Overview and reviews Cryptocards.plus - an original project for the market with a profit of 0,8% per day

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I offer investors a project with an original legend, quite strong preparation and a good reputation in the market. The Cryptocards.plus platform, according to information on the official website, is a universal tool that combines other gift cards or payment methods in one card.

In fact, the platform makes it possible to subscribe or pay a loan for various online services. You can order a card with personal delivery not only by mail, but also in physical form. The project was launched at the end of last year, and has already managed to attract the attention of many investors due to the strengths of marketing and technology.

Technical training at altitude. The project is run by an experienced foreign administration, and, of course, that there is not even a hint of Russian on the site. The site has a self-written script, unique design, SSL-certificate of security. Registration and access to your personal account on the Cryptocards.plus platform is located in the upper right corner on the main page. It has its own telegram channel. Among the headings are “Investments”, “Partners”, “How to Start”, “About the Company”.

Cryptocards.plus about the project


Project Information

Link to the project: Cryptocards.plus Title: New
Start Date: 30.03.2020 Added on blog: 24.04.2020
Charges: from 0.7% to 0.81% per day for 174-188 days My contribution: 500$
Affiliate: 7% Insurance: UK
Min contribution: 30$ Deposit Bonus: 3.5%
Min conclusion: 1$ Those. data: SSL Let's Encrypt + Ddos protection
payment type: instant Payments: PM Payeer BTC ETH +
Topic on the forum: MMGP CMS project: Samopisny script
Domain: NameCheap, Inc., 2022-04-21 IP address:
Registration and opening a deposit in the Cryptocards.plus project

1. Push "Sign up", be sure to follow my link (the ending should be like this) partner = srlttSWOsh:

Cryptocards.plus registration

2. Immediately on the main page we select a gift card, payment system, deposit amount and "Continue":

Cryptocards.plus opening deposit

      How to withdraw profit from the project?

      1. To withdraw profit, click "My income":

      Cryptocards.plus conclusion

          How to earn even more and get cashback (GQ blog life hacks)?

          1. Cashback - what does it mean? I return to EACH my partner a certain part of the contribution and the size is specified in the review for each site.
          2. To all projects there is a button "Order refbek". It can be obtained only within the framework of the 1st level of the referral program.
          3. You must be my referral - that is, register through the Ganesa affiliate link.

          Order refbek Cryptocards.plus

          It is necessary to fill in:

          1. Your email (which is indicated in the project)
          2. Login (which is indicated in the project)
          3. Name of the project where you contributed
          4. Insurance option - default is “Standard” (if there is no other option in the review itself)
          5. Your wallet and number
          6. Amount of your contribution to the project
          7. Currency of your deposit
          8. Image is NOT required, but desirable

          In order to be my partner, it is important to regularly comment on articles on the blog, and to unsubscribe that you received payments under project reviews, and leave feedback in the subject on MMGP.

          The benefits of working on the face: you not only get a very high refback, but also get cash prizes for regular comments - from $ 0.10 per comment. Results - every month on the 10th. First place gets (more details can be found here):

          1. 15 $ - 1st place
          2. 10 $ - 2st place
          3. $ 5 - 3rd place

          ☂️ What is insurance? For certain projects I provide insurance, and you can find such a site from the list thanks to the marking “The project is under the protection of". What does it mean? If you did not manage to break even and get an income, then after a scam you can fill out the appropriate form and I will personally return absolute losses from my personal funds: the difference between payments and a deposit.

          👑️️️ To all successful projects, do not forget to fill out the refback and insurance forms, as well as leave your comments about receiving funds. With GQ Blog Monitor, investing is even more profitable!

            Marketing is, in fact, a separate map for each service and the goal indicated in the roadmap to regularly expand the number of plans. Currently available among gaming and gift 9 offers. The minimum deposit is $ 30. You can purchase an unlimited number of cards. The average life is 6 months. The minimum income of 0,8% per day. You can calculate everything to the cent using the online calculator. Enter the tariff, the amount of investments and get a quick but accurate calculation. The affiliate program is presented in 4 levels and receives 7-2-1-1% of the size of partners. It is possible to increase income at the first level to 8% if your contribution or the contribution of partners is from 0,2 MTC.

            You can work with different payment systems: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum without conversion, as well as through Payeer and Perfect Money. The deposit is included in the payments. Payments instant. Reading the reviews of real investors who have already invested in Cryptocards.plus, you can find out that payments are regular and without delay.

            Cryptocards.plus tariff plans

            Blog Opinion on the Cryptocards.plus Project

            My forecast for Cryptocards Plus is pretty positive, and the platform looks like a well-prepared long-term. Marketing is interesting, atypical, and allows you to break even in + –130 days. In the topic of the project at the MMGP investment forum, it is noted that the presented plans are very interesting, and the floating percentage of charges is rather atypical for our investment market. I hope that the Cryptocards.plus platform will work perfectly, will break even and bring net income, and scam - the most distant in time.

            ☂️ This and other projects can become part of your competent investment portfolio, which will give financial stability. Not sure how to form it?

            Write me (telegrams: @GanesaBlog), I’ll give a free consultation and show how you can increase revenue with minimal risk (If you do not have a telegram, then the tab "Contact us").

            ✅ My 5-year work experience will help beginners overcome the temptation to invest huge amounts of money in all projects at once, avoid losses and help determine how much investment is effective and safe. Experienced investors always consult with me not only to be happy with their income, but also to increase their profits regularly.
            🙏 Your investment portfolio is part of the financial image, and let's make it attractive.

            I give each of my partners a delicious 3.5% bonus!

            After registration in the project, and the opening of the deposit - do not forget to order refbek!
            You can order refback by link.

            Forum Information Hyip space

            Information about forums, monitors where the project is present, you can see on AllHyipMon.ru

            Information on contributions to the project, you can see on ISP

            Project Information at Hyiplogs

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            Comments (17) (Comments)
            Heatstreak (29.06.2020 to 17: 20)
            Payments come very quickly from the program, and it has been working for quite some time. Paying for sure is good, earnings are low, but I look forward to a lot longer :) Payment package - 0,00279 BTC BTC 2020-06-23 01: 50 ce1834b634e1c59c3c9d8d c37a6a8c64458c9f42226d1 ad16b9bb3b1ada6a5c 0,00137b
            Heatstreak (22.06.2020 to 18: 54)
            I put only 0,06 Btc here in the Amazon plan. The program pays for a long time, and I look after. They finished the first round, I decided to go in and invest. The withdrawal was also carried out quickly, which is a good thing. I think this is under development and will work well :) NEW deposit package - 0,06 BTC 2020-06-16 20: 3 fe151e3b0862f2bf2bcb a908fd3a8c107e47d410 883ed4aa4f67495913be 0bc7 Payment package - 0.000702 BTC 2020-06-18 19:05 b14923870e72278007fcbbcc7bbcfc
            leovit (23.05.2020 to 12: 52)
            I went into the project You just sent 0.0150 BTC ($ 136.59 USD) Congratulations! You have successfully sent 0.0150 BTC to 14r1tAGygEzUczsixsaT U9xzoXPqGiernx. You can view transaction details in your Coinbase account.
            Other (27.04.2020 to 07: 49)
            The amount of 2.1 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U21317217-> U9 ***. Memo: API Payment. CCP 9750427396 .. Date: 10:58 26.04.20/312156144/XNUMX. Batch: XNUMX.
            Aleksfx (26.04.2020 to 19: 03)
            An interesting legend of the project) income would be only more per day)) I will look from the side
            Asmadai (02.05.2020 to 19: 17)
            Aleksfx, I’ll also sit on the fence with you)) but in general the project is interesting
            Aleksfx (03.05.2020 to 17: 39)
            Asmadai, I'm not sitting everywhere) today I added another 1 project to my portfolio))
            Asmadai (11.05.2020 to 06: 38)
            Aleksfx, what kind of project, if not secret? is there on the blog?
            Sogo (25.04.2020 to 12: 20)
            Thanks for the review! The project is really prepared and done very high quality!
            AlexFanat (25.04.2020 to 11: 32)
            The percentage is normal for such marketing, plus a deposit is included in the payout. We are waiting for a profit!
            Aleksfx (01.05.2020 to 10: 49)
            AlexFanat, I also like it when the dep is included in the accrual) so little by little we return everything back) This is better than at the end)
            Asmadai (02.05.2020 to 19: 18)
            AlexFanat, I like when the dep is not at the end, but turned on, even if it leaves the scam, so at least it brought something out)
            Aleksfx (03.05.2020 to 17: 40)
            Asmadai, if you take the same grandfather, he always has a dep at the end)) so it also depends on the admin)) his grandfather is not scared)) I also like it when the dep is on
            Vladimir Kholodkov (25.04.2020 to 11: 07)
            An interesting project, already read about it, and now on the blog review. Thanks for choosing.
            Aleksfx (01.05.2020 to 10: 49)
            Vladimir Kholodkov, if you read elsewhere, then advertising is in the project)
            Asmadai (02.05.2020 to 19: 22)
            Aleksfx, it’s logical that in another place, if I read about it before)) the project is developing, but personally I have only seen it here so far
            Aleksfx (03.05.2020 to 17: 41)
            Asmadai, has already appeared on many sites, the main thing is that in general everything should not be added at once, otherwise they will throw
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