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The official website of the Drift.biz platform reports that this is an economic game with a withdrawal of money. As a rule, investment toys show themselves excellently and make money, as well as have a good time.

The site's slogan is “Become the owner of your own auto empire”. The administration offers a simple principle for receiving money: invest in the purchase of your car for Taxoprak or Car Sharing, develop it, complete tasks, receive funds and easily withdraw them.

The toy site has an SSL security certificate, a dedicated server, unique content and design. The list of mirrors is indicated in case of difficulties with access to the official version. The entrance to your personal account and registration in Drift.biz are in the upper right corner or in the center on the main page. It is very convenient that the Russian language is provided. There is a heading “Statistics”, from which we learn about the term of work, the number of users, invested funds and the amount of payments. Also on the Drift website is the rubric “Reviews”, where you can read the comments of real investors. It should be noted that the administration holds competitions: for referrals and investors. In a special section you can see the conditions of the competition, the date when they start. The support service is open from 11.00 to 23.00.

Drift.biz statistics


Project Information

Link to the project: Drift.biz Title: pays
Start Date: 08.02.2020 Added on blog: 08.02.2020
Charges: From 20-36% per month for 180 days My contribution: 100 $ (6300 RUB)
Affiliate: 7% Insurance: UK
Min contribution: 10 RUB Deposit Bonus: 7%
Min conclusion: 1 RUB Those. data: SSL Green Bar GeoTrust EV + Ddos Protection
payment type: instant Payments: PR Qiwi Yandex Show Master +
Topic on the forum: MMGP CMS project: Samopisny script
Domain: GoDaddy.com, Inc., 2022-01-24 IP address:
Registration and opening a deposit in the Drift.biz project

1. To register in the project, click "Sign up"be sure to check your invitation"Ganesa":

Drift.biz registration

2. Push "Balance replenishment", select the currency, then enter the amount in rubles and select the payment system, click"Go to balance replenishment":

Drift.biz replenishment

3. Next, click "Taxopark"Or"Carsharing"and choose a car to buy:

Drift.biz car purchase

      How to withdraw profit from the project?

      1. Press "Payout earnings", select the currency and payment system, then enter the wallet number and the withdrawal amount:

      Drift.biz payout

          How to earn even more and get cashback (GQ blog life hacks)?

          1. Cashback - what does it mean? I return to EACH my partner a certain part of the contribution and the size is specified in the review for each site.
          2. To all projects there is a button "Order refbek". It can be obtained only within the framework of the 1st level of the referral program.
          3. You must be my referral - that is, register through the Ganesa affiliate link.

          Order refback Drift.biz

          It is necessary to fill in:

          1. Your email (which is indicated in the project)
          2. Login (which is indicated in the project)
          3. Name of the project where you contributed
          4. Insurance option - default is “Standard” (if there is no other option in the review itself)
          5. Your wallet and number
          6. Amount of your contribution to the project
          7. Currency of your deposit
          8. Image is NOT required, but desirable

          In order to be my partner, it is important to regularly comment on articles on the blog, and to unsubscribe that you received payments under project reviews, and leave feedback in the subject on MMGP.

          The benefits of working on the face: you not only get a very high refback, but also get cash prizes for regular comments - from $ 0.10 per comment. Results - every month on the 10th. First place gets (more details can be found here):

          1. 15 $ - 1st place
          2. 10 $ - 2st place
          3. $ 5 - 3rd place

          ☂️ What is insurance? For certain projects I provide insurance, and you can find such a site from the list thanks to the marking “The project is under the protection of". What does it mean? If you did not manage to break even and get an income, then after a scam you can fill out the appropriate form and I will personally return absolute losses from my personal funds: the difference between payments and a deposit.

          👑️️️ To all successful projects, do not forget to fill out the refback and insurance forms, as well as leave your comments about receiving funds. With GQ Blog Monitor, investing is even more profitable!

            In the topic of the Drift.biz project at the MMGP investment forum, the positive mood of investors in connection with the proposed tariff plans of a fairly wide range is immediately noticeable. The minimum income of 20% per month with a deposit of 10 rubles. The maximum - 32,5% per month, if you invest from 9990 rubles.

            Business level marketing is also provided. The minimum profit is 33% per month, subject to an investment of 12900 rubles, the maximum - 36% per month, if you invest 999900 rubles.

            Drift.biz Marketing

            Additional income is available as part of the affiliate program: you can get 7-2% of deposits of partners of level 1, 2, as well as 20% of the amount of referral income in the section “Surfing sites”. But that is not all! It’s not at all necessary to invest in order to start earning, because you can complete tasks, participate in the lottery, and receive a daily bonus.

            It attracts a rather large list of payment systems: Payeer, PerfectMoney, QIWI, Yandex.Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Free-Kassa. You can replenish your balance in the Drift project not only with the help of rubles, there is also a dollar, euro, hryvnia, tenge. Payments instant, time limit up to 15 minutes. The minimum withdrawal is 1-100 rubles, depending on the payment system.

            Blog Opinion on the Drift.biz Project

            I’ll start my forecast for the work of Drift.biz with the fact that the new product at the start, launched today and has already managed to interest more than 670 investors, and this is a good result. The principle is simple: you complete tasks - increase your income - derive profit. I hope that Drift will work full, allowing you to earn income and for a long time does not fall into scam.

            ☂️ This and other projects can become part of your competent investment portfolio, which will give financial stability. Not sure how to form it?

            Write me (telegrams: @GanesaBlog), I’ll give a free consultation and show how you can increase revenue with minimal risk (If you do not have a telegram, then the tab "Contact us").

            ✅ My 5-year work experience will help beginners overcome the temptation to invest huge amounts of money in all projects at once, avoid losses and help determine how much investment is effective and safe. Experienced investors always consult with me not only to be happy with their income, but also to increase their profits regularly.
            🙏 Your investment portfolio is part of the financial image, and let's make it attractive.

            I give each of my partners a delicious 7% bonus!

            After registration in the project, and the opening of the deposit - do not forget to order refbek!
            You can order refback by link.

            Information about forums, monitors where the project is present, you can see on AllHyipMon.ru

            Information on contributions to the project, you can see on ISP

            Project Information at Hyiplogs

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            Tim (07.04.2020 to 09: 36)
            Инстантом: 04.07.20 09:50 Received Payment 0.3 USD from account U22119865. Batch: 310053369. Memo: API Payment. Выплата пользователю Tim с проекта drift.biz.
            andrewww (07.04.2020 to 08: 57)
            Деп.1. Дата операции: 07 Апр 2020 11:13 ID операции: 991826056 Тип операции: перевод Магазин: drift.biz Статус: выполнен Сумма списания: 1 009.60 Сумма получения: 1 009.60 Описание счета: Пополнение баланса на сайте drift.biz Номер счета в магазине: 35747
            yura8943 (07.04.2020 to 08: 46)
            The amount of 0.21 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U22119865-> U397. Memo: API Payment. Payment to user yura8943 from the drift.biz project .. Date: 07:24 06.04.20. Batch: 309924628.
            19chinik65 (07.04.2020 to 04: 51)
            07.04.20/05/07 1.01:2 Payment 1 USD from account U310030167 to account U19. Batch: 65. Memo: API Payment. Payout to user XNUMXchinikXNUMX from drift.biz project.
            Igor (06.04.2020 to 19: 52)
            06.04.20/20/10 0.21:22119865 PM Receive Receiv ed Payment 216 USD from account U310006727 to account UXNUMX. Batch: XNUMX. Memo: API Payment. Payout to Igorr user from drift.biz project.
            Divnev (06.04.2020 to 18: 55)
            06.04.20/19/12 0.21:22119865 Receive Receiv ed Payment 213 USD from account U310001172 to account UXNUMX. Batch: XNUMX. Memo: API Payment. Payout to Divnev user from drift.biz project.
            KpictuInvest (06.04.2020 to 17: 30)
            Date of operation: 06 Apr 2020 19:17 Operation ID: 991255920 Operation type: transfer Status: completed Amount received: 6.22 Comment: Payment to the user KpictuInvest from the drift project
            Maks (06.04.2020 to 17: 12)
            06.04.20 17:25 Receive Receiv ed Payment 0.2 USD from account U22119865 to account U208. Batch: 309989378. Memo: API Payment. Payment to the user Maks100193 from the drift.biz project.
            Sogo (06.04.2020 to 14: 56)
            Received another payment from the project. Thank you admin! Date of operation: 06 Apr 2020 14:53 ID of operation: 991028309 Operation type: transfer Status: completed Amount received: 18.25 Comment: Payment to SogoS user from drift.biz project
            Sogo (06.04.2020 to 14: 38)
            Received another payment from the project. Thank you admin! Date of operation: 05 Apr 2020 11:36 ID of operation: 989935436 Operation type: transfer Status: completed Amount received: 15.51 Comment: Payment to SogoS user from drift.biz project
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