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NNC Systems

I’m preparing a review of the new Nnc.systems project at the pre-launch stage, since the main launch is scheduled for next week. On the one hand, this is a typical online investment platform, on the other hand, a rather interesting crypto project thought out to the smallest detail.

To some extent, in its work, the team uses the principle of rating agencies - irreplaceable market participants. In order for investors to increase passive income from a technical point of view, work with a neural network has been added. Of course, for companies with solid prospects, issuing their own token, like NNC, is already a prerequisite for successful development. I’m introducing you closer to this atypical project.

What is Nnc.systems?

This is the first project that Ibelieve Group has developed. The work was carried out over the 2 months. An important aspect: October 16 was presented not the full version of the project, but even more new and interesting in functionality will appear October 21.

News from the NNC Systems Project

25.10.2019 - The technical work on the provider's website and the official forum of the project is almost over. Now resources are functioning normally.
25.10.2019 - By your many requests, the Fortnox.host provider has activated the acceptance of payments through the Payeer payment system.
25.10.2019 - A technical basis has been prepared for connecting the Myinvest.ninja forum to a neural network. Details will be published in the coming 2 weeks.

    NNC Systems about the project

    According to official information on the site, the Nnc.systems platform is a technical symbiosis of cryptocurrency and a neural network.

    The main task of the network lies in the competent and accurate analysis of a huge array of information. The team helps its customers make important and effective decisions that are related to the financial and investment markets. One of the features of the work is that the user can exchange views on various informational issues, give them an assessment. At the same time, everyone who participates in the project can not only evaluate a specific informational occasion, but also create it independently, so that others appreciate the importance and necessity. The team will analyze: which reason received the most ratings and how it affected a particular financial instrument.


    The administrator clarifies: NNC Systems is a public research project whose main goal is the development of a trained neural network, its support and development.

    Own cryptocurrency

    The platform offers users to receive branded tokens for their contribution to information development. In the future, they can be used in several ways:

    • exchange for fiat money;
    • payment;
    • investments in financial instruments.

    The team decided to issue 100 million tokens based on a smart contract. In the future, they will be distributed among those who help in the development of the project. It was clarified that if a situation arises of the need for additional emission, it will be resolved through public discussion. Token Distribution Principle:

    • 70% active fund;
    • 20% reserve fund for the development of the project;
    • 10% is owned by the team.

    According to the work algorithm, 2 operations will be conducted in parallel: the purchase of tokens from participants and the payment of remuneration. Discussions are ongoing about NNC Systems and the branded token in the thread on the MMGP Investment Forum.

    NNC Systems Niche Earnings

    Official site

    Before us is a fairly well-prepared web site from a technical point of view where registration and access to your personal account are located in the upper right corner of the Nnc.systems main page. Among the main headings with internal information blocks, the following are provided:

    • About the project;
    • Participate and earn;
    • To partners;
    • Chef;
    • Forum.

    By a good tradition, a successful project leads several accounts on social networks at once. In the case of NNC, you can learn more about the development news on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+.

    How to get income

    The company offers several ways for passive earnings. The first is help with networking. Every day you will receive tasks, completing which you will receive a profit in tokens.

    1 Option (news replies) - NewsEdit

    You and your partners can check the news posts and answer questions to them. You should study the news before you start checking, if the article does not comply with the rules of the neural network, you must also indicate this. The administration checks our actions, and if he sees that we are cunning, our tokens will be blocked.

    NNC Systems news check

    2 variant (own news) - NewsHunting

    You can post news posts, the main thing is that they correspond to the theme of "Investments", this can be information about the cryptocurrency and the forex market ... An article should be no more than 1000 characters. After placement, the administration verifies that the article is suitable and that tokens are credited to the balance. You can add 5 news per day.

    NNC Systems Clearance News

    The second way is to lease computing power. The company needs technical resources constantly. A good way to make profit is for hosting providers, as well as for investors who have rented capacities and are now renting them to this company. In fact, you buy these capacities by opening a deposit and rent the site - the principle of cloud mining.

    The third option for earning is combined, combining the first and second position. The difference in income between the commissioning of power with reading news and conventional cloud mining can reach 100%. There is still time until October 21 - until the official launch, so you can get involved in work to increase revenue. Participation in the affiliate program is provided, and you can also become a regional representative of the platform. Affiliate program involves:

    • rental reward for one of your referrals;
    • reward for the work of the capacities of your partners.

    Charges every hour in the amount of 5%. There are 5 levels, the movement between which is available once a day. It takes into account your own deposit, the number of referrals in the team, the number of rented nodes.

    Fort axnbx

    • Lease term: 10 days
    • Rental price: 15 $
    • Mining Normal: 0.1821 NNC per hour = 4.37 NNC per day = 43.7 NNC per term (+ 2% per term = + 6% per month)
    • Mining Bonus: 0.1839 NNC per hour = 4.41 NNC per day = 44.13 NNC per term (+ 3% per term = + 9% per month)


    • Lease term: 20 days
    • Rental price: 150 $
    • Improvement Slots: 1
    • Mining Normal: 0.9821 NNC per hour = 23.57 NNC per day = 471.4 NNC per term (+ 10% per term = + 15% per month)
    • Mining Bonus: 1.0267 NNC per hour = 24.64 NNC per day = 492.81 NNC per term (+ 15% per term = + 23% per month)
    • Mining Normal: 0.78568 PNC per hour = 18.85 PNC per day = 377 PNC per term
    • Mining Bonus: 0.82136 PNC per hour = 19.71 PNC per day = 394.2 PNC per term


    • Lease term: 30 days
    • Rental price: 1 500 $
    • Improvement Slots: 2
    • Mining Normal: 7.1428 NNC per hour = 171.42 NNC per day = 5 142.8 NNC per term (+ 20% per term)
    • Mining Bonus: 8.3333 NNC per hour = 199.99 NNC per day = 5 999.9 NNC per term (+ 40% per term)
    • Mining Normal: 5.71424 PNC per hour = 137.14 PNC per day = 4 114.25 PNC per term
    • Mining Bonus: 6.6666 PNC per hour = 159.99 PNC per day = 4 799.95 PNC per term

    You can also increase the production of NNC, for this you need to read the news of other users again, and during mining more tokens will be accrued (1 news per hour = 1 increased charge hour), 24 news limit for 24 hours

    NNC Systems mining shop

    NNC Token Buyback

    Speaking about my forecast for the work of Nnc.systems, I immediately note that it is positive, since the company issues its own token. Today, the availability of cryptocurrency for a global platform is a necessary and mandatory solution. The redemption of tokens from participants was taken as an important decision by the team, since, as a rule, investors prefer "real money", which can be paid right today by buying food in a supermarket or by paying for an online movie ticket. Token buyback rules:

    1. The user must have one computing node or 35 news in the debug module for the last week.
    2. If the first or second condition is met, you can send an application for the purchase of tokens once a week.
    3. Settlement currency is USD. The NNC token is debited from the balance, the dollar account is replenished.
    4. The volume and repurchase rate is determined by the automatic system.
    5. The percentage of redeemed tokens from 10% to 100% depending on the activities of users in debugging the neural network. The course calculates a special algorithm.
    6. Application is available at any time.
    7. Application processed within 5 banking days.

    How to work with information in a neural network

    Administrators have provided several ways to generate revenue for working with information. The first is reading the news. Next, you need to give answers to simple questions, having received bonuses in the form of tokens for this. Completing tasks will not take more than 15 minutes per day.

    NNC Systems Achievements

    The level of “Analytics” is provided, which is achieved when reading 100 from 200 news. Plus - the ability to improve the selected node by increasing its rental on 4 or 8 days.

    You can add news on the site, but it must comply with strict rules. The maximum quantity is 5 pieces per day. Achievements in this line are provided as “Seeker”, “Seeker - 2”, “Seeker - 3”. The rating can be obtained if approved by 50, 100 or 200 news, respectively. Bonus - an increase in the lease term for capacity by 2, 4 or 8 days.

    Another opportunity to earn income is to check the news.

    Opinion about the project and user reviews

    Studying real reviews on the network about the work of the new Nnc.systems, we can note the fact that many positively emphasize the presence of official registration in the UK. So far, there are not many comments, because this is a novelty at the pre-launch stage. Summing up, I want to say that a lot has been done at the pre-launch stage, but the administrators are heating up the intrigue, saying that they have something to surprise us with and 21 of October. Well, I’ll wait with partners, but for now I’ll just wish the platform to securely gain a foothold in the market and not get into the scam for a long time.

    22.10.2019 Review Update

    As the team promised, the official start took place on October 21, which indicates punctuality - an important feature in business, including online. Although some buttons on the site still do not always work correctly, but I think this is a matter of a couple of days. Now I’ll talk in more detail about the activities of the site and what it offers us. I’ll note right away: there are many opportunities for generating income, and the initial deposit amount is 15 dollars.

    Project Information

    Link to the project: NNC Systems Title: pays
    Start Date: 21.10.2019 Added on blog: 21.10.2019
    Charges: from 6% per month My contribution: 1000$
    Affiliate: 2% of server rental Insurance: -
    Min contribution: 15$ Deposit Bonus: 2%
    Min conclusion: 1$ Those. data: SSL COMODO + Ddos protection
    payment type: Manual Payments: PM ETH BTC Qiwi Ya adv LTC +
    Topic on the forum: MMGP CMS project: Samopisny script
    Domain: TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd., 2020-07-24 IP address:
    Registration and opening a deposit in the NNC Systems project

    1. Push "Sign up"when registering, be sure to check upline"This e-mail address is protected from spam bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view.":

    2. To purchase a server, you first need to register on FortNox.host (I won’t describe it, everything is banal), but after registering there, go back to NNC - the “Mining Shop” tab, select an available server (places appear in waves), and press the button buy:

    3. We make an email when buying - to which we have an account registered in the NNC Systems project, fill in all the data and pay.

      Achievements and upgrades

      Participants in the neural network for their active work can receive advantages, and not only once, but on an ongoing basis. Administrators provided for upgrades - improvements in their tariff plan.

      It is worthwhile to understand: not all computing nodes can be improved, only those that have free slots. Clarify this point in advance.

      Currently, there is an 41 way of achievements and upgrades that can be activated for them. They are presented in a detailed table where you can find conditions and a specific bonus. I will say a few words about the types of achievement. There are several of them, in particular:

      • mining;
      • debugging
      • capital;
      • partner;
      • neural network;
      • time of participation;
      • Exchange
      • auction;
      • actions.

      Affiliate Program Overview

      As I already said, 2 provides for ways of partner reward: for rent and for the operation of leased capacities. Within the program, you can use PNC (affiliate balance, on which the administration accrues profit) in the following way:

      • sell tokens to the project team no more than once a week;
      • rent capacities for special shares;
      • increase the structure of partners by buying referrals through a special auction;
      • Sell ​​your own PNC funds on an internal exchange.
      In addition to profit, investors have the task of checking the news of your referrals.

      The PNC course is tied to the NNC. PNC exchange can be made to those members of the neural network who have reached the 4 affiliate level. Immediately after registration, only 10% NNC tokens are available for sale in order to stabilize the system.


      What immediately catches your eye - you can officially conclude an agreement with the company to make a profit as an official salary and pay taxes from it. To do this, contact the project administration. Capacity is purchased at the Mining Shop. The final price differs from the one stated in the catalog, since VAT has not yet been included in it, certain fees and commissions from providers.

      1. We are offered Fort-A867B. Its price is 15 dollars, rental period 10 days. Profitability per hour - 0,1821 NNC.
      2. Available Fort-B974X for 150 dollars and rental period 20 days with a profit every hour in the amount of 0,9821 NNC.
      3. The Fort-С900222D option can be rented for 30 days by paying 1500 dollars, receiving 7,1428 NNC every hour.

      Plus, bonus PNC tokens are also awarded for mining, and their number is also indicated in your account. To convert them to dollars, you need to sell tokens to the system or use the services of an internal exchange.

      Please note: USD withdrawal request is available only on Sundays and is processed by 5 banking days.

      A list of paychecks is being formed, and it is quite voluminous. When replenishing, a commission of 4% is charged, except if you use Perfect Money. The minimum withdrawal is 5 dollars. The project differs from conventional online platforms, primarily due to its own tokens. I consider the nnc.systems platform to be quite profitable, and I hope that it will interest my partners with various earning opportunities and quite loyal marketing.

      Having your own token and affiliate account is a significant plus. At the time of preparing the review, the NNC rate was 0,40 USD. Plus, you can make money on the platform both with investments and without them: adding news that will be verified by your superior partner, or reading the rest of the news and answering questions about them. It is attractive that in the first hours after the official launch, more than 700 participants registered on the project. This indicates investor interest. In general, the intrigue, the heating of the information field, to some extent, the role of the pioneer in this direction of investment platforms worked, and the project is gaining momentum. I would like to wish him further development, and me and the partners profit.

      ☂️ This and other projects can become part of your competent investment portfolio, which will give financial stability. Not sure how to form it?

      Write me (telegrams: @GanesaBlog), I’ll give a free consultation and show how you can increase revenue with minimal risk (If you do not have a telegram, then the tab "Contact us").

      ✅ My 5-year work experience will help beginners overcome the temptation to invest huge amounts of money in all projects at once, avoid losses and help determine how much investment is effective and safe. Experienced investors always consult with me not only to be happy with their income, but also to increase their profits regularly.
      🙏 Your investment portfolio is part of the financial image, and let's make it attractive.

      Project Information at Hyiplogs

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      KpictuInvest (10.02.2020 to 00: 50)
      Now is a promotion in honor of Valentine's Day! For participation, you can rent a server and for nns) 1 server = $ 30
      KpictuInvest (01.02.2020 to 11: 23)
      Now the promotion "Red Dragon!" When renting a RD2020 server directly, from the provider you participate in the drawing 10% of the total amount of funds spent on rent.
      KpictuInvest (15.01.2020 to 13: 10)
      After the New Year holidays, the reward for adding news has fallen dramatically, at the moment it is 0,01NNC. Those. Now for 5 news you will receive as much as before for 1 added news. Reading reward fell not so much, today at 0,0035ns
      LEXUS (14.01.2020 to 21: 07)
      pays The amount of 6.71 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U21303919-> U122 ** *. Memo: API Payment. NNCProject payment 1578928231 .. Date: 14: 34 13.01.20. Batch: 298042167.
      KpictuInvest (01.01.2020 to 22: 04)
      Bonus - the achievement that was presented to those who have an active server is: The ability to improve the selected node: + 20% to mining for 72 hours
      KpictuInvest (31.12.2019 to 00: 02)
      NNS went on vacation) Although you can buy new servers) And by the way, those who have at least one rented server on New Year's Eve promise some kind of bun in the form of a unique achievement)
      Aleksfx (02.01.2020 to 15: 03)
      KpictuInvest, right now, many have gone on vacation) a difficult period for admins) people are sleeping) investments are at least)
      KpictuInvest (15.12.2019 to 21: 41)
      Neither can I buy new servers ... I want to buy a server for $ 30, but all of it no matter how, only for 250 and above ... And so for several days. Has anyone recently bought a budget server?
      yura8943 (09.12.2019 to 17: 03)
      Pays! The amount of 44.04 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U21303919-> U39 *** **. Memo: API Payment. NNCProject payment 1575899098 .. Date: 13: 11 09.12.19. Batch: 293142273.
      KpictuInvest (07.12.2019 to 20: 20)
      Tomorrow, December 8, the first webinar Q & A & q uot; will be held at 18.00, the forum has a special topic for questions. So if you are interested, you can write) And during 7 days many servers will quit. They write that new ones will appear, but there will be less profitability.
      KpictuInvest (05.12.2019 to 00: 14)
      "The internal mail function has been added to the user's personal account. At the moment, the new functionality works in test mode, we will gradually refine it. The recipient addresses in the internal mail system are the numbers of the users' balances."
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