• 19.01.2018 - Источник: Ganesa

    Cryptocurrency LiteCoin its production and purchase

    Namaste dear friends! Today we will examine another coin. Litecoin - coin, which for a long time in its capitalization ranked second in the ranking, but not so long ago has slipped to the fourth position. What is remarkable about this bitcoin fork and why the attention to it has fallen, will discuss in this article.


  • 18.01.2018 - Источник: Ganesa

    Where to buy cryptocurrency: the best ways of buying and relevant trading platform

    Namaste, my dear readers! Virtual money is very popular, so more and more Internet users are wondering where to buy cryptocurrency. After some misunderstanding and underestimation, the crypt finally, could proudly shrug and enter the lives of millions of people. Dealing with virtual money is not only fashionable, convenient but also very profitable, so the question "Where to buy cryptocurrency?" remains relevant. In this article I propose to analyze the basic methods of buying and to remember the services that give us this great opportunity.

    Where buy cryptocyrrency

  • 06.12.2017 - Источник: Ganesa

    Cryptocurrency Dash is the future rival bitcoin?

    Cryptocurrency Dash showed its promise in the public eye, when for a month its rate soared to $ 100 apiece, at an initial price in the zero area. Dash began to actively mine and buy, admire the benefits and predict a great future, but is it really so? In this article I propose acquaintance with the mysterious and anonymous crypto currency, which made a lot of noise.


  • 11.12.2017 - Источник: Ganesa

    What is the cryptocurrency mining?

    Namaste! The word "Mining" means extraction, and the word did not arise with the advent of crypto currency, but was used primarily to designate the extraction of minerals. But, with the advent of virtual gold, the term quickly migrated to the glossary of network terms and today, when you ask the search engine, you are unlikely to see information about the extraction of anything other than the cryptonym - so popular on hearing this topic. I decided not to bypass the mining of the crypt and I, in this article, will analyze what it is, who and how it extracts representatives of the crypto-currency family.

    Cryptocurrency mining

  • 05.12.2017 - Источник: Ganesa

    SIB - made in Russia

    Namaste! Today we will talk about our Russian crypto-currency Siberian Chervonets, he's SIB, he's SIBcoin. The name of the hurricane, I would like to see it in the top leaders of all coins. And if he reaches at least a green coin, then everything, you can breathe out or buy it further. But in general, this is just another coin among hundreds of others, but it is remarkable that it is made in Russia. So I do not understand why to break huge money into the development of some kind of crypto currency (it was news a couple of weeks ago), if it already exists and it can be easily supported. Although no, I understand everything and you understand everything, it's not profitable.


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