Moriarty: review and reviews - economic game on a smart contract Ethereum from 1% per day (SCAM)

Posted by: Ganesa

The Moriarty platform ( official website) is a unique, well-prepared project presented in the form of an economic game. The principle is that the player is opposed by his greed, and this is perhaps one of the worst enemies and at the same time effective motivators.

The main thing is to have time to press a button and take your money, although the prospect of getting a big jackpot beckons you and you will have to overcome your greed. The unique game solution was done very well, and it can be seen that the project is definitely not a one-day one and everyone can make money on it. The game has many mathematical skills that were inherent in the genius of the mathematical world - Professor Moriarty.

The legend of the project

We are introduced to a very atypical and original project, which compares favorably with those already on the market. According to information on the official website, this is an economic model in the form of a game, and the story is from the main character, in fact, who gave the name of the project -

Video review of the project

Moriarty is a manifestation of the best and worst qualities of each of us. Game model - breaking long-term schedule. This is a self-creating system of a universal scale that works on a smart contract. The project was launched on November 17 and during this time managed to attract many intrigued users.

Project news:

14.12.19/XNUMX/XNUMX - Launched NPCs for project management in Moriarty
27.12.19/XNUMX/XNUMX - A merchant is connected with a huge number of ways to replenish the project’s game account:
Yandex money
Payeer USD, RUB,
PerfecMoney USD, EUR
Visa / Mastercard RUB
Visa / Mastercard UAH
Privat24 UAH
Sberbank RUB
Monobank UAH
Banks TRY and others.
03.01.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX - added contract audit!
18.01.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX - the game was added to Google Play about the project

Link to the project: Title: SCAM
Start Date: 18.11.2019 Added on blog: 13.12.2019
Charges: from 1% per day (growing%) My contribution: 700$
Affiliate: 5% Insurance: from 1000 $ (to 04.02.2020)
Min contribution: 0.11 ETH Deposit Bonus: 5%
Min conclusion: 5 USD Those. data: SSL COMODO ECC + Ddos Protection
payment type: instant Payments: BTC PM PR ETH LTC Qiwi Yandex + Privat24
Topic on the forum: MMGP CMS project: Smart contract
Domain: EPAG Domainservices GmbH, 2020-09-03 IP address:

Project marketing

Reading what investors of the platform comment on the MMGP investment forum, you can see: many people like the game model and attract with its atypicality, but at the same time with good profitability. Of course, for such a unique game, ordinary marketing with classic tariffs got out of the general concept. In fact, we have a schedule that is only growing. At each point in the timeframe, the project shows the percentage that the player receives. Additional income in the framework of the 3 level affiliate program: 3-2-1% of the contribution of referrals.

Live video from Ganesa about project

Technical part

The site has an SSL certificate, unique content and is made in the form of a smart contract. If we talk about design, it is worth noting that it is modern dynamic, in general, the one that the investor loves. The same doctor Moriarty communicates with us. You can work in Russian and English. Registration and entry into your personal account for investors are in the menu: click on the icon on the left side of the main page of the screen, and then fill out the appropriate form. There is a Telegram channel and instagram account, as well as a telegram bot @Moriartio_bot.

Payment systems, how to replenish a deposit and withdraw profit

For work, 24 cryptocurrencies are used, which are converted to ETH or directly broadcast as the main currency of the smart contract. It is interesting that they envisioned working with fiat through an internal exchange system: Yandex.Money, Qiwi, Payeer, PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Sberbank, Privat24. Minimum amount to invest 0.11 ETH. The withdrawal is available when the profit is more than 0.1 ETH. Withdrawal from the referral program and tokenization is available at any time during the game.

Note! Withdrawal from the project is possible daily, but the deposit will burn! It's a game! Quote: After you have replenished the deposit with the required amount which is equal to or greater than 0.1 ETH, you enter the game. Every day you will be charged a certain percentage of the amount that you currently have on deposit. The percentage always grows, and never falls. At any time, you can increase this amount by re-replenishing the deposit in convenient ways. The game ends when 10% of the maximum registered amount participates in it. When the game ends, all funds that were not taken out of the game on time burn out (both deposit and profit).

You can withdraw funds when your profit from the game is more than 0.1 ETH. Remember: when you exit the game your deposit burns down, we recommend that you do not withdraw funds from the game when your profit is less than the deposit.

This is the essence of the game, to overcome your greed! The game started! payment systems

Registration and opening a deposit in the project

1. To register in the project, follow the link and fill out the form (After the user has registered with your link, the inscription that he is a referral will be displayed on the main screen of the game): registration

2. Next, click "Add funds to deposit" (button at the bottom of the page), and select your option, crypto and fiat - it will be converted to ETH: selection

3. If you replenish crypto or in ethereum - everything happens automatically, if you choose fiat - make a deposit amount, choose a payment system and "Create request": Ethereum

      How to withdraw profit from the project?

      1. Click on the side menu "TST Wallet"-"Withdraw"- enter the address of the ethereum wallet and choose dividends and further"Conclusion": conclusion

        How to earn even more and get cashback (GQ blog life hacks)?

        1. Cashback - what does it mean? I return to EACH my partner a certain part of the contribution and the size is specified in the review for each site.
        2. To all projects there is a button "Order refbek". It can be obtained only within the framework of the 1st level of the referral program.
        3. You must be my referral - that is, register through the Ganesa affiliate link.

        Order refback

        It is necessary to fill in:

        1. Your email (which is indicated in the project)
        2. Login (which is indicated in the project)
        3. Name of the project where you contributed
        4. Insurance option - default is “Standard” (if there is no other option in the review itself)
        5. Your wallet and number
        6. Amount of your contribution to the project
        7. Currency of your deposit
        8. Image is NOT required, but desirable

        In order to be my partner, it is important to regularly comment on articles on the blog, and to unsubscribe that you received payments under project reviews, and leave feedback in the subject on MMGP.

        The benefits of working on the face: you not only get a very high refback, but also get cash prizes for regular comments - from $ 0.10 per comment. Results - every month on the 10th. First place gets (more details can be found here):

        1. 15 $ - 1st place
        2. 10 $ - 2st place
        3. $ 5 - 3rd place

        ☂️ What is insurance? For certain projects I provide insurance, and you can find such a site from the list thanks to the marking “The project is under the protection of". What does it mean? If you did not manage to break even and get an income, then after a scam you can fill out the appropriate form and I will personally return absolute losses from my personal funds: the difference between payments and a deposit.

        👑️️️ To all successful projects, do not forget to fill out the refback and insurance forms, as well as leave your comments about receiving funds. With GQ Blog Monitor, investing is even more profitable!

          After analyzing all the nuances of the game, I decided to invest 4.90 ETH. Let there be profit!

          Ganesa's opinion on the project and reviews of Moriart

          I will begin my forecast for the work of with the fact that the site is atypical, well prepared and offers quite a solid income on interesting conditions. The minimum you can get is 1% per day. By 8 month of development of the game, this figure will increase to 8%. I said that the game is built on a growing schedule, but it can break down if there is less than 10% of a fixed indicator on the project’s account. An important point - the schedules are the same for all players. In fact, this is partly a piggy bank, because you can take income at any time and complete the game.

          But at the same time, profit cannot be withdrawn in parts: the slogan of the project is "Everything or nothing": the investor either withdraws all profit (the deposit burns out) and ends the game, or continues to play it further. When one round is completed, the next round starts.

          Reading the reviews of real investors about the economic game, it is worth noting that many people like this atypical approach to marketing. Another interesting aspect: 5% are provided for tokenization of the size of the deposit. For them, the investor pays 5% of the dividends, and they are distributed among all participants. I hope that the Moriart game will bring a solid income, each of us will determine exactly the moment for withdrawing profits several times the deposit, and will not fall into scam for a long time.

          ☂️ This and other projects can become part of your competent investment portfolio, which will give financial stability. Not sure how to form it?

          Write me (telegrams: @GanesaBlog), I’ll give a free consultation and show how you can increase revenue with minimal risk (If you do not have a telegram, then the tab "Contact us").

          ✅ My 5-year work experience will help beginners overcome the temptation to invest huge amounts of money in all projects at once, avoid losses and help determine how much investment is effective and safe. Experienced investors always consult with me not only to be happy with their income, but also to increase their profits regularly.
          🙏 Your investment portfolio is part of the financial image, and let's make it attractive.

          I give each of my partners a delicious 5% bonus!

          After registration in the project, and the opening of the deposit - do not forget to order refbek!
          You can order refback by link.

          Information about forums, monitors where the project is present, you can see on

          Information on contributions to the project, you can see on ISP

          Project Information at Hyiplogs

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          Comments (51) (Comments)
          PrizrakJ (25.02.2020 to 10: 25)
          Refback in the amount of 5% received. Thanks.
          PrizrakJ (24.02.2020 to 12: 38)
          Contributed 0.1 ETH.
          Other (20.02.2020 to 04: 49)
          Transaction Hash: 0xd1a476a210cba689c9 19a56df94de6d1aa114b fac711b2a9deb1bd2721 c34be0 Status: Success Block: 9514297 3771 Block Confirmations Timestamp: 13 hrs 50 mins ago (Feb-19-2020 02:55:46 PM + UTC) From: 0x4f600fcdc5eac9812d 1b076fb169aba19ecce4 f4 To: 0xbc99e97d97ba355cfc 8bc86d9a0e20542475cc 1c 9.696369862284666205 Ether
          LEXUS (19.02.2020 to 16: 01)
          +3.868123246194360268 ETH Thank you Moriarty. Over 100% profit. I went to 2 ethers, brought more than 4 !!!! maybe I'm early, but greed is a dangerous thing ...
          LEXUS (19.02.2020 to 11: 19)
          дивиденды +0.01267296868688223 ETH c78ef39088ac531dd104 0d9d278680e7e347358e 44f7eabb81c1
          fora4ka (17.02.2020 to 11: 04)
          Выплата eec6fa542d4a4bfbae6d b4180bcf7734178490f5 fb944db6b509
          LEXUS (14.02.2020 to 14: 56)
          выплата дивидендов +0.0341798979949503 Ether ($9.30) 824aa754017ea8f4e842 23e4521e3ba4bb715194 079bd964f983
          LEXUS (04.02.2020 to 18: 32)
          I decided to withdraw dividends, check how everything works. It works like a watch, it came in a couple of minutes. Deposit works further! +0.172356906853545 ETH 1470cc6183b80f97fba1 7b40938c9907003de2b9 3487ddc679b1
          AlexFanat (01.02.2020 to 18: 34)
          The admin is prone to creativity, so I watch every new video with great pleasure. And I read new stories from the administration as a whole.
          Asmadai (03.02.2020 to 06: 39)
          AlexFanat, there is one, the videos are very interesting, moreover, the admin communicates well, communicates with everyone and answers questions, I really like this)
          Aleksfx (23.01.2020 to 09: 17)
          Now many are starting to go to the BU in this project) I wonder at what point people will start going
          Asmadai (03.02.2020 to 06: 41)
          Aleksfx, well, let's see, it seems to me not yet soon, with such marketing, in any case, we are not losing anything)
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