Ether Hives: overview and reviews - an economic game with 8 tariffs with the theme of beekeeping and income opportunities through Airdrop (SCAM)

Posted by: Ganesa

For a long time there was no news on the blog, which is presented in a playful, entertaining manner and prepared very strongly, taking into account all kinds of marketing features. According to information on the official website of the platform, the economic game BeeHive makes it easy to multiply ETH coins.

In fact, each of us can feel like an online beekeeper, buying bees, developing a hive, selling honey. The game is virtual, and the profit is real! The theme of the project at the MMGP investment forum is developing, and a fairly positive mood of investing players is visible.

The site has an SSL certificate, a dedicated server. The design of the project is unique and fully conveys the thematic area. The column "Statistics" is available, from which you can find out about the amount of invested funds, the number of players, bought bees, funds won and leaders of the hives. Reading the reviews of real customers about the work of, I note that many people like the wide representation of the company on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Vkontakte, Youtube.

Please note that the game requires the MetaMask browser extension, and Trust Wallet for mobile gadgets. Working languages ​​are Russian English. Registration and entry into the personal account for investors of - in the upper right corner on the main page under the "Play" button. The site is multilingual, has 7 language versions. game mechanics

Project Information

Link to the project: Title: SCAM
Start Date: 13.11.2019 Added on blog: 16.11.2019
Charges: From 100% to 125% per month My contribution: 1 ETH
Affiliate: 5% Insurance: -
Min contribution: 0.1 ETH Deposit Bonus: 4%
Min conclusion: 0.01 ETH Those. data: SSL CloudFlare + Smart Contract
payment type: instant Payments: ETH
Topic on the forum: MMGP CMS project: Samopisny script
Domain: NameCheap, Inc., 2020-06-12 IP address:
Registration and opening a deposit in the project

1. For registration, click on the link - be sure to use the browser version of the MetaMask wallet, and your invitation must be my wallet - 0xdc791fdbd90c2a7bdce599c3b56091521b8e7f4c:

2. Next, we need to buy wax, the smart contract is synchronized with your MetaMask wallet and immediately sees your balance: wax purchase

3. Next, you need to buy a bee so that it starts to bring us honey: buy a bee

4. Choose the number of bees, and be sure to confirm the transaction in the wallet Dappradar: MetaMask payment

    Marketing is presented quite atypically. There is 2 resource - wax and honey. Wax is bought or obtained from bees. The price of 250 thousand wax is 1 ETH, and vice versa: 1 ETH is 250 thousand honey. Only bees produce honey. Honey is valuable because it replaces wax in case of shortage.

    1. AirdropBee arrives for free, brings 1000 wax.
    2. SmartBee costs 1500 wax / honey, brings 100% per month.
    3. CryptoBee costs 75800 wax / honey, and monthly income is 102%.
    4. Beetcoin gives 104% per month, and to buy it you need to invest 30 thousand honey / wax.
    5. BroBee gives 106% per month, the purchase price is 75 thousand honey / wax.
    6. DroidBee gives 108% of income every month, its price is 250 thousand honey / wax.
    7. An EtherBee bee costs 750 thousand wax / honey per month income is 111%.
    8. SuperBee costs 150 thousand honey / wax, monthly profit - 125%. types of bees

    Also provided are medals for the purchase of wax, hive improvements, which provide beneficial benefits. There is a possibility of improving the processing of honey. The referral program is represented by 3 levels, within which you can earn 5-3-2% of partner deposits (beekeeper purchases). A program for representatives is also provided. Registration only through the partner link.

    Blog Opinion on the Project

    I will begin my forecast for the work of the game Ether Hives with the fact that technical and marketing training is at its best. Currently, the platform has attracted more than 500 players, who have invested a bit more 1276 ETH. It attracts a lot of opportunities to earn income, including by choosing the first bee without investments - Airdrop. I hope that the game simulator on the smart contract will work fine, giving a solid income and will not fall into scam for a long time.

    Tasty refbek 4%!

    After registration in the project, and the opening of the deposit - do not forget to order refbek!
    You can order refback by link.

    Information about forums, monitors where the project is present, you can see on

    Information on contributions to the project, you can see on ISP

    Project Information at Hyiplogs

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    Comments (16) (Comments)
    Aleks (14.12.2019 to 08: 35)
    Here minus
    Sergei (02.12.2019 to 12: 46)
    damn guys, love to invest in the pyramids? mmm on the blockchain ...
    Aleks (27.11.2019 to 08: 10)
    Payout by 0.1 Eth instance 0xe2b7164ae3324ada22 ccb9098d14ddbec8c83c 92cc16b4fd148f6249c0 68eXN
    mslptl (22.11.2019 to 18: 08)
    Thanks for the refback - 0.16 ETH deposit bonus from project completed
    mslptl (21.11.2019 to 10: 03)
    Added by 4 ether.
    Aleks (20.11.2019 to 07: 49)
    Депчик 1.73 0x227c455057b58268fc e25f491bf3f4a552738c 9da26e215a2242b9cd6a 335cf2
    mslptl (19.11.2019 to 17: 13)
    I wanted to intensify, but in a day I ran into honey somewhere 1.3%. But not 3. The rest of the wax does not know how much, but maybe along with 3 with something percent. But the wax is not removed. That is, wax must be invested further. A real withdrawal can in a month and grow to 2%. Maybe I don’t understand something, that is, is it a low-interest piggy bank game?
    mslptl (18.11.2019 to 20: 50)
    He went on the air. He strains this metamask, for every purchase of a bee pennies are removed for gas.
    Aleksfx (19.11.2019 to 09: 55)
    mslptl, it already depends on the PS itself, the commission is taken away)
    Sogo (17.11.2019 to 16: 48)
    interesting smart project, everything is done at a high level. But marketing and promised profits are embarrassing, painfully aggressive
    Aleksfx (17.11.2019 to 09: 44)
    The administrator of course interestingly came up with the project itself, but there is no way to go on the air, I’ll look from the side
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