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I present to you an investment novelty that deals with cryptocurrency mining and regularly expands its technical capabilities. According to the information provided on the official website, employs professional IT specialists, experts in blockchain and artificial intelligence, students.

You can replenish their ranks by sending a resume. The administrator states that this is not just a platform, but an entire ecosystem, including profitable start-ups. Using the site you can maximize the use of digital assets. This is classic cloud mining, and it is much easier to get income in the form of cryptocurrency thanks to it, rather than extracting coins on your own.

Reading the topic of the project at the MMGP investment forum, you will notice that the ability to rent equipment for cryptocurrency mining is a popular investment direction for many. The site has an SSL certificate, unique design. Registration, as well as the entrance to the personal account for clients in Mining.ecos, is in the upper right corner on the main page; just click on the appropriate field, enter the username and password.

The site has current, online-updated courses of TOP cryptocurrencies. Working languages ​​are English and Russian. Links to materials in the media about the activities of the platform are provided. The platform has its own accounts on VKontakte, Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn. about the project

Project Information

Link to the project: Title: pays
Start Date: 05.07.2019 Added on blog: 01.08.2019
Charges: from 0.7% per day for 180 days (1Th = 0.13 $) My contribution: 195$
Affiliate: 10% Insurance: -
Min contribution: 20$ Deposit Bonus: 10%
Min conclusion: 1$ Those. data: DigiCert Inc + Ddos Protection
payment type: Manual Payments: Master Show
Topic on the forum: MMGP CMS project: Samopisny script
Domain: NameCheap, Inc., 2020-01-10 IP address:

Among the reviews of the project from real customers, it can be noted that many of them positively evaluate the wide marketing line. You can participate in the second wave of the competition by competing for the main prize - Apple Watch. Marketing is represented by 4 groups - plans for the purchase of capacities.

  1. The first 4 work half a year. The power of 1TN / S is available to those who invest 20 dollars, 10 TH / S - 195 dollars, 15 TH / S - 293 dollars, 20 TH / S - 390 $.
  2. The group with plans for the year allows you to get the capacity of 1TN / S for 39 dollars, 10 TH / S - 390 $, 15 TH / S - 579 $, 20 TH / S - 772 dollars.
  3. The third group runs 2 of the year. The power of 1TN / S is available for those investors who invest 78 dollars, 10 TH / S - 772,2 $, 15 TH / S - 1146,6 $, 20 TH / S - 1513,2 $.
  4. Special offers are designed for 365 days. The power of 50 TH / S is open to those who invest 1950 $, 100 TH / S - 3822 $, 250 TH / S - 9458 $, 500 TH / S - 18720 $.

We offer contracts with a service fee (their size is indicated in your account) and without it. Payments occur every day. Conclusion from the 0,001 PTS. You can become a VIP investor by purchasing capacities from 1000 ТН / S. The referral program allows you to receive 10% of the contribution of partners. You can work with Visa and Master Card. tariff plans

Registration and opening of a deposit in the project

1. On the main page, click "Register"- your upline should be"hyBvBAPv": registration

2. Immediately after registration, click "Buy hashrate", choose a tariff plan"Buy now": opening deposit

    Opinion of the blog about the project

    Speaking about the forecasts for the work of, I want to say that they are quite positive, because you do not often find a company on the market, which is the organizer of the Free Economic Zone in Armenia in Hrazdan. It captivates an interesting and broad marketing, as well as loyal conditions for entering cloud mining. I hope that the approach of the administration, the use of blockchain, modern mining tools will allow the project to work out at a height without getting into the scam for a long time. my deposit

    I give each of my partners a delicious 10% bonus!

    After registration in the project, and the opening of the deposit - do not forget to order refbek!
    You can order refback by link.

    Information about forums, monitors where the project is present, you can see on

    Information on contributions to the project, you can see on ISP

    Project Information at Hyiplogs

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    Comments (24) (Comments)
    Snorx (20.06.2020 to 10: 21)
    Before, I just read the news about the cue ball and was interested in what's what. Now I decided to try on myself what Bitcoin is. Of course, I feel sorry for the money to buy, so I bought a contract from Ekos, the company seems to be nothing, I have been watching for a long time - it inspires confidence. As for the payback, I can’t say anything yet, but there are conclusions. It’s 100% I have already submitted requests twice, they all got out without problems.
    Facende (08.06.2020 to 11: 51)
    Having gained experience in mining coins on browser mining, for a long time I did not want to do this, but on the recommendation of a friend I bought a small contract on this platform. You know, there were no big hopes, but in the end I was pleasantly surprised that this was not just another scam or divorce, the charges went right away, I was connected to the LK on the first day and I began to watch how the coins were credited. Overall satisfied, most likely I will buy another contract.
    Tutontamon (24.05.2020 to 10: 15)
    I heard that this platform began to provide a new service for the provision of capacities on its own equipment. Initially, I thought that the equipment from ecos mining was some kind of scam project (because for a long time they were engaged only in contracts), but then I saw that they really have a farm and they really provide their equipment for rent and place client equipment. I am interested and plan to buy one ASIC.
    Nasferatu (19.05.2020 to 10: 09)
    This is a reliable real cloud mining. If you mine yourself with the same investments as here to buy a contract, then it will work out. I realized that there is no need to be greedy, the contracts pay off if you manage the mined coins wisely, so I gradually buy more and will continue to purchase contracts, especially now the cue ball has gone up.
    Andrusevich (28.04.2020 to 09: 47)
    As I understand it, it is most profitable to take semi-annual contracts, they will end faster and there is the opportunity to reinvest and get more. Now I am ending my minimum contract for $ 20, and I think to take the maximum half-year.
    Yaralulen (22.04.2020 to 12: 00)
    There is probably no reason to talk about the current bitcoin prices for a quick payback, and just at that moment the company decided to make contracts without a service charge, I think it is a very wise and profitable decision, because such contracts will interest many.
    ale1986 (14.04.2020 to 16: 20)
    Power purchase 180 days 109 $
    Sonos (12.03.2020 to 14: 48)
    I was pleased that while I was territorially in Europe I was able to calmly buy a contract from them while paying with a crypto. I watched this platform for a long time and I can say that this is one of the best projects in which I have invested, primarily in terms of reliability.
    VacRooN (07.03.2020 to 10: 36)
    I met Bitcoin recently. Now I am in search of cryptocurrency mining options. For some reason, ecos mining on reviews I have in the first place in the first place. I study the information in detail and so far they have the most interest and interest.
    Chipster (18.02.2020 to 13: 13)
    I did not expect that this platform has such a scale. Recently there was a webinar "Overview of mining equipment" and I really liked the picture they showed. The Asiks that they offer are really good and if in addition there is high-quality hosting, then you don’t have to worry about interruptions and other problems that will interfere with my production.
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