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Globus inter

Globus Mobile (Globus Mobile) is a project from Ukrainian registrations, but which is widely represented in the Runet open spaces, which offers earnings for an application for more than 3-s for simply viewing ads and attracting new users. The main direction is the promotion of a product or service, so it is important for brand owners.

Reading the earnings reports, which the globe mobile offers, I will clarify right away: it is not huge and looks more like a pocket one, but for some categories of people it fits perfectly: schoolchildren, students, even active retirees and everyone who works on other resources in parallel.

Working with a typical axle box, you can understand - Globus Mobile or Globus Intercom (new name) acts as an intermediary between the customer and the performer in promotion, active advertising. About what needs to be done to start earning - right now.

Globus Intercom passive earnings on a smartphone

Those who are considering earnings on views, the details of which I clarified in my article, the Globe Mobile application will become interesting, all the more reviews indicate that the project is regularly paying. Among the basic principles of income generation, I will highlight:

  • simple rental display smartphone;
  • does not require large time resources;
  • money is charged for viewing commercials;
  • no funds for investments during registration and further work on the globe mobile is required.
The company said that currently more than 4 million customers are working with it.

Reading the real reviews of working with the globe mobile, the first thing that stands out: mobility. You can watch commercials from a stationary PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet. A simple interface plays an important role, and special skills and experience are not required to complete tasks.

Globus Mobile

Installing the Globus Mobile application on your mobile

Choosing the globe as one of the main earnings without investments, it is worth registering on the site and then easily logging into your personal account from different devices, but working with your account on the globe mobile. In order to register, you must:

  1. Enter your e-mail.
  2. A letter arrives at the specified address with a link through which the profile should be activated (we check the spam folder).
  3. The password for the further entrance comes to the mail.
  4. Fill out the profile, install the program for viewing, follow the links that come.

Now you download applications to the gadget and constantly have access to tasks.

Installing the application


In order to download and install the globe mobile application on android, it is important that the tablet or smartphone supports the version of the Android operating system 4.0.3 and higher. When you have not just decided to download, but also have registered on the globe mobile platform, you need to understand the principle of accrual. For example, on a smartphone, accruals occur when the screen is unlocked for viewing, which makes it look like with some tasks on the seo click service.


If you decide to download the Globe Mobile application on ios, then make sure that the OS version is 10.3 or newer. Next, you need to conduct a series of operations:

  1. in “Settings” - “Basic” select Globus Intercom, Tov.
  2. Be sure to select the item "Trust the application" and put the appropriate tick.
  3. When you downloaded the iPhone and trusted the globe mobile, you should exit the settings and launch the application.
  4. To receive notifications and be able to view, select the item “Allow” and in particular “Allow always”.
Suitable application on technical specifications for installation on gadgets: iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and demonstrates reliable performance.

Conveniently, the program reports a new video (by the way, at first there are much more of them than with the work time), and in your free time you can study earnings on surveys, the material about which is already published on

IOS application

How much can you earn on Globus Mobile

Studying the site of the project Globus Mobile, you can see that the platform allows you to earn a stable, although initially the earnings are not large. This earnings on the Internet, like those described in the review, allow you to make a profit without spending a lot of time and effort. On the company's website, you can see the honor roll and find out how much and who exactly received the last payouts. The user can evaluate the dynamics in detail. On average, you can get from 0,5 to 1 dollar per day. The amount is small, but if parallel work with earnings on the comments, the total income can be increased.

Globe Mobile Statistics

At the time of preparation of the article, the total amount of the paid remuneration was more than 921 thousand dollars.

One video lasts from 15 seconds to 1 minutes and there is no strict tariff on the service, as on appbonus: you can see how much each task is estimated depending on the advertiser's budget. You can receive from 0,0075 to 0,013 dollars. The money is not big, but it may be enough to pay for mobile communication or online games.

A word of advice: to get more commercials for viewing, you should fill out the profile as much as possible, indicating all the information.

Since you can download the Globe Mobile application on a smartphone or on a computer for free, the service is in demand from those who are used to making money online without the slightest investment. Plus, you can earn income and according to the conditions of the referral program, just for invited and registered participants by reference (one of the most profitable indicators in the network). And this is another of the modern types of earnings on the Internet without investment.

Revenue by referral program box:

Partner level
1 15%
2 10%
3 5%
4 4%
5 3%
6 2%
7 1%

On average, a month with constant traffic, you can earn on an affiliate program up to 4-5 thousand rubles and then if your resource is very popular, and a new audience is attracted regularly, when rucaptcha is not more than 3-thousand for the same period. It is not difficult to calculate that 1 cents will cost an hour of work, that is, you can get 16 dollar per day, and then accumulated profit to withdraw them through webmoney. A significant advantage is that you can work with different payment services on the globe mobile, but initially you need to know: what is the minimum output - 1 dollars and is available at any time, but for webmoney.

Payments Globus Mobile

Minimum limits for withdrawal in different ways:

Payment System
Credit cards from 5 $ depending on the bank
PayPal 10$
Bank account 1$
Mobile top up (only for Ukrainian subscribers) 0.5$

Pay attention to the fact that the withdrawal commission of the service should be added to the minimum amount. As you can see, books for large incomes are not suitable, but for long-term, and especially if you need to occupy yourself on the road in public transport, in lectures, tedious meetings - it fits perfectly. Essential plus: as soon as a new video appears, a notification comes. In fact, you will earn a lot by viewing advertising, but by inviting partners and building a team, you can gradually increase your profits, and you already know exactly how to do this and where to start.

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Denys (01.09.2019 to 07: 30)
Earnings on this application are beneficial for those in Ukraine - and voila immediately brought to the phone.
mantiw (24.08.2019 to 17: 43)
Globe Mobile shows who and when checked application versions. This is very important in order not to load the smartphone with a bunch of viruses. And the anti-virus collision checks - also an indicator. I can’t directly say that the application is unsinkable, but you can definitely talk about serious preparation.
Novel (09.07.2019 to 19: 12)
The screen does not always react quickly to unlock, and stupid commercials shampoos for a minute and a half are boring and boring. Keep your eyes and purity of thought before installing such applications.
jour (09.06.2019 to 10: 35)
I understand that the task can only be done from a smartphone?
Gregory (03.06.2019 to 12: 05)
All such materials on the blog Ganesa kommenchu ​​that I will give the son to read. This one is next on the list.
Bill (11.05.2019 to 06: 34)
Reviews specifically googled. Well - who is directly offended, offended, but that the company does not pay - this is not. A couple is found, but immediately visible - ordering competitors. On the money issue, everything is smooth and clean.
deniska (21.04.2019 to 16: 05)
Here the wave of negativity went straight: they say the income is small, well, books as a form of earnings in the network do not give more, here is a good indicator, I can tell you from the height of my experience.
imperios (04.04.2019 to 17: 15)
The Buxa has long been outdated, they just work on the residual principle, as if they enjoyed the previous popularity and that's it.
Daftt (07.03.2019 to 08: 19)
For 8 hours working time 1 dollar? That is not, it is even worse than slavery somewhere in Africa.
Oksana (03.03.2019 to 13: 01)
I was surprised that Global Mobile in Ukraine is registered. Somehow never even thought of it.
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