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  • 11.07.2017 - Источник: Ganesa

    What is Bitcoin and how to get it?

    The emergence of crypto currency Bitcoin simply turned upside down the usual ways and financial processes in the world. We, having just learned that money can be not only paper, but plastic cards, learned about a new, radically different currency that has no physical embodiment. And this money, which in fact is not in nature, is the currency of the future. In this article, I propose to talk about the crypto currency called Bitcoin, what is it in simple terms and how to make money with it.


  • 07.07.2017 - Источник: Ganesa

    Cloud Mining

    The popularity of bitcoin is growing rapidly, but at the same time, cloud mining of this crypto currency is becoming more popular. Individual bitcoin mining with the own PC fades into the background due to the lack of profitability, and instead, many companies and services have appeared that gladly lease their equipment to miners on mutually beneficial terms.

    Майнинг биткоин

  • 02.07.2017 - Источник: Ganesa

    Cryptocurrency: how to make and use future's money?

    Cryptocurrency has opened a new financial era which has upside down turned the essence of money and all interrelated processes. Just think, plastic cards were amazing to all most recently, and a lot of people thought that such utter nonsense won't get accustomed to the society of that time. After that, electronic money has appeared and various payment systems have begun to offer their services for mutual settlements. And now, only we managed to get used that money could not be embodied and plied around the world via the Internet, as more innovative monetary units have emerged - it was cryptocurrency. Its phenomenon consists in the virtual existence without real analogs that entailed the mass of differences from fiat banknotes. In this article, I will cover the following questions: what is cryptocurrency in the simple phrase, how to make it and cash on virtual money.


  • 06.07.2017 - Источник: Ganesa

    How to earn bitcoins

    Namaste! All of us when that bought dollars and waited when they become more expensive. We invested our rubles in the currency - and then made a profit. But already the 21st century! And bitcoin currency is becoming more popular and popular. Provided that this currency is virtual, there are no coins and pieces of paper. And this is her big plus. This crypto currency has two smart qualities - absolute anonymity and reliability of transactions within the system. Bitcoin rate is not related to banks, gold, politics, etc. This is just a set of symbols obtained as a result of the solution of the task.

    Earn bitcoin

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