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Namaste, dear readers of the blog GQMonitor! If you hit its pages, it means that you are interested in investment activities, want to get passive income and strive to live better than yesterday, and actively build your future. At once I will say that you made a good choice - my blog will fully help to realize these goals, and in this article-guide I will tell you how to use its functions with maximum benefit for you.

My blog statistics with 01.07.2017

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On the main page you can find out how the blog lives today and what we have on the agenda - this section contains news, recent projects that are added to the monitoring and new articles. If you want to be aware of what is happening in the investment environment, then welcome to the main page. Here you can subscribe to my news channel in Telegram and always be aware of the latest events on the blog.

In the right sidebar you can see the rubrics of the blog, including:

  • Cryptocurrency - a new-fangled trend that promises big profits. In this section, I publish competent articles on cryptocurrency, blockchain projects, purses for storing digital money, trading platforms and everything that will help a beginning investor and trader to get comfortable in a promising market.
  • Projects - highly profitable investment projects (HYIPs) that I successfully work with and recommend to you. In this category, I present all the sites that are in my portfolio and present their detailed reviews.
  • Cloud Mining - a section in which I talk about popular services that provide an opportunity to earn on remote mining of cryptocurrencies. The accompanying article is also presented here to help you understand how this all works.
  • Investment - all about investing - both online and beyond.
  • Forex - I devoted a whole section to trading in the foreign exchange market, and if you have a desire to master it, there is plenty of material to help here. I promise that after reading you will become a real Forex guru, but so far only in theoretical terms.
  • Interests / Thoughts - secrets, tips, instructions and original approaches - everything interesting about making money and achieving your goals is collected here. Such a section for financial literacy.
  • PAMM - A list of suitable managers in which I invest and advise others. If you do not want to trade on the stock exchanges yourself, then you can put the funds in trust and just make a profit.
  • Wallets / EPS - no online investor can do without payment systems and e-wallets, so I devoted a separate section of the blog to them. It contains information on all popular EPS, their features, instructions for use.
  • CASHBACK - I could not ignore the popular direction of cashbacks and therefore found him a small place on my blog. If you want to know how to make purchases with maximum profit, then you are here.


GQMonitor is not limited to the fact that you can just read something and find out about something. I offer practical cooperation on mutually beneficial conditions, regardless of who you are - an investor, applicant, advertiser or administrator of an investment project. For these categories on the blog there is a tab "Services", which can be found on the top panel of the main page. What I offer:

  • Deposit Insurance - Some projects have insurance, and all my partners can count on these insurance. In this section, you can learn in detail the conditions for obtaining insurance, view the percentage of coverage for spent projects and read reviews of those users who have already received insurance. Order compensation here.
  • Refbek - to my partners, I pay generous bonuses for deposits in the amount of 110%! None of the blogs can boast such a high refback, and I can How the refback is calculated, as well as the conditions for obtaining it - read everything by reference.

Blog Services

One of the most readable sections of the blog - "Monitor". This section was created to monitor the HYIPs and you can find out all the information on the projects submitted to GQMonitor. Turning to the section, you can find out the details of the project, read its review, use the calculator to calculate the profit and even vote for the hyip you liked. Here you can find out about the status of the project and whether it has insurance, and below this page you will find a block with HYIPs that stopped paying. Weekly reports on the yield of my investment portfolio are published on the blog - you can see with a concrete example how a competent choice of projects and skillful diversification make it possible to earn excellent profits.


If you need to contact me for advice, on advertising, posting projects, etc., then for this there is a section "Contacts". And if you want to take a break from investments and think about where you can spend the money you earned, then my travel blog Ganesa Blog comes to the rescue.

It is very, very hard to come into the investment environment and immediately earn solid money, but with the help of the GQMonitor blog you will be able to receive both informational and practical help that will help you to make competent steps towards your financial goals!

Blog FAQ (Popular Questions and Answers)

Question: How does insurance work?

Answer: All contributions made to the project, which is under the insurance, come under protection. There are several conditions:

  1. You must be my partner (Ganesa)
  2. You must order a refback - if you did not order a refback, then your contribution will not fall under protection.
  3. You should post reviews on the blog and preferably on the forum (about the deposit, about the refback, about payments from the project!)
  4. The insurance has a validity period: 2 circle - low-income projects, 4 circle - middle-income projects, 8 circles - fasts (and some projects that are high-profitable - also have a term that is spelled out in the review)

Question: Do you pay refbek for reinvest?

Answer: Yes, if the project itself charges me a refka when you reinvest. But I always say it is better to withdraw money from the project and deposit it again from the payment system. Then you will receive a refback 100% from your deposit.

Also, the same refback works for the repeated deposit as for the first one! Your favorite 110%

Question: I ordered a refback, and you didn't pay it to me! Why?

Answer: There are several reasons why you did not receive a refback.

  1. You are not my partner
  2. You ordered the application at the wrong time (24 hours after the deposit)
  3. You have not ordered a refback (when ordering a refka, a confirmation letter arrives, if you do not have this letter, then you have not ordered a bonus).

Question: Do you pay for my feedback?

Answer: Of course! I am pleased to pay for your activity on the blog, on social networks and on the MMGP forum.
In addition, every month I hold a contest for the most active commentators with tasty prizes. You can read and take part in the competition here..

Question: Do you have personal insurance (under 100%)?

Answer: Yes, about personal insurance you can find out from the blog chat

Question: Why do you have fewer projects than on monitors?

Answer: It's simple, for me the main profit! Better 20 projects, but stable and profitable, than scammers 100.

Question: Is it necessary for me to register on the blog for receiving refok and insurance?

Answer: No, registration is not required. If you want to keep records of cryptocurrency and accounting of your HYIP investments, then register - in your account, there are these functions and there will be even more.

Question: How can I understand that my application for refbek (insurance) has reached you?

Answer: When you make a refback (insurance), you will receive a letter in the mail that your application has reached me (check the spam folder too).

Question: Do you collect pools in various projects?

Answer: Yes, in some projects I collect pools. You can find out the latest news about any pool on the telegrams channel ( Ask questions about pools, you can me on any contacts.

Author Ganesa K.
A professional investor with 5 years of experience with various financial instruments, maintains his blog and advises depositors. Own effective methods and information support for investments.
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