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Many recently write and ask what are axle boxes and how they can fill up the list for earnings. So - I’m telling you, these are sites that allow you to get money without putting a lot of effort and without spending a lot of time.

In her article, she specially selected proven options that are not scam and really pay, which is noted in the reviews of the performers. Then you will learn what to do and what sites should be used for work.

What are axle boxes and how much can you earn on them?

Compared to MLM, pyramids and other sites, axle boxes are a real and proven source of additional income. Buchs are sites that pay visitors to perform certain actions. Among the typical focus on these:

  1. Visit and delay on the resource for a certain time.
  2. Enter captcha.
  3. Walkthrough.
  4. Leave a comment, like.
  5. Repost.

Popular bucks for making money on the Internet “live” due to the fact that customers set certain requirements for performers to promote the brand in social networks, search engines, and the service itself receives a commission for this.


The second name of the boxes is “click sponsors”.

Pros and cons of earning

Remote employment, including earnings on vktargethas a number of positive and negative points. I propose to dwell on each group in detail to understand how this tool is most suitable for you.


  • Simple tasks.
  • The ability to do anytime, anywhere with different gadgets.
  • Independent choice of regularity of visits.
Reading the reviews, you can see that the performers note the “gray” conditions for cooperation: no tax is required.


  • There is no guarantee that Buchs, which paid yesterday, will do so today.
  • Irregular income.
  • Not very large amounts of profit.

The best and most popular axle boxes

On the network you can meet both beginners and already “long-livers”. Of course, I trust the latter more, and if the site has statistics on the term of work, payments, the number of users - this suggests that the site can be trusted. I always look at the reviews about the site, what tasks it offers and how competently the site is designed. A few words about the books that pay and managed to gain a positive reputation among the performers.


Buch with tasks for brand promotion in the network. Among the current offers are likes, clicks, video views, registration on sites. Tasks are updated quite often. Payment depending on complexity and conditions is from 50 kopecks to 100 rubles. The minimum withdrawal is 11 rubles.




A job service that offers a choice of up to 30 different income options. You can get money for completing tasks on Vkontakte, Instagram, in search engines. The market has been operating for 10 years and 10 months. During its existence, almost 80 million rubles of income were paid, and the number of customers does not stop growing every day.




To receive income on this site, you need to read letters, view ads, click, like. It works with many payment systems, and withdrawal of funds only after verification. The minimum cost for the task is 2 kopecks, the maximum is 600 rubles, which requires registration on sites, social activity. From the pros - a quick withdrawal of funds without commissions.

Seo Sprint



Active advertising service, occupying a leading position in the market. It has been working for almost 8 years, and during that time it paid performers about 76 million rubles. Interestingly, there are payout statistics. You can work in different social networks, place banners, engage in contextual advertising - any schoolchild and student will cope with such simple proposals.

Seo Fast



The project's slogan is the dark side of advertising, and the proposed tasks allow you to actively and quickly promote the brand through reposts, comments, likes, transitions. The minimum withdrawal is 10 cents. It has been working for over 6 years. The downside is that there are very few tasks, and reading the reviews, you can see that users also emphasize a very inconvenient interface. But choose only for you.




A platform that allows you to get money on SMM marketing. The minimum withdrawal is from 15 rubles, the time limit is up to 2 business days. Attracts a large number of payment systems to work. The range of tasks - from likes, reposts to leaving comments and clicks. Reading the reviews, you can see that the site pays, and tasks are updated regularly.


This is a mailing list service on which almost half a million artists are registered. You can also get money for surfing and completing simple tasks. To date, about 7,6 million rubles have been paid. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 cents.


A tool for making dollars on reposts, comments, social activity. As specified on the site itself, it is the leader among the proposed income for completing tasks. You can get 3-5 cents for repost or like, registration or subscription from 0,5 to 2 dollars, linking up to 1 dollar, and for posts on forums from 12 to 15 cents. Has been operating in the market for 15 years.




Among the boxes for making money on clicks, this one occupies a very good position, and offers to perform simple tasks: reading letters, contests, surfing, transitions. There is a function of automatic withdrawal of money on weekends. The minimum withdrawal is 5 times - 5 rubles, in subsequent ones - 1 ruble. According to reviews, the platform is quite stable, tasks are regular, and payment is full.



Rating of TOP boxes

Ratings are constantly changing, supplemented, as some sites can leave the market, and the second ones can replace them. I propose axle boxes, which, in my opinion, deserve to be adopted.

Rating of axles taking into account the minimum income and level of reliability

Buks Minimum income Features
WMRFast 5 cop. per like On the market for 5 years and 8 months, reliable
Clixsense $ 0,01 per repost 1 million performers, reliable
Ojooo-wad $ 0,03 per click A lot of negative reviews, sometimes problems with the withdrawal
Cash-bux 5 cop. per click 300 thousand performers
NeoBux 0.001 $ - 0.02 $ per click Works since March 2008, reliable
Fastprom 3 cop. per click Activity Bonus System
Rubserf 6 cop. for 1 view The first ruble surfing sponsor, paid 4,8 million rubles.
Ex-promo 0,03 kopecks for the transition The reviews indicate that a delay in payments is possible
X-general 0,02 cop. per click Works 3 years, there are negative reviews
Ars-bux Up to $ 0,1 per click Foreign books, many negative reviews
BaksBux 1 cop. per view Not just books, but a business portal for networkers
Blizko 54 5 cop. per click It has been working since 2016.
Buxub 1 cop. per click On the market since 2016 - payment in UBC loans with transfer to rubles
Scarlet-clicks.info $ 0,01 per click Foreign boxing, operating since 2009
Toloka.yandex.ru 2 cop. per click Reliable resource from Yandex
Ad core 2 cop. per click 2016, many positive reviews, 150 thousand performers
Wellclix 1 cop. per click 2016, 280 thousand performers
SEO Click 2 kopecks for the transition 2017, many positive reviews
Notice 1 cop. for surfing 2018, quick withdrawal from 1 ruble
Bigvis 1 cop. for surfing 2019, frequent promotions
Tushins 5 cop. per click 2017, bonus program for completing tasks
Advego 2 cop. per click Copywriting exchange, many tasks, stable work
Alljoo 1 cop. per click 2017, reviews that stops paying
Web ip 1 cop. for surfing Active Advertising System, since 2006
Seimup 1 cop. per click 2016, many positive promotions, bonuses
Sharkpromotion 1 cop. for surfing Active Advertising Site, 10 tasks, 2013
ProfitTask 1 cop. per like For work in social networks, 2013
AdvAds 1 kopecks for the transition Advertising service with a positive reputation, 2016
One clix 2 kopecks for following the links 2018, 2 tasks - links and banners
Shara.today 0.046 kopecks for following the links 2019, 5 tasks - surfing, video, crane
Seotime 2 kopecks for following the links 2020, various tasks

Separately, I want to pay attention to the best bucks without attachments for collecting satosh. Be sure to get yourself a PTS wallet before starting work with such sites. I’ll focus on the verified ones.

  1. BTCclicks offers a referral program from 40 to 80%, and the maximum payment for viewing the site is 0.00109 mBTC.
  2. Adbtc works in Russian, it allows you to get 60 sites up to 1000 Satoshi for viewing.
  3. Adzseven makes possible income not only in the MTC, but also in fiat for surfing and clicks.
  4. Btc4bux pays up to 80 satoshi for visiting 1 site, and the income from the affiliate program is up to 80%.
  5. The Coinbulb platform offers up to 100% for a referral, and the transition to the site is estimated at 0.00110 mBTC.

BTS click

Who needs this kind of income?

Freelance work is a good solution for many clients. For example, you write Qcomment Reviews, in addition, during the break between the main tasks, go to the axle boxes, fulfill not difficult conditions and receive income. Often such sites are used by students to receive funds for scholarships, to increase pocket money. Special conditions are not set for performers, the main thing is to accurately complete tasks and adhere to internal regulations. In addition to the fact that bucks are popular among those who work on the network, they are used by those who want to increase their income. For example, a taxi driver while waiting for an order from the phone completed the task and received the "extra penny."

A step-by-step guide to making money in cash

Today there are a lot of box sites and in the beginning I recommend checking how live the project is, seeing if it is in the ratings, reading user reviews. Since all sites pay money remotely, I advise you to open wallets on different payment systems. Knowing what axle boxes are, how to make money with them, it is worth setting yourself up for accurate work in advance. To make the income substantial, I recommend that you immediately complete tasks on several sites. Plus, this should be regular, and if you accustom yourself to such a schedule, the total amount will be substantial, and will not only be enough to replenish the phone. Plus, do not give up other income, like earnings on streams, and tips on working with this tool are already collected at www.iqmonitor.ru

Registration in axle boxes

All sites, as a rule, require registration, and in order to avoid sending a lot of letters to the main mailbox and in order to avoid spam, I recommend that you create a “left” mailbox for such purposes. Registration is quite fast, you need to enter a username, password, tie up mail and sometimes a phone number. After the registration procedure is completed, a personal account is created in which it is necessary to indicate the details for the payment of funds.

Completing tasks

Updates come in your personal account or on the main page the performer immediately sees what tasks are currently relevant. Among the popular options I will highlight:

  1. View video, ad unit.
  2. Going to the site.
  4. Leave a comment.
  5. Activity in discussions.


This is one of the options. making money on online advertising, because, in fact, it helps the customer in promoting his brand.

Withdrawing money to an electronic wallet

Do you use Russian or American axle boxes to earn money, immediately specify what limit for withdrawal. Having tied up an electronic wallet, having earned a minimum figure, immediately withdraw funds. As a rule, such sites do not take commissions, and if they are, they are specified on the site, as well as the payment regulations.

Tip: keep wallets in rubles and dollars in order to receive income from sites with different registration.

Earnings on affiliate programs in axle boxes

Income in boxes can be obtained not only as part of the tasks, but also through an affiliate program. The task is simple - bring a person, and you will receive a percentage of his income. For the distribution of referral links using their own sites, blogs, pages on social networks. Please note that all bucks for earning in rubles and dollars without investments, which pay well and occupy a stable position in the market, immediately prevent the creation of multi-accounts to receive benefits only through an affiliate program.

Buchs are not a new phenomenon on the market, and I think that they will continue to develop, since Internet marketing, rapid brand promotion, and gaining a niche in the network are task number 1 for owners of different brands, both cosmetics and selling furniture, clothes, and children’s goods - the list is huge.

Always carefully approach the assessment of the conditions offered on the services, especially the size of the minimum payment, in order to calculate in advance how much you can withdraw funds. In the end, I add: do not think that all axle boxes are reliable or that all this is a "divorce." It all depends on the site. And let you be sure to receive regular tasks with good pay.

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morozoff76 (01.04.2020 to 07: 28)
The article is really very useful. We all started here. I'm talking about the axle boxes now. Try to understand how the world of the Internet works, here is the quintessence.
Rex (27.03.2020 to 20: 45)
thank you very much! the article is very informative, it was a little difficult to understand, since in this area I recently, but in the end I figured out
Granithis (24.02.2020 to 13: 10)
good resources for passive income, I work with them periodically.
Grilune (23.02.2020 to 07: 51)
Such an article is especially useful and especially now, when the money after the holidays somehow ended up. And the plus is that you work when you want, and you choose how much time to spend on it.
ledaniroy (12.02.2020 to 17: 56)
NeoBux - I somehow worked with this axle box, a foreigner, didn’t invest anything, rented referrals there, reached 12 rented from scratch, but then somehow got tired of calling out, and EPS there are far from being connected to people, I couldn’t output it in any way) As a result, he scored and after some time (about a year) decided to log in, but no, the account seems to be deleted after 60 days of inactivity, but it's a pity ...
Ivan (09.02.2020 to 13: 16)
For me, the best boxes are those on which there are always tasks, and which do not merge in a couple of weeks.
Rex (27.03.2020 to 20: 46)
Ivan, did you come across such eyes?
Munigra (07.02.2020 to 12: 26)
I would prefer to work with boxes where the average price on the market without any prohibitive numbers than those that I offer almost a buck for going to the site, and then they don’t pay a lot.
Aleksfx (08.02.2020 to 19: 08)
Munigra, where the bucks are offered, and so it is clear that they will not pay)) you need to look at the proven ones)
Olga (06.02.2020 to 07: 42)
Some rich man will look at what kind of "best bucks" in the country will faint. We are poor, Russian poverty!
Kelegamand (04.02.2020 to 15: 08)
I do not want to work in the literal sense of the word on axle boxes for a penny, it is better to have a copywriting exchange, but at least you know what you are working for.
Aleksfx (06.02.2020 to 09: 49)
Kelegamand, in axle boxes work will be easier) than in copywriting) therefore the price corresponds to labor costs
Tatyana (03.02.2020 to 14: 42)
And these are the best bucks ?! Where do they pay one penny? Yes, even six! How not ashamed only? Anyway, it's work!
Aleksfx (03.02.2020 to 15: 46)
Tatyana, now the axle boxes are basically alas such) pay very little
Vladimir Kholodkov (04.02.2020 to 05: 03)
Tatyana, And you want everything at once and to the ladies, even on this ??? Many people still collect rubles for a penny.
Irina (12.02.2020 to 12: 47)
Vladimir Kholodkov, to earn one ruble (!), You have to do a hundred works! How much time to spend and all eyes blur. Do you think this is normal? But not the best axle boxes then what?
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