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As a rule, some small wage increases are a really nice bonus on the way to basic passive income, bringing substantial dividends, and it does not necessarily mean that it was a classic form of office work. One of these sites is Yandex.Toloka, which offers various tasks: watching videos, visiting establishments, writing reviews, and comparing pictures.

Beginning, directly, as a platform for the rapid filling of Yandex content, the resource gradually began to attract outside customers, and since the year 2016 has been open to everyone. Initially, the idea was born in the Minsk office of Yandex, and most of all the talkers were recorded from Russia, Ukraine and (surprisingly) from Turkey. Tolokers do not get millions, but they can provide a budget for pocket spending. What is Toloka Yandex?

Yandex Toloka

Considering Money on the Internet, many rely on a specific proprietary resource - Yandex.Toloka, which offers many tasks that a computer cannot cope with, therefore a human presence is necessary. And here I just want to clarify that not just physical presence at the computer, but also the desire to work, attentiveness, network access and free time. The main goal is to improve the search engine. The rental service with assignments was released in 2014 year, but since then it has already changed several times both the number and concept of the proposed assignments, moreover, which is typical, making them more oriented to each performer.

Yandex Toloka Youtube Review

Toloka is a popular form of mutual aid in the villages of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic countries in ancient times. The main feature of the work is attracting a large number of people and the social nature of the tasks: harvesting, building a school, protection from the enemy.

Beginning of work

The first step is to create a Yandex wallet so that there is where to transfer and from where to cash the funds. Of course, this is not a must at the forefront, but it is better to immediately have a wallet. Going to the main page at https://toloka.yandex.ru/ you have a list of tasks in various categories, and you choose the one that you like the most. Each task has its time and cost. In this case, I strongly recommend reading the instructions before starting to perform this or that work. If it is present, it is indicated on the right side of the field with the task.

Must have for work: a tablet, smartphone, computer or laptop with Internet access and a registered profile in Tolok.

Registration on Yandex Toloka

This process will not take you long and actually implies 2 mode:

  1. For those who have an account in Yandex;
  2. For those who do not have it.

In fact, the login and password for your mail on Yandex is the input for Yandex. Toloki offering several types of tasks. Directly on the main site there is a button "Join", which is necessary for those who are just acquainted with Yandex.

Register Yandex Toloka

When creating a new account, I recommend using basic security rules: think up a previously unused password, use the * (asterisk) symbol in the password to increase security, and work with an active antivirus.

If this stage is completed, you have confirmed the authenticity of creating an account through a special link and SMS, it's time to get acquainted with the design of the site for tasks.

SMS confirmation

Service usability

At once I want to emphasize that the version with tasks for the computer and for the mobile application is a little different. So, if you log into your account from a tablet or a smartphone, tasks for a computer will be inactive, if using a PC, on the contrary, tasks for execution via mobile will be inaccessible. There is a line with tasks in which they go in a random order, but at the same time you see what you have to do, how much it costs, whether you need to undergo training. If you are ready to do the work - click on the menu in the right part of the “Get Started” task.

Tasks Yandex Toloka

In fact, we have the opportunity to start a task on Yandex.Toloka with and without prior training. Although 80% of all jobs still require prior skills.

Important: In most cases, tuition is not paid, although there is such that you count the financial advantage. You can learn this directly from the instructions for each species.

The second point is the types of tasks according to the payment:

  1. Those that are credited and paid immediately after sending;
  2. Those that will be paid only in the case of verification and obtaining an approving conclusion.

This point is also indicated in the instructions. In order to get the task on Yandex Toloka, you need to click on it, read the instructions, if necessary, go through training, and having completed the work, finish it. As a rule, the deadline for execution is from 5 to 60 minutes. Earnings for Toloka fine, but stable!

Tasks on Toloka

If the task is done correctly, then you go to the next one, and if they ended in the list, then automatically to the main page.

Video rating

This task involves viewing a full-fledged video and its evaluation. Toloker must either give a certain rating on the scale, or leave a comment in addition. In the task form you have a link where the video is posted and the time to view it.

View video

A higher price is estimated complex questionnaire, where it is necessary to separately assess the plot, installation, characters and some other individual elements. Most often - this is the advertising content of videos. Also evaluated the relevance of the request to a particular roller.

Side by side

The main task to accomplish is to determine from two requests which of them is closer to you, understandable, attractive, etc. In fact, you have two options, each of which has its own nuances, and you can, based on them, highlight what to bribe you in a search task. Often in this segment are fragments of advertising companies, brands or organizations.

Adult Content

Your task is to assess the relevance of the image to the search query or the title of the text, but at the same time the content is for those who need 18 +. That is why during registration we enter not only our full name, but also the date of birth. Among the main directions, we can dwell on the fact that we are offered to test new intimate stories, assess how much the picture fully and fully illustrates the description of the novelty of the product of an adult store, whether there is an intimate text in the text and so on.

Tasks for 18 + for Yandex Toloka

The task initially has age markings. Sometimes there are more expensive versions of Toloki’s tasks, for example, a game score or applications with “pepper”. To some extent this reminds earnings on games on the Internet, but the latter has more options and the average cost is also higher.

Type of request

Actually, the performer must look for information on the network: for example, not only by the search keywords, but also by the technical parameters of the picture that corresponds to a particular word: the number of pixels, size, horizontal or vertical layout. They also suggest to test how the request works in the main or mobile version of Yandex, evaluate the complex or simple form used and in which order the request is most often recorded in the line.

Image quality

In this task we are offered to check how the picture relates to a particular text, or how well and clearly it can be seen. I will note right away that you will not find pictures with the inscription, since in this segment of tasks such pictures are prohibited.

Image quality

On average, 30 minutes are given to perform an image quality assessment, but everything can be done in 7-10 minutes. Sometimes it is suggested to set ratings for the quality of the image that fits a particular request, which will then affect the ranking in the search query results.

Photo of organizations

All you need is to go and take a photo of this or that institution. As a rule, a task in Yandex Toloka is a form, when in a specified time you go, take a photo and upload them to a profile. What should I take a picture of?

  1. Facade of the room;
  2. Internal placement;
  3. Sometimes the task also indicates the reference points of the route from the nearest public transport stops or key landmarks.

Server (site) response

In this case, you need to evaluate how this or that answer was useful to you. As a rule, these tasks are often offered by the executor who has been on the Yandex homepage for a long time (although I note that there is no official algorithm for how tasks are distributed widely available). Also, as an alternative to the task, find the correspondence of the answers of the site to its subject. Such a person performing the task helps to optimize the work of robots sites directly under the client.

What tasks for Yandex Toloka profitable

Starting or already continuing to work with Yandex.Tolok, you need to choose a specific strategy for yourself: which tasks you take: one expensive or many cheap ones. The basic principle of the site is that at the same time many are working on content and thus, the Yandex collections are constantly replenished.

Profitable job

Experienced tolokers say that they often work with the correspondence of pictures to the text, or assessing the relevance of the title to the text, or selecting pictures for a certain word. Here the payment is in the range of 0,1 - 0,7 dollars per task, but you also spend little time on it. If you are used to doing something for a long time and receiving a substantial reward for it - then pay attention to the tasks in the Yandex.Tolok mobile application.

Types of tasks

Basically, they can be divided into several segments:

  1. Search for the necessary information of various types on the Internet;
  2. Associated with images, videos and their pair-wise comparison;
  3. Field;
  4. Evaluation of compliance with the request of what is available in a particular content.

Plus, you can choose tasks both in nature and mood, and irregularly: if you want - you work, if you do not want - you do not work. Some people even consider Yandex Toloku as a mini-profit, which can be obtained in 10 for a lunch break, but at the same time learn something new and become enlightened. And if we talk about the field, then this task puts the principal aspects to the 2 performer:

  • Visit a particular place (cafe, restaurant, library, dentistry);
  • Take a few photos;
  • Describe the time and days of work;
  • Specify a specific place on the map.

For a higher fee, the service may ask to write reviews or even make a video as a secret customer, but this is really very rare.

Field tasks Yandex Toloka

Training on work with tasks

I have already clarified that there are tasks, where it is necessary to undergo training before executing them. Some types are paid, you can find out in the list of offers - the green color indicates the cost directly for the task and for the training. As a rule, in training the customer makes the following points:

  • How to fill out a questionnaire;
  • How to make a plan;
  • How to take a photo or prepare a description;
  • How to specify a place on the map.

In fact, training is another stage of the assignment, or the first step towards the successful solution of the task at Yandex.Tolok. As a rule, training has no time limit and can be passed several times, but sometimes the customer strictly exposes only one possible attempt.

Training at Yandex Toloka

Tips and Tricks

I recommend to perform all tasks on Toloka that you took to the job as efficiently and quickly as possible. This will help you gradually acquire a new skill, on which a lot of things depend on the site: first of all, how often you will be given tasks of one kind or another. Let me give you a couple of tips for working with this major, as for me, bush:

  1. Think of it not as work, but as entertainment, for which you receive pocket money. This simple approach makes it easier to “pereravlivat in my head” remote work.
  2. Choose tasks not for payment, but for interest - nothing costs money if it is extremely unpleasant for you.
  3. Do not be lazy and do not hesitate to take assignments with prior training, because in the future this type may occur, and you will know how to do it.
  4. Reasonably use time to complete tasks.
  5. Despite the fact that you do not have a direct boss, complete the tasks on Yandex Toloka qualitatively, because your rating depends on it.

Considering the main tricks that are available online while working with this resource - the transfer of tasks to another performer, I’ll dwell on the fact that this is, of course, financially beneficial. In fact, this is not prohibited by the system and it is unrealistic to check if you take a task from your account, transfer it to another person, he will quickly complete it, return it to you, you will send and receive a profit. But here it is worthwhile to work with a reliable executor, and to have a spare budget to pay him the task, because the system can check it for up to a month and only then pay the task to you.

The application for the phone Yandex Toloka

According to the latest statistics, a mobile application that can be downloaded from the Play Market or the App Store for free is fairly easy to use. In fact, this is a simplified optimized form of the classic version, but with a simplified interface. I note that recently the Yandex Toloka application has been offering more advantageous tasks to perform in the mobile version.

Mobile version of the application

Plus, the system is designed for ease of use, so it is not very often replete with tasks offering to write a text or enter it in special fields. Yandex Toloka automatically determines which resource you entered from.

How much can you earn at Yandex Toloka

It is a logical question for those who are just starting their work "how much can you earn by Yandex?". There is an opinion that sites for earning on the Internet They do not allow you to get a solid profit for a normal life, but in fact this is a significant misconception, well, plus, you need to consider what “normal life for everyone” is. Plus work with tasks in this service, that you immediately see the amount, and if it suits you, proceed to the implementation.

Personal Balance in Toloka

At the top of the screen there is an earned amount. There is a 2 numeric index: the amount that is available for withdrawal, and the amount that is “stuck” until the administrator completes the moderation. The minimum cost for the 1 task - 0,01 cent, the maximum - can even go up to 3 dollars, but only in the mobile version. Thus, how much you can earn, you plan yourself, selecting the type of tasks, their number, and calculating your time - how much you can spend on their implementation.

Conclusion earned money

This remote work allows you to display the minimum amount, thus, you can independently determine when you have a salary day, and not live from 1 to 15 numbers. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 0,02 cents, although at the start of work it was much larger and amounted to 10 dollars. In order to make the first conclusion, account holders need to fill out a W8-BEN form, including the last name, first name, middle name, payment service, and contact information. Confirm that you filled out the form, will be sent to the mobile code, which must be entered in the appropriate field. The Yandex.Toloka service reserves the right to check the application during 30 days from the moment of its sending.

Please note: Filling out the form takes place exclusively in Latin.

Basic withdrawal methods:

  1. Branded Yandex.Money Wallet
  2. PayPal
  3. Skrill
  4. For residents of Ukraine available direct output to the card Privatbank

Reviews about Yandex Toloka

If you want to make a million, then this service will not help you much, but other valuable tips presented in the material are accurate. But at the same time, this kind of activity will gradually be able to give you a good increase in the basic work. Especially the fulfillment of tasks is important for those who have a lot of free time, are confident enough in owning a computer and want to slightly increase their pocket income:

  • Schoolchildren and students;
  • Young pensioners with PC skills;
  • Moms on maternity leave.

Studying what they say about Yandex. Tolok, you can meet two main opinion camps: everything is bad and why not, if you have free time and desire. Many task performers say that it is extremely convenient to use Yandex money for withdrawal, especially if this payment is also linked to other additional activities and earnings on the Internet. Reviews about Yandeks.Toloki do not consider it as the main work, but as a way to kill time and for little money at the same time.

This kind of work is an easy way to spend time when others have nothing to do or you are eating somewhere or waiting for someone. Of course, to turn the benefits from the tasks into a permanent profit is almost unreal. Choosing a job at your own discretion, you can learn something new and develop, and even save some pocket money, which is especially important for students. And when capital is accumulated, then you can think about where to invest rubles, while the next sanctions or a jump in inflation have not eaten them; and how to do it with the maximum benefit - in the mini-encyclopedia on my blog. Traditionally, I wish you, my partners and readers, that you always have a choice and a really substantial amount to invest in the national currency.

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