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Author: Ganesa

Finaward's Best Investment Project Award is around the corner

A little more and it will be possible to find out which investment service by the end of 2019 will be the best according to the Finaward version. This is one of the most prestigious awards in the financial sector, which is held and presented by the Banking Review magazine. To date, 5 projects have been announced, each of which has every chance of success.

So who can get the award in a couple of weeks?

Author: Ganesa - Overview of a high-income platform aggregator and crane

In the field of investment, the role of an aggregator is important for all market participants, both the project administration and potential investors, and, of course, monitor owners. In today's review, I will introduce you to the platform, which is quite new and original.

In addition to the fact that it offers information about projects, it allows you to earn money without investments on loyal terms. Be sure to touch on what the site offers, how to register and what features of your personal account are available. In the beginning, about the project itself and development forecasts.

Author: Ganesa

What is coronavirus, what is the danger of infection and can it affect the economy?

The world has been worrying for several weeks now: what is coronavirus? This is a 2019-nCoV infection that activates fever, pneumonia and a person literally “burns out” in a couple of days. Starting in China, every day the virus is confirmed in different countries and continents, and, of course, this will affect and is already affecting the national and international economy.

From the material you will learn about where the virus has already been confirmed and what means of protection and prevention are recommended by the international community. To begin with, while preparing the material, the second fatal case from an infection in Hong Kong was recorded.

Author: Ganesa

Review and reviews - a popular donat site for CIS streamers

Today, the Internet is not only a space for entertainment, but also a training platform and a platform that opens the way to make money. And service is one of those that allows you to make a profit.

Reading the reviews of real users, you can find out about a very convenient interface, transparent working conditions and other advantages, including a democratic tariff schedule. One of the most interesting cases in the history of the service was a transfer to a guy from the Moscow Region who has been blogging for a couple of years, 5 million rubles, and the service immediately paid him money.

Author: Ganesa

What is Brexit, how will it affect the currency of the Russian Federation and other countries, stocks of companies and the standard of living of Europeans and British

I am sure that last week many were interested in the question: what is Brexit? So, this is the official exit of Great Britain from the European Union. Officially, the procedure ended on January 31 of this year, and from the first minutes of February, the Kingdom is not part of the EU. Such neologism has existed for almost 4 years, exactly from the moment when the referendum was being prepared, on which the question was raised - to leave or remain in the Union.

Negotiations lasting 3 years, consultations with experts, withdrawal by agreement or completely abandoning Brexit - which we have not heard from the moment of the vote, and finally the point is set. In Brussels, the European Parliament building no longer has a British flag, and on Downing Street on the night of February 1 - a mass concert, crowds supporting the breakup of British relations, as if on New Year's Eve. Backlighting in the form of countdown clocks before leaving the EU cost the country 500 thousand pounds. The British Mint issues a 50 pence commemorative coin. It will read "Peace, prosperity and friendship with all peoples."

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