profits. In general, the contingent of the online store is quite extensive, and working with it has its important advantages, which can be found in the article, but in the beginning it is closer about the service.

Posted by: Ganesa - P2P platform with an internal wallet for exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat is not just an exchanger with huge fees, it is a unique project that combines the possibility of P2P exchange and even an option for storing cryptocurrencies in an internal wallet.

And the fact that inside the system all transfers with zero commission is another significant advantage. About what else the service might be interested in, how to work with it and why it is important that the Escrow system is used to conduct transactions - you can find out from my material. But in the beginning about the most important information.

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Categorization of investors: what is it and how scary is it?

Investors will be divided into categories and the Central Bank decided to make the requirements even more stringent. On the one hand, innovations support the shares of Russian companies, on the other hand, they narrow the list of work tools.

Exams, categorization, official trading experience on the exchange - this and much more awaits investors. Of course, if the bill is adopted.

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