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“My life is a blockchain, and I add smart contracts without mistakes and experience to it” - I don’t quite think so, and now I will explain why. I believe that one must learn from mistakes, and taking a new experience, go ahead. Perhaps that is why, in 2005, I decided to look at the Atlantic from a bird's eye view, won a grant to study in America and flew there.

The American dream was coming true, but for a very long time, step by step, I would even say that. 5 years and training at the Faculty of Protection of digital data technology, which was sponsored by Microsoft, I had to combine with different works. I started with the cleaning lady at the Hilton, and grew to the hotel personnel manager. I worked as a bartender, so I know a lot about beer and dry white. All this is not to the detriment of learning.

Always love to learn, in another way I can not

I love to learn and never stop doing it. By the way, I recommend learning and building up your information portfolio to your readers. Based on the knowledge gained in the United States, she studied web design herself! Returning to Moscow, she worked as a programmer for 6 years. It is something like nothing, and a decent salary and what was doing was interesting, but something was wrong.


Then I decided to try my hand at developing software for taxis. Again, similar sensations. And then I decided that I didn’t want to spend a lot of time getting to the office to some uncle early in the morning and not depending on myself, but on the boss, I want to be my own boss and plan the day I like. “Freelance” - exclaimed my brain and confirmed by Google, and I found myself the first orders for the development of websites and blogs. The case moved from the “dead center”, earned its first money, which gave me tremendous experience and mad joy! I became free!

My story is not a Cinderella story, and the story of Everest explorers can hardly be called. This is the way through the thorns to the stars! This is a hell of a job that has begun and will continue indefinitely. I am often asked "Is there a secret to success? And if so, which one is my". And I do not have it, I just love to do something that brings me pleasure.


A separate place in the history of my success is Mr. Bitcoin! I learned about cryptocurrency in 2009, exactly one year after its creation. There was a good thought and impulse to buy, and then Bitcoin cost mere pennies, but by coincidence, there were people who listened to me, twisted a finger at my temple and laughed, and to some extent I depended on them, and didn’t make a big hit. The biggest mistake of my life! The crypt itself came back to me in 2014, at that time I was already working on creating my blog and naturally the world of finance reminded me of Bitcoin! Today, cryptocurrency, this is my second self, we live in parallel! Sometimes I think that digital money knows me and appreciates for my love for them!

My favorite and honest blog GQ

GQBlogMonitor, the flower that I grow, and take care of it, constantly adding the latest information from the world of finance, giving people in their articles the opportunity to learn how to make money on their own. Here you can tell pathetically that you were carrying the idea for a long time, or vice versa quickly - the idea came in a dream, it does not matter. I created it, I work with it, I know everything about it and I love it. Here about cryptocurrency, about investments, about ways of earning. I propagandize the idea that “a person is free”, he should not go to the office every day, but can work quite normally at home at the computer.

Lake and sea fishing

I work with my blog all over the world and still have a team of 5 people with me. Agree, to maintain the regular work of such an information project with two hands and one head is difficult. It’s good that there is a person who understands and supports me in everything!

My resume for potential partners looks like this, and I am proud of it!

  • “I know everything about cryptocurrency: I can come up with 10 synonyms for the word“ trader ”and tell you where to mine coins, and on which exchanges we need verification, and which ones we don’t.
  • I believe in the success of not only the PTS, but also other currencies; Seasonal fluctuations are unpleasant, but the hair on my head does not tear.
  • I am gambling, but I don’t put all my eggs in one basket.
  • I like blockchain and smart contracts. I believe that the future is behind them, and housing and utility stations and utility bills will soon become extinct, like the mammoths did in their time.
  • I do without a chair, I am cosmopolitan and I work in different countries.
  • I respect myself, and therefore I respect colleagues and partners.
  • I have not only an internal and international passport, but also a passport of the world's first blockchain-state.
  • I love to develop and improve.
  • I am free! And I wish you this!

With love, Ganesa

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vedazar (21.03.2019 to 22: 16)
I want to thank Ganesha for her such work as creating such a blog, read the comments below, in fact many of the “gurus” have the same problems as what - do not bother me, it costs money or is to blame myself, I had to consult me and all in the same vein. I asked Ganesha a question and literally after 3 minutes I received an answer, and also, as they say, the first HYIP com. Well, some of the money was compensated, which means that a person keeps his word, and this is important in the modern world. I thank and wish for the development of the blog host well and everyone, everyone, and myself, including =)
Alex (15.03.2019 to 12: 21)
So the situation has arisen, dear subscriber, that I had to turn to different monitors and different admins of blogs for help in solving very sensitive (and rather expensive) problems from the HYIP industry. The only blog and its owner is Ganesh, which helped me not to lose a very tangible amount. All the others, I will not enumerate, - they are known, - either they simply kept silent, or they asked "not to interfere with their work and not" load them ", or they simply fought off me as if they were an annoying fly. I do not urge you all to begin to overwhelm problems, but keep in mind, she is really a responsible and honest person, and always (if she can do it) will help you. In conclusion, I want to say that this is not a “registered” message, but simply a gratitude for her (Ganesha) work !! Thanks her!!
Vetal (03.02.2019 to 14: 36)
insurance received, thanks! Transaction Date: 02 Feb 2019 20: 37 Transaction ID: 726840661 Transaction Type: Transfer Status: Implemented Receiving Amount: 36.91 $ Comment: GQ Blog Monitor contribution insurance indemnity compensation
Vetal1 (03.02.2019 to 14: 35)
deposit paid out Transaction date: 02 Feb 2019 22: 17 Transaction ID: 726893917 Transaction type: transfer Status: executed Receiving amount: 204.45 $ Comment: Withdraw to Vetal1 from DERGlobal Limited
chiksan (24.01.2019 to 11: 19)
It has long been flashed blog before my eyes, but then suddenly became interested in who adminit and was pleasantly surprised that the girl at the helm. Successes you and positive on life!
Ganesa (24.01.2019 to 15: 03)
chiksan, thanks! You too ;)
Alexander (22.11.2018 to 16: 21)
There are such smart and decent women, not every man is equal to this! I wish you happiness and all the best! You know how much money I have already lost in all kinds of HYIPs and I sincerely envy your mind!
Ganesa (22.11.2018 to 16: 52)
Alexander, thanks for the feedback! You just need to carefully, do not fly on the tasty promises. I also lost and lose, but already profit more losses.
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