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Posted by: Ganesa project and GQ investment business blog - business story contest! (Scam)

Tell us your success story, share it with your friends and partners of the AlphaIntelect project. It is possible that the story you told will inspire people, give them an impetus to move forward.

For each of you, this will surely be the first successful attempt to share with the world your vision, sensations and tell you about the best thing that is happening to you.

Posted by: Ganesa

Competition for active commentators (from 0.1 $ to 5 $ per comment)

Competition among the most active commentators is reborn!

Dear readers, I remind you that by the end of the month I will determine the most active, creative and able to comment on the user's materials on the topic. The winner of the race will receive 15 dollars, a silver medalist - 10 dollars and a bronze - 5 dollars.

Posted by: Ganesa

"Mundial with Ganesha" at the start! - 200 $

We are all sick with football, and especially when tomorrow the World Championships 2018 officially opens, 21 is the official FIFA tournament, and where is it? In the very center of Moscow. 32 teams from different countries and continents have already received their right to play in the final part of the tournament, and thanks to my new competition, readers and partners of GQ Blog can get a financial football prize.

I love to organize competitions for you, and the main sporting event of the year was the impetus that pushed for new competitions. While teams will fight on the field, I suggest you compete with knowledge and intuition.

Posted by: Ganesa

"Gift from Thailand" starts!

Dear partners and investors! I hasten to please you with a new competition. After a couple of weeks, I decided to discover Thailand for myself, but in order for you to open it with me (unfortunately, I will not be able to pay for each flight and accommodation), I decided to hold a contest.

"Gift from Thailand" starts! I regularly hold contests and quizzes for you so that you can try your luck. Each of my partners can take part in the quiz, no matter how old you are, what your name is, from what city and whether you were in this exotic country before.

Posted by: Ganesa

Investor Games: insurance is coming (Restart)

In order to make all my partners more comfortable to work, I launch a unique and unprecedented program “Investor Games: insurance is coming».

To become a winner, it is necessary to invest in the projects posted on the blog the largest amount of funds within a month (the total amount of investments in projects will be considered). Monthly awaits you 3 valuable prize.

All Namaste!
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