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Earning on advertising on the Internet is a good, and most importantly proven opportunity to get passive income, even if you do not have your own website or blog yet. Open a browser, enter a query and see the results. Together with them, pay attention to the pop-ups - they are the classic example of advertising on the network on which someone makes money.

Why is it still not you? The proposed methods in the article are very simple and fast enough, but at the same time, if you have a website, you should not exclude the priority of its optimization and promotion. In the beginning, numbers are an important issue in any business.

Advertising on the Internet - how much can you earn on it?

Go to the thematic forum and find out that advertising is not as bad as it might seem at first glance. If you choose the right tools, have your own blog or website, you can establish a regular income. Stable earnings on advertising is available to those who work on the Internet and are engaged, for example, copywriting, design; According to reviews, even without experience at the starting stage, you can get 10-50 dollars a month without your resource, using other platforms. If there is a website, a popular blog, then income in 200 dollars per month is not the limit.

On the Internet

Where to start a beginner to earn on advertising on the Internet, if you have your own site

If a few years ago you decided to create a website for earning, regularly filling it, attracting new users, then it’s quite logical to increase advertising revenue, because you won’t post ads for free. For example, you have your own site on how to build and make repairs. Advertisers are interested in an already formed potential audience. Construction hypermarkets, agencies will order direct advertising or articles from you, you make a profit for it.

Banner advertising

This is a way to earn money if you offer your own platform for placing ads of different sizes and themes. Highlight static and dynamic banners. Do not forget that you need to regularly work on increasing traffic, as well as on SEO-optimizations that you were interesting to the customer due to the high place of delivery.

Selling links

The bottom line is that you buy and sell links or offer your own resource for placing such elements. The user, reading an article on how to prepare a tiramissu, clicks on the link that leads him to the manufacturer of organic mascarpone. You get paid only once by posting a certain number of active transitions. It is important to remember the measure and not to overdo the resource with sponsored links.


Earnings on affiliate programs

The principle is that you become a member of an affiliate network. To make money on thematic sites, you can find current offers, become a member of the affiliate program and perform certain tasks. Among them:

  • attracting new customers by reference;
  • placing an advertisement on his page in social networks, on the site.

Publication of custom texts

As for me, this is one of the really good types of online businessespecially if you take an advance payment and post such materials in a special section “Advertising”, “Promoted”. In this case, your skill as the owner of the site or blog, as well as the author, is important.


Set yourself initially that not all customers understand the essence of the work and will ask you to redo the text until they themselves write a new one, which, in their opinion, is ideal.

Teaser advertising

Your resource becomes a platform for placing small ads, which, as it were, teases the user. An interesting nuance is that ads are launched at an early stage in the creation of a product and, as it were, are aimed at fostering intrigue. Of course, your resource will be interesting, first of all, due to the proximity of the topic, and secondly, because of the large number of visits.

Video ad

This is a form of solid income, because those who want to post such content have already spent on its production and are ready to pay good money for the placement. To do this, your site must have the appropriate functionality, and, of course, be popular among similar competitive ones. Information tapes and applied topics are in demand: recipes, cosmetics, hand-made.

The real story of making money on the Internet on ads from 150 000 rubles per month on my blog

I have said several times that I have been blogging for more than 3 years and it has not always been profitable. Quite often, I invested in it, not receiving returns. Busting difficulties encountered by many, was able to establish income. What am I getting paid for? Most of all from advertising in its various manifestations and forms from the project administrators, which I add to the blog. But at the same time, I am always honest with you, and I don’t work with frank “slag”. Also profit is the preparation and publication of custom articles. You already know the average monthly amount.


Ways to make money on advertising without investments, without your own website

It’s great that you can earn income even if you don’t have your own website. You can use the page on a social network or use other sites with new features.

Use a method such as a way of extra income, especially during the transition to freelance, until you find permanent orders.

In my practice, I have not come across any real methods that allow you to earn 1000000 rubles per hour, especially without straining, and even without investments, and with the possibility right now to withdraw. And you do not recommend being carried on such a trick, because you yourself understand that this is not real. Most likely the site is phishing, and your contacts replenish someone’s base. I trust more resources, where it is precisely indicated: what needs to be done and how much (plus how) can be got on hand.

Setting up advertising campaigns

Here you can not do without registration on specialized resources. In fact, you need an account on Google or Yandex, thanks to which you can set up contextual advertising for someone. If the customer has such an account, then, of course, it is better to work with it. By providing services, you can additionally make a profit from analyzing a niche. Plus, contextual advertising is that the user pays only for the setting itself and for the actual clicks on the site.

Link building

This is one of the marketing methods and successful SEO tools. The principle is that the number of links that lead to one site or its specific page is increasing. We can’t say that the advertiser is only interested in buying up all the links on the exchange, the question is a whole competent strategy.


Traffic arbitration

The principle is that you buy Internet traffic and then sell it at a better price, therefore, it is effective for advertising campaigns. But at the same time, this is not just traffic, but traffic containing leads. The plus is that the finished tool is used for CPA networks, contextual and teaser advertising, thus creating different sources of income.

Channel on Youtube

If you settled earnings on streams, and you already have a YouTube channel, then you can connect to paid advertising. Viewers will not like this very much, but you can get money for every view. But there are a few BUT, namely:

  1. many advertisers set the minimum number of subscribers - 1000;
  2. the number of comments under each clip should be at least 20-30;
  3. account term of at least six months.

Social Networks

This is one of the types of income generation without investments in social networks, which provides that you have an account, it is constantly being filled and actively maintained. Many brands, especially in the regions, are interested in promoting their goods or services through social networks. And here you can write posts for money, and publish frankly advertising content.

Recently, the popular Instagram earnings, where you can really become a leader of opinions and turn this into one of the stable sources of income.

Answers to the most important questions.

When planning to establish online income, choosing income from advertising on your site, page on social networks - on the Internet as a whole, the question arises: “Where to start?”. Initially, organize the site that will be used for advertising: a blog, a profile on Facebook or Instagram, a site. In addition, I recommend to conceive and give answers to such questions:

  1. What is your subject of the resource (highly specialized, widely informational)?
  2. How do users find out about you?
  3. What do you offer advertisers (prices, conditions for cooperation)?
  4. One more question: will it be your main or additional income?

As a rule, at the very beginning, while readers are attracted, traffic increases and market conquest gradually takes place, this is an additional way, as well as a method without investing on clicks, to earn income.


How much can you earn on your site?

The question is more interesting for beginners who want to calculate the payback of an undertaking: to create, maintain and maintain their website in order to earn income. This is not to say that you will come to the treasured point when the site does not need to be developed, and the income will drip at this time. There are no specific figures - how much can be obtained already in 2 or 3 of the site’s existence. I note that a lot depends on the customer himself and his budget for the advertising campaign. One of the most frequent can be considered earnings on banner advertising, since such a marketing move is quite attractive for a potential client.

How much can you earn without your website?

It all depends on the duration of your account on social networks, the number of subscribers and the generosity of the advertiser. For example, a novice brand is willing to pay up to 5 dollars for regularly publishing laudatory reviews about a service or product. In some cases, you may receive income for attracting a client who placed an order by clicking on your referral link. A big plus is that your account may be of interest to different people. For example, perfume brand owners or individual authors who promote their work online. And more about What is infobusiness can be found in the publication on

I suggest learning how to make money on advertising without your own resource on the Internet and which sites to use for this.

Sites for profit on advertising:

Site Feature How much can you get Transition and viewing fee View 1 cop., Transition - 3 cop.
VKtarget Social Media Advertising Fee Minimum 10 rub. per post
Profile, My opinion Paid survey of advertising character From 15 rubles per application
Workzilla Miscellaneous Remote Jobs From 10 rubles
PayForInstall Watching videos, installing the application on a mobile phone From 20 rubles

On the network you can find the method of Anton Rudakov, an experienced blogger and webmaster who recommends placing links and making money up to 100 000 rubles, and according to reviews, this method works. He suggests buying links on one resource and reselling them on another. A big plus is that this requires a minimum investment of about 300 rubles to purchase a starter set of links. They are studying methods of making money by viewing ads on different sites on the Internet and in Ukraine. The income in 50-70 kopecks for watching a video is considered quite adequate.

Do I have to pay taxes when earning income from the Internet?

The question is good and rather controversial. If the tax does not know about this earnings, then this is not income. But at the same time, it is increasingly being said that one must become "self-employed" by those who work on the network. But if you are registered as a private entrepreneur and you have your own website, then advertising revenue must be shown and, accordingly, pay tax for it. Equally, this issue is equally relevant if you choose to earn money by watching short videos, that is, you act as a spectator, receiving from 1500 rubles a day or more.

Self employed

Such activity is aimed at increasing the number of views, but you do not declare this income, which, incidentally, is irregular. To summarize, I’ll say: earnings on advertising, equal account, like earnings on clicks, can not be considered permanent and regular, because there is no certainty that the customer will be and for the placement of advertising materials he is ready to pay good money. No one makes official contracts. But at the same time, it is not worth discarding it as an additional source of income, and, if possible, participate in profitable affiliate programs, CPA networks, and offer your site for placement of teaser, banner advertising. Traditionally: let the earnings without investment in advertising on the network be real, and without much effort you will increase your budget.

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Adozan (24.02.2020 to 15: 27)
From the pros - many ways are suggested. Of the minuses - there are others that can also be used, for example, sponsorship, which is also an advertisement. I want to say that such an income is interesting for those who have sites in the tops, and not just created on the base designer and filled with tyap-blap.
Aleksfx (25.02.2020 to 04: 03)
Adozan, who at the basic level made it interesting for them too), but first they have to take care that the public appears)) they usually develop the site first and then they start advertising))
Branius (24.02.2020 to 07: 41)
Great material, I think that is suitable for those who are studying online marketing as such and all its features.
Aleksfx (25.02.2020 to 04: 03)
Branius, Suitable for anyone)) the main thing is to do it and everything will turn out
Zalbine (21.02.2020 to 10: 15)
Thank you for always sharing not only your experience, but also your skills and even discovering the intricacies of work. In blogging, such a topic is rare.
Aleksfx (25.02.2020 to 04: 04)
Zalbine, there are a lot of practice tips on many topics) I’ve found a couple of new ways to make money for myself
Adorus (16.02.2020 to 15: 15)
as a regular reader and owner of my site, I can say. that he adjusted his income only thanks to banner advertising. the rest brings a penny and not regularly.
Managas (11.02.2020 to 07: 35)
Selling links was profitable 5 years ago, now it is definitely not profitable and nobody needs it. equal score, as well as traffic arbitration.
Kalore (09.02.2020 to 17: 31)
I think that making money on your site on advertising is much more effective than without your own site. Many positions with which I agree.
Dianasius (27.01.2020 to 11: 51)
making money on contextual advertising and on affiliate programs is an excellent topic, but all this money must be invested in promoting your resource
Delarim (30.12.2019 to 21: 43)
I liked the fact that there is no coercion and what specific programs suggested
Dreladora (05.12.2019 to 17: 11)
Earnings on advertising on the network - this is not a regular thing, and for the fact that do not mislead readers - special thanks. I can say that this is a good thing when you do clicks, streams and just sit on the net. And to leave the main place of work - I would not
morozoff76 (01.12.2019 to 08: 22)
Greetings to all! Perhaps on your site, you can still earn something. I honestly don’t perceive bucks at all, in the sense of making money on advertising, clicks and the like. You can earn your own website, or the production of advertisements, texts, graphics, promotion, you can do it, but you will have to "plow" the presence.
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