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The Etext platform (site:, uniting webmasters and those who can prepare content, began its work in 2008. During this time, the number of its executing clients has increased to 1 million. Of course, the number of customers is also attractive in the opportunity to start working with the site - it is also considerable - 500 thousand.

If someone else thinks that making money online is too complicated, he is mistaken, and the example with the exchange proves it once again: more than 8,8 million completed orders, which bring performers both regular and irregular income . exchange how to work with it?

Many authors are familiar with such a platform thanks to etxt, a service for checking for anti-plagiarism online. According to reviews, he deeply analyzes the text and allows you to make it unique. But captcha cannot be avoided unless you install special blocking plugins. Without registration, you can check up to 3000 characters, after up to 5000.

ETXT Check

The project’s site is quite understandable, simple, all functions are collected in “their” places. Beginners and professionals work with her, and depending on the results of the starting test, each is assigned a qualification level, where 3 stars is a very high indicator. Plus, you can leave feedback about the artist, as well as complain about it. In the case of dishonest behavior of the webmaster, who put the author on the black list, the arbitration service works. On each order you see the number of authors who also wanted to take it to work. Do not be discouraged if at first you are not given preference in the project, prepare articles, post them for sale and at the same time “fight” for a new order. Customers can exhibit both individual and multi-task, evaluating separately the work of each author.

Rewrite Articles

Try to prove yourself in communication with the customer, preparing articles for sale. In order to establish contact during the “struggle” for the order and in further work, you can use the collection of branded emoticons

An interesting point: the ability to pass the etxt literacy test. It consists of 10 questions with answer options. To complete 7 minutes. Results will be shown in the profile. Questions allow you to see how much you understand the spelling and punctuation rules of the Russian language.

Etxt Exchange Instructions

First you need to register by clicking on the appropriate button in the upper right corner on the main page. As with working with, I recommend that you carefully fill out your profile so that the potential customer can get as much information about you as possible. Post a photo, tell about yourself.

You cannot have one profile for a customer and an executor, but the system reserves the right to create 2 accounts for 1 user with different roles.

Personal account and profile on the exchange

When registering, it’s worth tying up an email address and a phone number. The profile of the artist is his portrait, so indicate the maximum working communication channels for communication in order to receive even more orders. It is important to indicate your profile of work by ticking the appropriate fields, as well as specialization, region.

Profile Setup

Fundamental aspect: the site forms the TOP-100 performers for the last month and all the time. Of course, the customer will want to work with the best, and for this it is necessary to regularly take orders, deliver them on time and in strict accordance with the statement of work.

Information on:

  1. All orders.
  2. Materials at work.
  3. Articles that are under review.
  4. Late orders.
  5. How many materials needed refinement.
  6. Balance: available and blocked.

How to find customers

The brand is a copywriting exchange familiar to many authors, and newcomers initially learned the intricacies of how to work, not only to make orders and pay for them regularly, to increase their rating, but also to significantly increase revenue. Having selected a task in the list, click on the plus and “Get the task”. Specific TK is downloaded, and you can evaluate how all conditions suit you.

Search for orders

If you agree, then click on "Take to work." Sometimes customers set a strict threshold for cooperation with performers who have a certain level of skill. Do not forget to read the text in detail and use it to check the free anti-plagiarism from the text exchange with a size of no more than 10 thousand characters. The system offers to earn on such methods:

  1. Copywriting.
  2. Rewriting.
  3. Translations.
  4. Photo.
  5. Sale of finished articles.
  6. Placement of articles.
  7. Proofreading.
  8. Improving uniqueness.
  9. SEO.

Selling your articles on

Reading reviews of performers, it is worth noting that many people sell finished work. Orders on the platform appear, but not as often as on other resources. It is convenient that in your office you can set filters for the minimum amount for each order, and customers will not bother you if they see that the price does not suit them. In the item “Add an article” fill in all the pop-up forms and place the material. You set the price yourself.

Selling Articles

My advice: in the beginning, put a little below the average to increase the rating due to the greater number of prepared materials. Among the basic rules that will increase the chances of success in the implementation of mastery, I highlight the following:

  1. Write about what you understand.
  2. The optimal volume is not more than 3 thousand characters.
  3. Subtract the text in detail.
  4. Use advertising for 10 rubles to raise the article up.
  5. Bring the uniqueness to 100% and not a percent less.
These rules are relevant for the preparation and placement of articles. on the exchange, in detail about the nuances of the work on which in the article on

Etxt Anti-Plagiarism Program

This service is often used to verify uniqueness through thorough and reliable indexing, although over time its popularity in comparison with text ru becomes less. Among the pluses I will designate such:

  • fast check speed;
  • Mandatory registration is not required;
  • deep check of advertising, commercial and even partially scientific texts.

Like Advego Plagiatus, the program must be downloaded and installed on the computer. exchange does not have its own service for verification, therefore, in each TK specific conditions are specified for checking this particular project.

How much can you earn on the copywriting exchange

The total amount for a week or a month depends on the level of skills, the time you devote to work, interest, self-discipline, the availability of other work. I know more than one example of when the copywriting exchange was originally a platform for additional income, and then became a field for searching for regular orders.

Average prices for services

Type of work Cost Features
Copywriting, rewriting from 40 rubles for 1000 characters
Transfer from 90 rubles for 1000 characters
Proofreading from 50 rubles for 1000 characters
Increase uniqueness from 40 rubles
from 100 rubles
for 1000 characters
for the project
Writing reviews, comments from 5 rubles
up to 20 rubles
Without accommodation
With placement
Selling photos from 50 rubles For 1 shot depending on the topic, reporting or staging

And although at first glance, it seems that the prices are small, but if you think that how much time you spend on tasks, then this is quite a good indicator. Plus, you can simultaneously search for orders on other platforms like And if the work is rewarded, and you find a regular customer, then we can say that you are lucky.

How to withdraw money

The etxt exchange provides opportunities for work as copywriters, translators, rewriters, and customers, and of course provides several convenient ways to replenish your wallet or withdraw profits. In order to withdraw funds that you have earned, in your account in the function "My Wallets" tie up those with whom you work. Among them are active:

  • Kiwi;
  • WebMoney;
  • Yandex money.

The commission for the first 2 services is 2%. I recommend working with Yandex.Money, since funds can be withdrawn at different ATMs with a minimum, if not zero commission. The minimum output thresholds are indicated on the output page. I note that sometimes the text requires verification by several programs for plagiarism. It is convenient that the etxt service offers a program with a convenient interface, and in addition, you can see spelling and punctuation errors, correct them before sending the material to the customer.

I wish all novice and already experienced authors not only to find reliable customers on Etext ru, but also those who need content, responsible authors with good taste.

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Comments (33) (Comments)
Coffee 4ka (21.06.2020 to 11: 22)
On the exchange, of course, 1 million performers. And how many normal? These are all numbers, in fact more than 40% are newcomers and fakes. I already got burned this time, now I crawled to Turbotext
Mamath (10.06.2020 to 15: 20)
There is something to think about, especially since I’m looking for a side job option. And if the literacy text does not pass, is it possible to delete the office? Tell me in detail who passed it? Do everyone have the same questions?
Lathis (20.04.2020 to 13: 55)
I had a situation when on Etest I contacted arbitration, because one goat just banned me because of personal views. Those who work on the network, it is clear that such "did not agree" characters, and here it is. In short, my profile was returned to me, but they didn’t do anything to him, although I provided scans, I'm not guilty, it's just pure revenge.
Felora (15.04.2020 to 10: 23)
Suitable material, I liked it, but the prices are really small. Is it everywhere like this, why are pennies paid?
Cenadar (08.04.2020 to 16: 18)
At the beginning of the work - yes, many will be looking for a job on the exchanges. And then all the cool copywriters that they don’t want and will not do, just wait until the customer writes to them and almost asks to write a text for him.
Whiteworm (07.04.2020 to 13: 16)
I partially check the texts on In comparison with the text ru, it shows still significant spelling errors, and not just typos, large or small letter.
Mari (03.04.2020 to 17: 16) can not be compared with any exchange in the number of good and expensive orders. But I would add a list of payment cards for withdrawal, already very, very scarce, now mobile payments and plastic cards rule.
morozoff76 (01.04.2020 to 07: 40)
Maybe he spent a little time, maybe he seemed confused to me. On the Text, everything is easier there and you can check if you write there ...
Wax (20.03.2020 to 15: 48)
One of my customers asks me to constantly send the test results to the free anti-plagiarizer Once I asked him why this particular service, to which he replied to me that it works well with the content, and not just the word order. Here is another plus to it.
Mawield (15.02.2020 to 10: 03)
In comparison with Advego and the text ru, here the orders say so “more human”, like that. They are asked to write simple things, and not to describe hybrid cars and engine operation. I use the check on, captcha rage.
Aleksfx (15.02.2020 to 18: 25)
Mawield, in every place they are looking for a certain style, so somewhere it’s easier and somewhere more complicated
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