Prizm review - Russian “fair” cryptocurrency with plans to conquer the world market

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The crypto community is developing rapidly, and in the new review I propose not just to focus on the token, but on a full-fledged coin, with the help of which settlements are already taking place. Prizm has its own ecosystem, runs on the blockchain and is added to the Coinmarketcap site. At the presentation of the project as part of the blockchain conference in Sochi, 2 a year ago acted as a guest star Nikita Dzhigurda, who made it clear that he was very interested in promoting these coins.

To begin with, I note that the project inspires confidence, because it has a stable foundation. This is an investment tool that has every chance of success, because it optimally combines risks and potential income. Get to know Prizm closer.

Official site

According to information on the official website, prizm is a new generation cryptocurrency that is distinguished by its unique paramining technology. Speaking about its main features, I will dwell on the following aspects:

  • the average generation time on the blockchain takes less than 1 minutes (59 seconds) and depends on the number of transactions;
  • the use of eco-crypto technologies POS, which is much more effective and more accurate than POW technologies;
  • the use of paramining and forging, a two-factor source for increasing coins in a wallet.

The first technology charges funds for the remainder, the second allows the connected account to be used to generate new blocks. Plus, the technical requirements of the computer are not significant for this, and the commission is 0,5%.

Reading reviews of cryptocurrency prisms, many positively note that it has open source code. This means that any developer can safely integrate into his project.

Prizm Counter


Link to the project: Prizm Space Bot Title: pays
Start Date: 17.02.2017 Added on blog: 30.08.2019
Charges: from 0.7% per day My contribution: 1000 PZM
Affiliate: 6% Insurance: -
Min contribution: 100 PZM Deposit Bonus: 3%
Min conclusion: 90 PZM Those. data: Telegram Bot
payment type: Manual Payments: Exchange
Topic on the forum: MMGP CMS project: Tekgram bot
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What is known about the PZM coin

Prizm is a cryptocurrency that has source code on Github with a limited issue of 6 billion coins. It was officially introduced to the world on February 17 of 2017 of the year, and I must say that practically 2,5 of the year of hard work, including in the segment, promotion, brought its positive results. Among the important details regarding the coin, I want to pay attention to the following:

  1. Own network marketing, but not in the usual form, but on the blockchain.
  2. The generation mechanism is focused on 2 factors: directly forging and balance mining.
  3. The security system is at a high level and is characterized by energy-efficient technologies.
  4. Protection against Ddos attacks of the P2P network is built due to the commission for the operation - 0,5%.

Initially, the prism, as it is often called, was conceived as the “first popular cryptocurrency” and “the fairest cryptocurrency”. She came from Russia, although according to forecasts she should envelop the whole world. The founder of the coin is Aleksey Muratov, a former chief engineer of the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant, a member of United Russia and not the last person in the "second series" of MMM.

How to get a coin?

First you need to open prizm wallet and you can do this on the official website. Just click on the appropriate field on the main page. There is also Whitepaper with data on the creation of cryptocurrency and plans for the future. There are several ways to purchase a coin:

  • DNC-Alpha;
  • Livecoin (recommended by experienced investors);
  • personal exchange, but the main thing to beware of scammers;
  • through prizmex (for a steam locomotive).

There is also an official exchange channel to Telegram @tradeprizmbot, where plastic cards, Perfect Money USD, and TOP cryptocurrencies are available for use: BTC, ETH, XRP, DASH, LTC, DASH. The minimum purchase amount is 100 prisms, the maximum is 2 thousands per day.

In order to earn on cryptocurrency, you can use a steam train prism or Prizm Space Bot. Both methods are optimal and convenient if you have at least 50-100 coins on hand

Let's start with a review of the bot, go through link:

Telegram bot Prizm

Next, you need to buy PZM cryptocurrency, click "Buy / Sell PRIZM" and you get on the P2P exchange. We follow the instructions: choose a seller (by yourself, choose the best course for yourself) - and click "Buy":

Prizm Exchange

After buying in the bot, click "Deposit"and transfer your purchased coins to the indicated wallet. Next is the button"Deposit on paramining"- and the amount of your deposit, please note that the system withholds 15% of the amount you deposit (if it is 100 coins, then 85 will be deposited into the account) - this commission goes to rewards through the referral system.

What is paramining?

Paramining technology works based on the balance of your wallet using an accurate algorithm. No need to buy a mining farm, participate in cloud pools and even leave your laptop or PC turned on for a day. The technology works remotely, and charges new coins simply because a certain number of them are already on your prism jack. The size of the daily profit depends not only on your balance sheet, but also on the balance of the structure organized by the investor. I suggest to see how much you can earn per day, taking into account these 2 factors.

How much can I get per day with Рrizm?

Coin growth per day (%) Investor wallet balance (coins) Multiplier per structure rotation Multiplier per structure rotation
0,12 1-99 2,18 1000-9999
0,14 100-999 2,36 10000-99999
0,18 1000-9999 2,77 100000-999999
0,21 10000-99999 3,05 1000000-9999999

The referral network has 88 levels. Hacking it is impossible. In order to find a partner, it is enough to send any number of coins to his empty wallet - the algorithm works perfectly, quickly and very simply. In some ways, the technology is similar to Ethereum-based smart contracts. If you are actively working to expand the depth of your own structure and accumulate coins on your balance sheet, then on average, you can count on 7-10% per month.

Prizm paramining

What is the Prizm Steam Locomotive and how to make money on it?

The Prizm steam locomotive is a community of people working with a coin, using it for trading, paying for goods or services, and generating passive income. Registration implies 2 methods:

  • for beginners who have 50 + coins on their account;
  • for customers with 1000 + PZM balance.

The community allows you to receive additional income for these 2-x groups of customers, depending not only on their own balance, but also on the turnover of the created structure.

Prizm steam train

The site also has its own exchange working with various fiat payment systems and cards of Sberbank and Tinkoff Bank.

Step-by-step instructions for working with a steam train:

  1. Purchase at least 50 coins on a steam engine exchange Prizmex
  2. Pay 15 coins for 50 + or 50 coins for 1000 + collection, for building a structure under you
  3. Keep at least 50 or 1000 coins on the balance, depending on the option you choose.
  4. Follow the instructions and fill out the questionnaire (Steam engine site)

Among the current offers for those who have more than 5000 coins, 3 tariff plan with bonuses: for 30 days + 20%, for 60 days + 50% and for 90 days + 100%. It is attractive that beginners can watch a series of webinars that show the main processes at the Prizm Steam Locomotive. There is a support service.

Prizm result

Prism coin rate

While preparing the article, I looked that the prizm rate is 0,33 dollars. Since the altcoin market today is, to put it mildly, not stable, it is difficult to judge how good or bad this indicator is. For comparison: the fixed maximum of the coin - 2,74 $ was observed on 31 on August 2017 of the year. The record minimum of 0,05 dollars is November 7 on November 2018. View the current rate of the cryptocurrency of prisms, changes in periods, daily trade, charts on

What to spend coins on?

Asking the question of what you can buy for prisms, it is worth initially visiting the branded online store And what do we see? The assortment has a lot: from shampoo against oily hair to jewelry. You can use cryptocurrency to pay for a hotel room or even to buy real estate. At the time of preparing the article on the blog, an offer is available: a house with a plot in Yevpatoriya could be purchased for 10 thousand coins. A personal lesson of Argentine tango costs 50 PZM, and a personal training is 10 coins.

Prizm Products

The most popular is the “Locomotive. Prism ”and lots placed on it. Here you can replenish your account, cosmetics, as well as something to look for yourself from the catalog with 26 thousands of offers. The prism club, an information platform with data on a decentralized coin, is actively working. Here you can get information where to start work, including video format.

To summarize, I’ll say: plus coins - in its Russian origin. Another strong point is the paramining technology itself, which implies a good passive income. An interesting proposed concept of a referral program: when you pass coins to someone, you make him your partner. Since the Prism project has been in the arena for more than two years, we can say that this is not a “dummy” and there is a significant rational link in it.

Attracted by the fact that it’s easy enough for a coin to buy goods or pay for services. Despite the fact that the price of prism today is not very high, you can consider the coin in the long term, listing on many exchanges. And what are the most demanded platforms and features of trade on each of them - the information is collected in the materials Why not try using this investment tool, originally from Russia, and include it in your portfolio ?!

Project Information at Hyiplogs

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Comments (10) (Comments)
Vladimir Smirnov (20.02.2020 to 20: 16)
The cryptocurrency Prism is rapidly gaining momentum and growing in value. Countries and people who managed to adapt to changing conditions and invest in time are among the winners, and those who did not have time will lose a lot. In modern society, there is no place for traditional banks. The future is with cryptocurrency and blockchain. With the help of decentralization, it will be impossible to control people and everyone will be able to access information. The PRIZM developers have created a unique mechanism for calculating remuneration for storing funds, aimed at economic attractiveness and the gradual replacement of PZM coins with all existing financial instruments in the world. One of the areas of investment in the Prism cryptocurrency, as well as a good way to create passive income and increase capital. Coins are generated every day and a compound interest is accrued on the principal amount including interest. The more coins on paramining, there is a higher percentage. Competitive advantages of the cryptocurrency Prism: - Independence from global financial regulators and the Central Bank; - The complete lack of state control; - The highest level of safety and security; - Lack of regulation and centralized management; - The ability to make international transfers anywhere in the world; - Instant P2P transactions; - Free conversion to fiat money; - The ability to pay for goods and services with the Prism cryptocurrency; Complete anonymity of payments; - Fixed commission 0,5%, regardless of the amount. - Online access to your account 24/7; - Ease of use on any operating system; - Unique paramining technology created specifically for Prism; - Own blockchain; - Ability to use both "hot" and "cold" wallets; - The withdrawal of all accumulated coins is possible at any time. Even if 100% of participants want to withdraw all funds in one day, they can do it.
yura8943 (31.08.2019 to 13: 07)
Thanks for the very detailed information on this project ..! I look at many resources began to pay attention to this coin ..! We will closely monitor its development ..; maybe we are waiting for a very good option for investment ...!
Aleksfx (04.09.2019 to 17: 23)
yura8943, the project is actively developing, it has already begun to appear everywhere, I think this project will go well for investors
Vladimir Kholodkov (30.08.2019 to 16: 57)
The development of this project was intriguing. Here, the criteria of the bot and the actual crypto movement in the project converged. Moreover, there was a presentation, such a proposal to participate in the development of investors. The essence of the project in the Russian style itself, I was interested, invite a friend. A noticeable two-year development was outlined positively, the project's durability is already obvious.
KpictuInvest (30.08.2019 to 13: 23)
Thanks for the new review. Interested in the project, went to study in more detail. Although I did not work with bots before ... But everything happens for the first time)
Vladimir Kholodkov (30.08.2019 to 16: 59)
KpictuInvest, the Russian bot should come up. We switch to domestic analogues.
Aleksfx (01.09.2019 to 09: 52)
KpictuInvest, I know some good bots that gave good results)) maybe this one of them)) we’ll look)
Aleksfx (30.08.2019 to 13: 13)
It’s a good project / bot, of course, but there are a few troubles (for example, with a steam locomotive) it’s not difficult to understand, of course, but a beginner may not understand it right away) They give a good bonus for the project. We will observe the project)
Vladimir Kholodkov (30.08.2019 to 17: 03)
Aleksfx, I'm more interested in the dynamics of the coin rate, it turns out that there was a peak at the start, and now there is a noticeable adjustment
Aleksfx (01.09.2019 to 09: 51)
Vladimir Kholodkov, usually always like this, at the start a good move, then fixation)
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