Overview and reviews Future-investments.biz - a tool from Web Token Profit with 4 tariffs and a loyal start

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Before us is Future-investments.biz - not just an investment project, but part of the Web Token Profit ecosystem, which is indicated on the official website. A definite plus is the presence of its own WTP token, which has great chances for the growth of the exchange rate and even wider development of the crypto community.

Since Future Investments is a tool of the global and already well-established WTP ecosystem, its credibility is much greater than that of an ordinary beginner. Customers will appreciate the loyal conditions for starting work.

From a technical point of view, the site is prepared as modern investors love. There is an SSL-security certificate, a licensed script, protection against DDOS attacks, unique design and content. There is a chat in the Telegram. The topic of the project on the MMGP Investment Forum notes that the project is developing and paying. Among the headings are “Help”, “News”, “Contacts”. Registration and access to your personal account for users is located in the upper right corner on the main page.

Future-investments.biz about the project


Project Information

Link to the project: Future-investments.biz Title: pays
Start Date: 02.04.2019 Added on blog: 06.01.2020
Charges: from 0.7% per day on 365 days My contribution: 700$
Affiliate: 5% Insurance: UK
Min contribution: 10$ Deposit Bonus: 3%
Min conclusion: 5$ Those. data: SSL CloudFlare, Inc. + Ddos protection
payment type: Manual Payments: WTP
Topic on the forum: MMGP CMS project: H-script
Domain: NameCheap, Inc., 2020-04-15 IP address:
Registration and opening of a deposit in the Future-investments.biz project

1. To register, click "Sign up", be sure to check upline Ganesa.

Future-investments.biz registration

2. Next, you need to replenish the wallet balance (tokens can be bought on the exchange https://crex24.com), click to replenish the balance and then transfer any amount to open a deposit to the indicated wallet number:

Future-investments.biz replenishment

3. Next, click "Deposits"-"Open deposit"- select the tariff plan, enter the number of lots and further"Open deposit":

Future-investments.biz deposit

    How to earn even more and get cashback (GQ blog life hacks)?

    1. Cashback - what does it mean? I return to EACH my partner a certain part of the contribution and the size is specified in the review for each site.
    2. To all projects there is a button "Order refbek". It can be obtained only within the framework of the 1st level of the referral program.
    3. You must be my referral - that is, register through the Ganesa affiliate link.

    Order Onioni.am refback

    It is necessary to fill in:

    1. Your email (which is indicated in the project)
    2. Login (which is indicated in the project)
    3. Name of the project where you contributed
    4. Insurance option - default is “Standard” (if there is no other option in the review itself)
    5. Your wallet and number
    6. Amount of your contribution to the project
    7. Currency of your deposit
    8. Image is NOT required, but desirable

    In order to be my partner, it is important to regularly comment on articles on the blog, and to unsubscribe that you received payments under project reviews, and leave feedback in the subject on MMGP.

    The benefits of working on the face: you not only get a very high refback, but also get cash prizes for regular comments - from $ 0.10 per comment. Results - every month on the 10th. First place gets (more details can be found here):

    1. 15 $ - 1st place
    2. 10 $ - 2st place
    3. $ 5 - 3rd place

    ☂️ What is insurance? For certain projects I provide insurance, and you can find such a site from the list thanks to the marking “The project is under the protection of". What does it mean? If you did not manage to break even and get an income, then after a scam you can fill out the appropriate form and I will personally return absolute losses from my personal funds: the difference between payments and a deposit.

    👑️️️ To all successful projects, do not forget to fill out the refback and insurance forms, as well as leave your comments about receiving funds. With GQ Blog Monitor, investing is even more profitable!

      Reading the reviews about the project, it can be replaced that many real Future-investments.biz investors emphasize interesting and quite adequate marketing. There are 4 plans available for work. They are united by the fact that funds are withdrawn on Mondays.

      1. Basic will cost $ 10, will bring 0,7% per day for 365 days.
      2. Premium plan costs $ 50 and gives 0,8% per day for 365 days.
      3. The VIP tariff will cost $ 100 and will bring 0,9% per day for 365 days.
      4. By choosing New Year for $ 500, you can get 35% per month, and the tariff is 6 months.

      Future-investments.biz marketing

      Please note that each plan has limits on the number of depositors and current information on this is presented on the site. A minimum of 5 dollars can be withdrawn. All USD conclusions during the application are converted to WTP at the site rate. Please note that you can transfer a deposit from the Golden Ratio project. Click on the refill tab and enter the amount in dollars. Go to the payment. The system will provide the address of the WTP account to replenish the balance and the amount in WTP at the site rate. After that, go to the ERC wallet and transfer the exact fractional amount that the system provided. Check that the account is replenished. There is a 5-level referral program that allows you to receive 5-3-2-1-1-XNUMX% of partner deposits.

      Opinion of the blog about the project Future-investments.biz

      Speaking about my forecasts for the work of the platform, I will say that I believe that Future-investments.biz has excellent chances of success, since quite an interesting marketing is offered with the opportunity to get a good income. Attracted by a loyal start - only $ 10 and the fact that you can monitor which of the tariffs are the most popular.

      ☂️ This and other projects can become part of your competent investment portfolio, which will give financial stability. Not sure how to form it?

      Write me (telegrams: @GanesaBlog), I’ll give a free consultation and show how you can increase revenue with minimal risk (If you do not have a telegram, then the tab "Contact us").

      ✅ My 5-year work experience will help beginners overcome the temptation to invest huge amounts of money in all projects at once, avoid losses and help determine how much investment is effective and safe. Experienced investors always consult with me not only to be happy with their income, but also to increase their profits regularly.
      🙏 Your investment portfolio is part of the financial image, and let's make it attractive.

      Tasty refbek 3%!

      After registration in the project, and the opening of the deposit - do not forget to order refbek!
      You can order refback by link.

      Information about forums, monitors where the project is present, you can see on AllHyipMon.ru

      Information on contributions to the project, you can see on ISP

      Project Information at Hyiplogs

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      Comments (16) (Comments)
      Asmadai (07.01.2020 to 18: 50)
      Just saw the project, the fact that it is from WTP is a definite plus, I'm waiting for good work
      Sogo (07.01.2020 to 10: 17)
      WTP have an excellent development plan, apparently. And this project would be more interesting if the minimum withdrawal was not $ 5, otherwise it would take so long to save
      Asmadai (07.01.2020 to 18: 51)
      Sogo, well, this is done to throw more dibs into the project)))
      Sogo (09.01.2020 to 17: 59)
      Asmadai, but who will get there if not their fans. New investors need more attractive conditions
      Vladimir Kholodkov (30.01.2020 to 04: 33)
      Asmadai, Admin apparently has his own strategy drawn and there is how to develop the project for the future.
      Aleksfx (09.01.2020 to 09: 53)
      Sogo, such a minimal and scares off honestly) I'm not ready to wait long when the output will be) and I am not ready to make large amounts)
      AlexFanat (06.01.2020 to 19: 44)
      4 tariff plans. Interesting conditions for people, thanks for the opportunity to make money.
      Asmadai (07.01.2020 to 18: 52)
      AlexFanat, the most relevant as for me this is the last plan for $ 500) what do you think?
      Aleksfx (09.01.2020 to 09: 52)
      Asmadai, in terms of accessibility, the first plan suits me, it seems)) not everyone is ready to make a deposit 500)
      Sogo (09.01.2020 to 18: 00)
      Aleksfx, yes, just wait too long before the withdrawal, so the project does not attract at all because of this
      Aleksfx (12.01.2020 to 15: 21)
      Sogo, I agree with you, I would like to see a little more percentage all the same
      Grinja (06.01.2020 to 18: 37)
      But they still got a bot, will you add it? There was a chip - the first 5000 participants, like, registrations - for $ 10))
      Asmadai (07.01.2020 to 18: 53)
      Grinya, I didn’t hear something about the bot, if so, then I urgently need to check it out) and maybe soon
      Alexander Sviridov (08.01.2020 to 16: 33)
      Asmadai, bot added January 5th. 5 hours in 7500 registrations.
      Vladimir Kholodkov (30.01.2020 to 04: 31)
      Alexander Sviridov, Wow, this is a tributary, and as soon as they know they have already cast it like that.
      Aleksfx (09.01.2020 to 09: 51)
      Grinya, the bonus is certainly not bad)) I think they will consider it soon) or will appear in the section outside the blog))
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