Review and feedback on the project - a project with real activity, experience of 2 years and dynamic profit of 3-10% per month (SCAM)

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When a project with a real activity gets on the list of investment projects on my blog, it is always positive and optimistic for partners. The main direction is trust management of funds and trading on exchanges using different tools.

The online project works exactly 2 of the year, and during this time has expanded the possibilities of working with the help of a multi-currency robot. It’s symbolic that I’m adding it to the blog on April 3, and I hope it will interest readers and partners.

Project activities

Before us, is a traditional trust management company, which, according to the information on the official website, offers not only a fairly complete, but also transparent reporting on its activities every week that it enters the private offices. The administrator specifies: trading on the stock exchange is a rather thorny and very difficult path, and it is rational to entrust your funds to those who have experience and professional skills in trading, and not to do it yourself. The important point is that several tools are used to reduce risk: stock exchanges, bonds, Forex trading, and futures trading. Decisions are made directly taking into account the current state of the market. You can see the results of the work following the results of each investment week. about the project

Link to the project: Title: SCAM
Start Date: 03.04.2017 Added on blog: 03.04.2019
Charges: from 3-10% per month My contribution: Rub 30 000
Affiliate: 3% Insurance: -
Min contribution: 100 $ - 5000 RUB Deposit Bonus: 3%
Min conclusion: 1000 RUB Those. data: SSL Let's Encrypt + Ddos protection
payment type: Handbrake Payments: VISA ADV
Topic on the forum: MMGP CMS project: Samopisny script
Domain: HOSTINGER.RU, 2019-05-06T11:15:59Z IP address:

Marketing project

The administrator does not offer us strictly fixed rates. In fact, he is one for all. The proposed yield is dynamic and directly depends on the size of the deposit. On average, per month you can get from 3 to 10%. Additionally, you can increase profits through the affiliate program 3-x levels: 3-2-1% of partner deposits, respectively. You can open the first deposit from 5000 RUB, reinvest from 1000 RUB. pricing plans

Technical part Lotos61

The site has an SSL certificate. The design is quite simple, but clear and informative for partners. There is a heading "Statistics", thanks to which we learn about the launch date, the number of investors and we can get acquainted with the open reports. Among the headings, there are the following: “Rules”, “Investment Conditions”, “News”, FAQ. Registration and access to the personal account for clients is in the upper right corner of the main page. The project has its account in the social network Vkontakte.

Payment systems Lotos61, how to open a deposit and withdraw profit

You can work with Advcash and Sberbank cards for depositing and withdrawing funds. Accruals arrived on Saturdays. Applications are processed immediately, as the administrator saw that they are formed. Allowed 1 application per day.

Registration and opening of a deposit in the project

1. To register in the project, with the header of the site, click "Sign up", be sure to check your upline (Ganesa): registration

2. Immediately after registration, there will be a button in your account immediately.Replenishment", press it, enter the amount of deposit and choose the payment system, then"Fill up balance", then the button will become active, after recharging the balance"I made a payment": recharge

3. After recharge, click "Deposits", choose a tariff plan, make a deposit amount and then"Open deposit": open a deposit

    My deposit to the project

    The real direction of work, optimal marketing and not overstated profits, technical training are moments at, which I appreciate positively, so the forecasts for work are good, and I myself decide to invest 30 000 rubles. my deposit

    Opinion Ganesa about the project and how much can you earn?

    In fact, there are no strict tariffs, and the profitability directly depends on the amount invested, and this opens up prospects for many customers. Reading the reviews about the project, it can be noted that investors positively note the possibility of transferring funds between participants without commissions. According to the results of 2018, the net profit received from trading in the project amounted to 31%. It is worth paying attention: if the account is registered, but is not replenished during 3-s months, it is canceled. The platform on the MMGP investment forum has no topics of its own. I note that the minimum contribution is 100 dollars or 5000 rubles. Such an approach automatically suggests that it is set up for a long, productive, and most importantly transparent work, and it can be assumed that will not fall into the scam for a long time.

    I give each of my partners a delicious 3% bonus!

    After registration in the project, and the opening of the deposit - do not forget to order refbek!
    You can order refback by link.

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    Comments (6) (Comments)
    KpictuInvest (13.04.2019 to 06: 55)
    An interesting project. The truth is for me, while the entrance is high (And I wish you good luck and good profit from the project
    Aleksfx (04.04.2019 to 04: 15)
    The project is more for tolerating) the yield is not so big, but with such a percentage I think the project will live for several years for sure))
    Vladimir Kholodkov (03.04.2019 to 14: 54)
    Taking into account the project’s online work and the fact that 31% profit for the year is quite good and at the same time there is no race for super indicators, “better than less but more stable”, makes the project development promising.
    Elena (03.04.2019 to 13: 22)
    Real legend? More precisely the real activity?
    Vladimir Kholodkov (03.04.2019 to 14: 15)
    Elena, the project has already been working on 2 of the year and it seems that the reality is reliable. It even works with Sberbank cards.
    Aleksfx (04.04.2019 to 04: 14)
    Elena, I usually do not believe in legends) but sometimes, with rare exceptions, it is true))) but it needs to be checked))
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