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Bill Gates

In the continuation of biographical articles about people with huge fortunes, I will answer the question that you often write in the comments to articles about rich people and in private messages: who is Bill Gates? The American entrepreneur who founded Microsoft with a fortune of 106,5 billion dollars.

I am sure: each of you saw a photo of this, at first glance, a simple man in glasses who often smiles. And the general picture with Mark Zuckerberg, where the richest people of our time in ordinary gray T-shirts, became mainstream and circled all social networks. What is the talent of Bill Gates and how he managed to put together such capital?

The Story of Young Bill Gates

Visit the Wikipedia page for this entrepreneur and find out that Bill Gates was born in Seattle. His grandfather worked for a long time as vice president of the National Bank, and perhaps the ability to accumulate and count money from him was transferred along the genetic line. The older sister Christie and the younger Libby grew up in the family, and close guys affectionately called "Trey", which means the prefix "three" in card games.

The story of Bill Gates

Reading the biography of Bill Gates, one of the most successful people of our time in Russian, you can find out that he received education in a privileged school. But the craving for programming appeared quite early and is associated with several dates:

  1. At age 13, Gates writes his first program - a small game that allows you to compete in Tic Tac Toe.
  2. At an early stage he worked with the Basic language.
  3. In the 8th grade, he meets Paul Allen, 2 years older than him, and the guys begin to develop computers for Digital Equipment Corporation.
  4. The first work is related to testing programs and finding bugs.
An interesting fact: together with friends, Gates hacked the program on the school computer after the end of her term of work. As a punishment, guys were denied access to computers all summer

Bill Gates Parents

The guy's father is a lawyer William Henry Gates II, a well-known corporate lawyer and philanthropist. He greatly influenced the philosophy of his son and his future, as in the story of John Rockefeller. Bill Gates Sr. is still alive, he is 94 years old, and he loves to meet with children and grandchildren, spending active time with them. The mother of the future billionaire Mary Maxwell Gates, now deceased, initially worked as a teacher, and then became a successful businesswoman, becoming the first lady who joined the board of directors of First Interstate Bank and the executive committee of United Way. What Bill Gates does today is the direct merit of his mother. In 1994, an obituary in her honor, which appeared on the NYT pages, said that it was she who helped her son get a position at IBM, as she was closely acquainted with the holding’s executive director John Opole.

Bill Gates Parents

Gates career

The career of a billionaire has always been closely associated with programming. In 1962, Traf-O-Data was founded with friends Paul Alan and Paul Gilbert, which helped in the quick and accurate preparation of protocols for road engineers. In 1972, the young man began to cooperate with TRW. And a year later and after entering Harvard University, work begins on Microsoft’s own company.

Significantly: 2 years after admission, Bill Gates was expelled, but in 2007 he received a diploma. Then he was awarded a doctorate

Microsoft creation and cheating

The history of the company begins in 1975, when Gates and Allen take up an attempt to write codes for computers. In the beginning it was proposed to name the company as a duet of names, but later on it seemed like a bad idea, since it looked more like a law office. Around the same time, Steve Jobs is working on a computer and software development for him, but success for the "apple brand" will come much later.

Originally called Micro-Soft, from microprocessors and software. In 1976, the New Mexico Regional Office approved the name of the company, which will become known throughout the world.

A year later, the guys faced the fact that they stopped receiving funds from the sale of MITS. The fact is that a special tape with codes was stolen, which was used for free. Bill Gates turned to computer scientists, accusing them of theft, specifying that such behavior reduces motivation. In order to get acquainted with the history of Microsoft, I propose to look at the important stages of its development.

Microsoft Development History

date What's going on
Mid 70s The popularity of the operating system CP / M
1977 Release of the new Microsoft FORTRAN software product for computers with CP / M operating system
1978 Selecting IBM PC-DOS Operating Systems
1980 Microsoft signed a contract with IBM to develop a personal OS
20 November 1985 g The advent of Microsoft Windows

And, of course, that such a rapid career could not but provoke the appearance of gossip, rumors and speculation. Speaking about why Microsoft is associated with fraud, it is that getting a major contract Gates helped mom, not his knowledge. They also say that Windows was largely spied on by Apple and Xerox. They also recall that it was not possible to present MS-DOS on time, and for more than a year they used the demo version of “DONKEY.BAS”.

Microsoft creation

The personal life and condition of Bill Gates

Melinda Gates has been a faithful companion to the billionaire since January 1, 1994, although before the wedding they had known each other for 6 years, since the girl worked in the company of a financial genius. The couple lives happily, and they have three children: daughters Jennifer Katarin (24 years old) and Phoebe Adel (18 years old), as well as son Rory John, who is 21 years old. Spouses lead a rather public, but at the same time modest way of life, and, which must be paid tribute to, survived a lot. For example, Bill Gates was arrested three times and the reason is - driving while intoxicated. The wife is engaged in charity work and is fully dedicated to raising children.


Like his father, Bill Gates continues the ideas of charity and is the most famous philanthropist. More than 25 years ago, he bought Codex Leicester, a collection of works by Leonardo da Vinci for $ 31 million that are freely available in his native Seattle. In this direction of his activity wants to be like Charles Feeney. During his career, the entrepreneur gave over $ 30 billion to charity. It’s interesting how much of such embezzlement the president of the Russian Federation compares with how much does Putin earn in a year?

Melinda Gates

Interesting facts about Bill Gates

The first thing that many note, in the outward, rather simple appearance of Bill Gates, can not be said that he has not just a couple of billion, but more than $ 100 billion in various assets. I offer 10 facts from his biography that will surprise many:

  1. Since 2005, the billionaire has had the title of Knight-Commander of the Order of the British Empire, as he is actively fighting poverty throughout the world.
  2. Starting March 14 of this year, the businessman does not head Microsoft. He announced this on his LinkedIn page, leaving only the post of adviser to the board and decided to devote himself entirely to charity.
  3. In February, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda allotted $ 100 million to the People's Republic of China so that scientists could actively develop a vaccine and stop the coronavirus. And about what are the most dangerous viruses on the planet, you can find out from the material at
  4. The American Time magazine endowed the couple with People of the Year status 15 years ago.
  5. According to Forbes reporters, in 2004, Gates donated money to support George W. Bush’s political program in 2004. According to certain data, this amount exceeded $ 33,5 million.
  6. For almost 5 years, the Breakthrough Energy Coalition fund has been operating, the activity of which is based on the study of renewable energy sources. Its billionaire created and launched along with Mark Zuckerberg.
  7. According to Forbes, the richest man in the world was displaced in 2018 to the second position in the ranking by Jeff Bezos, whose fortune was estimated at 112 billion dollars, and at Gates $ 90 billion.
  8. Despite the modesty of the businessman, his house is quite modern with many useful gadgets, 3 pavilions, a garage for 30 parking spaces, which is estimated at over 125 million dollars.
  9. The main hobby of a billionaire is playing bridge.
  10. On the shelves of the entrepreneur’s library are quotes from the novel The Great Gatsby.

Many say that Gates is very sociable, and friendly, including with people who are on the same list of the richest. For example, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett not only know how to make money in the American economy, but are partners. For almost 16 years, until March 2020, the businessman was a member of the board of directors of the financial empire Berkshire Hathaway. If you want to know in detail about the projects of the billionaire or study what grants he sponsors, you can do this on the official website In addition, for more than 10 years, spouses have been publishing annual messages on the family fund website, but so far only 4 have been released.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet

It is significant that the wife and children always support the family philosophy of modesty and charity. Bill Gates not only earned billions, but will forever remain in the history of the modern financial world. It is interesting that 2 books came out from under his pen:

  • “The Road to the Future” (1995), which presents thoughts on how society will develop in the digital age.
  • “Business at the Speed ​​of Thought” (1999), demonstrating how information technologies solve important business problems.

Today it's easy to find out how much Yandex makes, other companies like Google, with which Sergey Brin is closely associated. Along with numbers, conspiracy theories fill the information space. According to one of them, the creator of the coronavirus Bill Gates (that is how he was called by Nikita Mikhalkov) will propose not today or tomorrow to conduct human chipping. And the thing is that the appearance of the virus in the likeness of Covid-19 Bill Gates predicted back in 2015 at the TED conference.

By the way, all guests of the Gates mansion are given a digital pin, which, by the type of chip, remembers preferences, and when the guest reappears on the threshold of the house, the system remembers how to surprise him. As a result, I want to summarize that a person with such an atypical skill, a desire to take risks and develop, a philanthropist is rightly at the top of world success. It remains to wish everyone not only to strive to get the same, but also to read 50 books a year and become the most respected man on the planet according to YouGov.

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Anastasiya (27.06.2020 to 09: 27)
In short, everywhere you need your protege, and not surprisingly, my mother helped. I believe that there is nothing wrong with helping your child who should do this than with their own children.
Aleksfx (27.06.2020 to 15: 36)
Anastasiya, I fully support you, parents are sacred, and they are not looking for profit, help from such people is the best help
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That's why he is at the top of Forbes, no one will surpass him so that at least a dozen positions go down.
KpictuInvest (02.06.2020 to 17: 47)
Thank you for the article. Cool, Gate got married on January 1, and I was born :)
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I did not know how Microsoft was created, to be honest, there was not even a need to study this story in detail, well, I knew about Gates. Pleased in the article numbers.
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Serega, there is a lot of interesting material about creating Microsoft. It is very interesting to plunge directly into that era, precisely when reading or viewing, at least for a while.
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Serega, it is always useful to update the information in the head or add something new there))
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Thank you for the biography of one of the richest people on the planet. I even watched films about him, it was very interesting)
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Sogo, We will have to see it too, all the same, he got a lot of ideas.
Aleksfx (28.05.2020 to 07: 54)
Vladimir Kholodkov, I think the film will be very motivated, I will also look and see) first you need to find out the name
Aleksfx (28.05.2020 to 07: 53)
Sogo, and what kind of movie about him?) I have not even heard of this))
KpictuInvest (02.06.2020 to 19: 48)
Aleksfx, There are of the same name, just enter the movie about Bill Gates into the search engine. And there are also "Silicon Valley Pirates." About Gates and Jobs
Vladimir Kholodkov (27.05.2020 to 02: 40)
A worthy example of a man of business and time. Many people have to set goals, tasks, but not always and not everyone succeeds. Gates has an interesting life, I liked the article. Thank.
Sogo (27.05.2020 to 12: 57)
Vladimir Kholodkov, there are good and bad deeds behind him. Although so with all people, I think. But his success is truly impressive and motivating.
Aleksfx (28.05.2020 to 08: 12)
Vladimir Kholodkov, there is not always an opportunity, but they always have goals) but you need to try it in any way then it works
Aleksfx (26.05.2020 to 19: 34)
Thanks for the article)) right now, many are afraid of him)) since he wants to chip people))
Sogo (27.05.2020 to 12: 58)
Aleksfx, I also heard everything about it. Many compare his actions with Bible traditions. Well ... I do not want to make noise about it))
Aleksfx (28.05.2020 to 08: 13)
Sogo, Well, this is the norm) he is present in many conspiracy theories))
Vladimir Kholodkov (28.05.2020 to 06: 17)
Aleksfx, And how scared everyone was with this hype.
Aleksfx (28.05.2020 to 08: 14)
Vladimir Kholodkov, still afraid) that he made a coronavirus)) and right now everyone will chip)
AlexFanat (29.05.2020 to 13: 36)
Aleksfx, about chips is a separate story. Yes, and some people do not want to vaccinate themselves in the future tense, because they are thinking about chipping with a vaccine)
Aleksfx (30.05.2020 to 12: 12)
AlexFanat, yes there is such a category of people) I think that the chip is in the vaccine)) people are crazy already))
AlexFanat (26.05.2020 to 13: 45)
Bill Gates is a unique person, he managed to do a lot of good things for people.
Sogo (27.05.2020 to 12: 58)
AlexFanat, and for myself too))
AlexFanat (29.05.2020 to 13: 11)
Sogo, I agree, because he made his name this way, and left a powerful mark on himself in history.
Grinja (26.05.2020 to 13: 36)
I like Bill Gates - a clear guy, simple and not boast of his wealth. Great article
Aleksfx (26.05.2020 to 19: 34)
Grinya, and dresses as a mere mortal) and donates a lot of money
Sogo (27.05.2020 to 12: 59)
Grinya, that’s what simple is to the point! Absolutely nothing stands out except capital)))
AlexFanat (29.05.2020 to 13: 33)
Green, and Jobs was the same, it attracts in such people. Not everyone loves window dressing, especially among mere mortals.
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