How to invest on Cryptocurrency

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    Initial Coin Offering - Is it advantageous to sell coins for investors?

    Initial Coin Offering is an excellent find for both crypto currency investors and investors. The first during this process receive funds for development and the first followers of the coin in the face of buyers, and the buyers themselves have the opportunity to fabulously get rich in the future.

    Only for some reason, in 99% of cases, those who pay are the losers, whereas the organizers of ICO win in any scenario. Shed some light on the preliminary sale of coins and tell how to reduce their risks, I'll try in this article.

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    Blockchain - just about the complex

    The technical development of the world, the emergence of new cryptocurrencies, the launch of specialized exchanges, the forks are all related to the very technology of blocking that many have heard about, but not many understand its essence.

    Today we will try to simply explain the complexity of the concept and determine for ourselves why even special skeptics say that without it further development of the world will be almost impossible. And what is especially important, this method can become a base not only in the cryptosphere, but also to interest other areas. What exactly and what are its main features - further.

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    Zcash is a fully anonymous ZEC crypto currency

    The Zcash coin (abbreviation - ZEC) is considered relatively new, as it has not even turned a year old. It would seem that a huge number of crypto-currencies led to the fact that the emergence of new virtual currency units is completely ignored by the public - there is no need for such innovations, and such starts are perceived as a desire to cut money off the coin makers.

    But to Zcash the situation described above does not apply in any way, moreover - among many other coins it is really special. So what is Zcash and why is it, in contrast to Bitcoin and colleagues, completely anonymous? I will talk about everything that concerns this young and promising crypto currency in this article.

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    Mining farm: what is industrial extraction of crypto currency?

    Mining farm is a real business that can bring its owner a space profit. No, it has nothing to do with agriculture and, nevertheless, it produces a valuable and popular product in the people - the crypto currency. About what the farm for mining is, how to equip it and, I'll tell in this article.

    Mining farm

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    Cryptocurrency LiteCoin its production and purchase


    Namaste dear friends! Today we will examine another coin.

    Litecoin - coin, which for a long time in its capitalization ranked second in the ranking, but not so long ago has slipped to the fourth position. What is remarkable about this bitcoin fork and why the attention to it has fallen, will discuss in this article.

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