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The specifics of industrial mining is always relevant, especially when the market returns to a bullish trend. The decision to create an Association is a winning move, especially since the trend indicates an increase in quotations and the return of popularity to TOP cryptocurrencies.

At the time of adding a promising project to the blog, there are 28 members and 210 members of the Association. The total area on which the equipment is located, 10 thousand square meters, and the total power is 44mW.

Legend of the project

The project is not just a large-scale mining farm, it is the Industrial Mining Association, in which real professionals work. The official site indicates that the activity of takes place within the framework of the Modernization and Increase Computing Capacity Fund. To achieve maximum performance, temperature is constantly monitored, all objects are guarded, forced ventilation is used, and farms are serviced by highly professional personnel. The administrator states that participating investors can receive a fixed passive income. Members of the Association solve administrative tasks, including the modernization of equipment. The Association itself is an association of independent organizations that decide on the maintenance and operation of cryptocurrency platforms. about the company


Link to the project: Title: New
Start Date: 21.01.2019 Added on blog: 04.03.2019
Charges: 4.5% per month My contribution: 1000$
Affiliate: 5% (power to balance) Insurance: -
Min contribution: 25$ Deposit Bonus: 1%
Min conclusion: 10$ Those. data: SSL COMODO + Ddos protection
payment type: Manual Payments: BTC ETH Show Master PayPal
Topic on the forum: MMGP CMS project: Samopisny script
Domain:, 2019-04-05T06:09:38Z IP address:

Marketing project

For the convenience of investors, the entire 1 fixed-income tariff is presented, which is formed on the basis of current indicators of computing power. From January 21, a single-level referral program is used, which allows you to receive 5% of the power of partners. Its activation occurs over 30 days. tariff plans

Technical part of Promining

The site has a unique design. It is informative enough; among the rubrics are “About Service”, “News”, “Team”, “FAQ”, “Reviews”, “Contacts”. Registration is on the left side, and the entrance to the personal account for customers is in the upper right corner on the main page. An interesting and always attracting moment when the site of the investment platform contains customer reviews and is no exception. reviews

Payment systems Promining, how to open a deposit and withdraw profit

Visa, Master Card, Bitcoin, Ethereum are used as payment systems.

Registration and opening of a deposit in the project

1. To register in the project, click the button in the header of the site.My account", be sure to check your upline (Ganesa): registration

2. Immediately after registration, there will be a button in your account immediately.Buy APM Coin", press it (Attention! In order to purchase APM Coin, you must have a Waves wallet and deposit it when setting up!)Buy": buy coins

3. Next, we pay our coins: deposit opening

    My deposit to the project

    Taking into consideration the need of a new business, we offer a refurbishment of the company. .

    Opinion Ganesa about the project and how much can you earn?

    Speaking about the forecasts for the work of, it is worth noting that they are one of the most positive, since the project cooperates with LLC Blockchain Technology in the role of managing partner. This company is engaged in the development of solutions and implementation of software products in life. The company "Blockchain Technology" officially operates and has a corresponding TIN. The platform is registered in the Republic of Tatarstan. The investment project has no MMGP topic yet. The Industrial Mining Association began selling hardware and software facilities (APM COIN) on September 7.

    I give each of my partners a delicious 2% bonus!

    After registration in the project, and the opening of the deposit - do not forget to order refbek!
    You can order refback by link.

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    Aleksfx (05.03.2019 to 02: 55)
    Quite a good project, 1 has a working tariff plan, from the technical part it is also worked out. I think the project is suitable for portfolio diversification, but it is better to go bigger, with a small amount here is not very interesting.
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