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Before us is a resource with a fairly simple design, but at the same time, can be safely called an encyclopedia in online projects. It is here that you can find important information about the site of each platform, about how much money this or that site managed to attract today and yesterday.

The project creation date is presented not just by day, but by a specific time, up to minutes. In fact, as soon as a project enters the market, it immediately falls into the list of this global monitoring.

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LBCHI is a well-known and popular abbreviation in the world of investments for Russian clients, since has already fixed it in the market. LBCH are the best blogs of private investors and getting into this list is considered quite a serious step.

This status allows you to develop, attracts new partners, makes a separate blog more popular, and its author recognizable.

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Acceptance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the site through

Working with cryptocurrencies is not something that gradually, but literally daily gains even more popularity, and what is interesting: when the course is in both the green and the red direction. Now a cafe or boutique accepting a PTS or ETH is no longer perceived as something fantastic, but rather as a modern service. For owners of websites of various forms, accepting cryptocurrency is a way to attract new customers, and in the technical solution of the issue one cannot do without

Setting up the reception of Bitcoin and other coins allows you to become popular, because the costs of using intermediaries for customers are reduced. Aggregators, or as they are often called online gateways, can play the role of a multi-currency wallet, as well as a service for receiving payments. The last moment is more relevant and in demand.

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Bonus from the blog VS Insurance: new investment season and new rules

Namaste partners! The beginning of the summer - it's time to change something, and I announce the entry into force of the new conditions for the insurance fund and the bonus from the blog.

As we are bored with life, and no one gives us a choice in the work. Therefore, I think it is necessary to urgently change something, and please!

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Why do administrators run investment projects?

How to run HYIP projects? This question interests those who want to try yourself as an administrator. The web-studio offers turnkey projects, the cost of which is just from 25 thousand rubles. If you count the labor and time costs, then the effectiveness of treatment on the face. You can also create copies of projects, and non-standard solutions cost from 250 thousand rubles.

Now imagine how such a project will become popular and will gain popularity, attract investment for how much ... A team of like-minded people and professionals is a collection of experience and modern solutions that allowed launching and launching more 1500 projects to the market. Yours may be next. About additional services of the studio (development of banners, registration of companies, development of mobile versions, writing content) and about the benefits of the sites?

Want to keep abreast of current events that change the financial history of the world and each of us? Read the latest news for investors and find out details, including from verified and insider sources. The articles of the rubric are designed to avoid rumors and misunderstandings: every reader and partner has the right to know the latest and verified information.

I pay special attention to the news regarding the Russian Federation, because knowing the news of investments, you can safely make a decision, choose strategies, consider new investment tools. Under the heading, you will find materials on global changes for major market players, as well as those related to each: new rules for working with plastic cards, cooperation in the Internet segment, mobile operators, upcoming economic events and blockchains.

Special attention is given to legislative innovations, their introduction features, which directly relate to investments and freelancing. All so that you keep abreast of events and know even more.

All Namaste!
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