• 01.07.2017 - Источник: Ganesa

    Compensations for the Cryptoclone.com - paid

    The insurance fund for the Cryptoclone.com project is distributed among our partners in accordance with the rules for the insurance of the GQ Blog Monitor blog (deposit insurance rules) - June 28, 2017 (22.00 - 24.00 MSK)

    The insurance fund covered 100% of losses of our partners!

    All received applications were processed and funds paid. Claims for compensation are no longer accepted.

    Ganesa (GQ Blog Monitor)


  • 01.07.2017 - Источник: Ganesa

    Cryptoclone.com - compensation to partners

    Project Cryptoclone.com was stopped paying.

    All our partners who make deposit to this project will be paid compensation within the framework of the insurance fund.

    Cryptoclone scam

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