Review and feedback from the Workshop exchange - is it possible to earn or is it a divorce and what do they say?

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My review of the Workshill freelance site, in addition to describing the rules for registering and working, will also include analysis of reviews, which are very numerous on the network: some say that you can earn good money by completing tasks, and the second is that it is a divorce. I will understand and pay attention to details.

To begin with, officially the platform has been operating for 7 years, and during this time the number of freelancers on it has only increased. On the site you can see TOP customers. It is not difficult to find a job as a rewriter and a transcriber, make a description of product cards or write reviews about establishments. A significant plus - you immediately know how much time is given to complete the task and objectively evaluate your strengths.

Work-zilla freelance exchange and remote work for everyone

One of the methods, how to change your life, lies in changing the usual rhythm, abandoning the office and switch to a remote format of work. helps in this (now the resource has moved to, and for both beginners and experienced freelancers from different countries. The exchange is a platform that brings employers and performers together, allows you to quickly find a job for yourself, do it right away and get money into your personal account.

For work, you can use the regular version of the site, or download a proprietary application via Google Play.

In fact, this is a large-scale remote work service, which offers the contractor to try his hand in the following categories:

  • design;
  • texts;
  • advertising and work in social networks;
  • simple tasks;
  • another (to think of something, to fulfill assignments in the city).

About Exchange

How Worksville Exchange Works

Reading the reviews of the artists about cooperation with Workzilla, it is clear that many of them are real, and not written to order. In order to find the right job, the contractor must register and pay a certain amount of money. I note that many freelance exchanges have never used such practice and do not apply it at the moment. The contractor sees the essence of the task, deadlines, customer profile, and if everything suits, then it is taken for execution.

There are times that the employer is unscrupulous. Arbitration will help to return the money promised for the work.

At the beginning you need to pay the entry fee - 390 rubles and you can work 3 months. The cost of further subscription is 100 rubles for 1 month, 3 of the month - 250 rubles and 400 rubles for six months.

Account setup

Sign up

Having visited the official website of Workzill, at the top, select the desired language for work and your role:

  • customer;
  • executor.

The following is the registration procedure. You can tie up your profile on social networks (Gmail, Facebook, Vkontakte) or use the registration via e-mail. You must enter an email address, name and password.

The basic requirements for the number of characters and type of characters for the name and password are listed on the site.

Be sure to agree to the terms of service by checking the corresponding box. Confirmation is sent to the email address, but now, to work on WorkZill, you need to tie up your mobile phone number. I recommend further filling out your profile. Among the headings:

  1. Name;
  2. Surname;
  3. Year of birth;
  4. A country;
  5. City;
  6. Additional information (no more than 130 characters);
  7. The photo.

Then follows a stage that you will not find on other exchanges - testing. I’m telling you how to pass the test successfully. In total, about 30 questions with answer options are presented. Due to the frequent cases of "drain" of answers to the network, the administration has quantitatively expanded the questions, but the test itself, as before, is focused on knowledge of the rules of work, and I offer some verified answers. For example, how to start communication with the customer according to the rules of business etiquette, if your potential employer is called Jacob: a) hello, Yasha; b) Hello, my friend Yasha; c) good afternoon, Jacob.


Nothing complicated, just read the rules in advance and remember them. Although, according to reviews, there are questions and "with a catch."

There are questions on the knowledge of the rules for filing an application with the arbitration tribunal (no later than one day from the moment the work is delivered to the customer), how to send the task for verification, with which payment systems the exchange works. There are tasks for understanding the function of attaching files. Available telegram channels, about which there are a lot on, in which screenshots of tests and their answer options are laid out, tips of those who have already passed are published.

Job Search

In the list of new tasks we are looking for the right one for ourselves. Since the probability that 20-30% is likely to choose you, you can immediately respond to several tasks (10-15) to increase the chances of success. Check the green boxes next to the selected tasks. In order for the customer to give vacancies to you, you can follow these recommendations:

  1. Make a polite contact with the employer.
  2. You can dump at the starting stages, offering the first task to complete at half cost or completely free.
  3. Watch your rating. It is formed by the number of tasks delivered on time to the ToR, positive feedback from employers. As a rule, the employer makes a decision in choosing an artist within an hour.

Withdrawal of funds from the exchange

You can use WebMoney (commission 5%) or LavaPay (commission 2%). Hover over the balance (near the photo) and click: “Withdraw”. Indicate the required amount and method. Choosing the first one, you need to confirm WebMoney wallet. It is better to work with the initial certificate, which simplifies some actions, for example, password recovery. You immediately see how much is withdrawn taking into account the exchange commission and wallet.


The platform provides for withdrawal limits per day: the higher the rating, the more you can withdraw for 1 times. Application processing within 3 days.

How much can you earn at

Successful Workzilla users say that they can receive at least 5000 per month, and at best up to 30 thousand rubles. It all depends on the speed of the assignment and the quality of work. Sometimes you can meet very urgent tasks, for example, visit a new cafe today, provoke staff on a scandal, shoot a video of the visit and put it on the network. To search for an address will become indispensable Yandex map. There is no certain amount. The final salary is formed taking into account skills, level of professionalism and how much time to devote to this. A search strategy for offers is also important.

Exchange assignments

Disadvantages and reviews of WorkZill

As with any exchange, in the case of working with WorkZilla, no one is safe from the fact that you simply will not get paid for the work. The administration provides for direct payment through the site, but with established cooperation, the contractor and the customer can always agree on alternative methods, for example, use a Qiwi wallet or a Privatbank card for Ukrainian customers. The main minus is the commissions, which are stipulated by the rules for working at Workzill. In order to compare the service with other similar platforms - popular freelance exchanges, I will focus on the key features of the work. I propose to do this through a table.

Comparative characteristics of remote work exchanges

Exchange Who is suitable for Job type The nature of reviews Beginners and Professionals Texts, design, programming Positive Businesses Rewriting, copywriting, transcription Average. Deals protected, too strong text control for the store Beginners and Professionals Offline and online work, delivery, cleaning Positive. High speed search results in 16 categories Businesses Texts, advertising, web development, design and other online services Positive. Lots of suggestions. 2018 - massive update Beginners Various online and offline services Average. Plus - the fixed price of any quark (task) - 500 rubles, filter by due date

Reviews about the service are really different: someone praises the site for regularly finding high-paying orders on it, someone negatively evaluates commissions, taking into account which it is difficult to find a profitable job just like that. Analyzing all the factors and comments on the network, I’ll say: it’s possible to make money at, but you should complete tasks quickly and look for the most expensive ones. To summarize, I want to clarify the advantages of the exchange: there are a lot of constantly updated offers of a different nature.

Deleted Jobs

Of the minuses - paid registration and subscription, which is not typical for similar sites and a small list of working payment services. But at the same time, with perseverance, mobility, and the desire to work for the result, you can “beat off” investments, increase your rating and receive even more interesting and expensive tasks. I wish that the work with the service is interesting and profitable for you and that you acquire a new skill that will help to increase your income in the future.

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Comments (11) (Comments)
morozoff76 (09.12.2019 to 06: 34)
I am well aware of this exchange, I had a chance to work here in due time. I can say about the resource that it pays honestly, there is a lot of work, and it’s very different. And the moment that you need to pay a tariff to work on this exchange. I personally think this is a good filter from rogues. The administration apparently does not want the authors to come to them, which the customer will then complain about.
Aleksfx (18.08.2019 to 15: 58)
Thanks for the article, there was time I worked with this exchange of applications) The price was then lower of course) Honestly, it seems complicated to me) at first they give you good orders, but the further, the more difficult it is to take a good order. And many customers are boring and begin to prove that I am a bad performer))) Unfortunately, the administration is on their side there)) maybe a lot has changed there now, but we have to work there long and hard to get good orders)
AlexFanat (10.08.2019 to 15: 59)
A great option for making money, and sometimes you can leave the order for freelancers. The functionality is convenient at first glance, thereby everything was done wisely from the beginning.
Aleksfx (18.08.2019 to 15: 58)
AlexFanat, if you are a customer then I think everything will be fine here))) More for them it was done as if))
Vladimir Kholodkov (10.08.2019 to 14: 57)
In the news section, for the applicant, vacancies appear here and for permanent work. Maybe it is here that you will find your dream job and your yesterday’s hobby will turn into a well-paid job.
Aleksfx (23.08.2019 to 18: 10)
Vladimir Kholodkov, unfortunately, it takes a long time to go to such a level, good and interesting orders will not work right away, you have to work on small orders for a long time.
Vladimir Kholodkov (10.08.2019 to 00: 08)
It has both its advantages and disadvantages, but a sufficiently large number of performers with the help of its functionality get the opportunity to work, and customers easily find workers to carry out a variety of tasks.
Vladimir Kholodkov (10.08.2019 to 14: 58)
Vladimir Kholodkov, There is also an option and return of the task for revision, this is when the customer, of course, for justified reasons, does not accept the work and returns it back to the contractor. In my opinion, this is a great option that is responsible for quality.
Jackdaniel (09.08.2019 to 10: 38)
Sorry, but pay 390 rubles, then another subscription and commission - to work out like a bee or a damned horse. Not an interesting site.
Vladimir Kholodkov (09.08.2019 to 16: 29)
Jackdaniel, the Exchange is most suitable for beginners, unlike others. At first glance, it is complicated; getting a job is not easy. You just need to do and not give up at the first failures and failures.
Aleksfx (18.08.2019 to 15: 59)
Jackdaniel, now on any freelance exchange you have to pay a commission)) and there it also happens 2000r for subscribing about an account))) so this is normal practice))
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