Ceribo: review and reviews of Ceribo.com - 9 cryptocurrency tariff plans from ex-partisans with a minimum yield of 2,1% per day (SCAM)

Posted by: Ganesa


I suggest paying attention to the investment novelty Ceribo.com, which, according to information on the official website, specializes in investing in medicine and pharmacology.

The success of the site is that work is being carried out in parallel in 3 areas: research on pharmacological drugs, investing in companies that are focused on the production of pharmaceutical products, distribution of drugs.

The administrator declares that it is precisely because of the strategic distribution of efforts and investments that the company achieves significant financial performance. Thanks to the roadmap available on the website, you can find out that the company began work in 2015 with a comprehensive study of the market. Currently, an online platform has been launched and banking integration is being prepared. We are dealing with an ex-partisan who is more than a year old and who has significantly changed.

Reading the reviews of real investors who chose Ceribo.com for themselves, I want to note that many consider excellent technical training important: protection against DDOs attacks, SSL certificate, dedicated server, licensed script, unique content and thematic design. Registration and access to your personal account are traditionally in the upper right corner on the main page. The site is available in English, but can be easily translated using the function in the browser. There is a support service. For the convenience of calculating future profits, an online calculator is provided. The project has a chat and a channel in Telegram, a page on Twitter.

Project Information

Link to the project: Ceribo.com Title: SCAM
Start Date: 31.03.2019 Added on blog: 07.10.2019
Charges: from 2.1% per day on 15 days My contribution: 200$
Affiliate: 7% Insurance: -
Min contribution: 25$ Deposit Bonus: -
Min conclusion: 1$ Those. data: SSL Green Bar Sectigo Limited + Ddos Protection
payment type: Manual Payments: BTC ETH XRP
Topic on the forum: MMGP CMS project: Gold Coders
Domain: GoDaddy.com, LLC, 2019-06-20 IP address:

At our choice, 9 tariff plans are provided:

  1. By investing from 0,003 to 0,075 PTS, you can receive 2,1% per day for 15 days.
  2. Deposit 0,1-1 MTC brings 2,3% per day for 30 days.
  3. A contribution of 1-10 PTS allows you to receive 55% daily for 2,9 days.
  4. Income 150% after 15 working days is accrued if you invest 0,01-0,1 PTS.
  5. 1000% through 60 working days are open to those investors who invest 0,5-1,5 PTS.
  6. 5000% through 90 business days are available to those who invest 0,01-1 MTC.
  7. Profitability of 500% through 20 business days is accrued to those investors who invest 2-5 MTC.
  8. Profit 1500% after 40 working days can become yours if you invest 1-4 MTC.
  9. 300% after 30 business days for those who invest 1,5-2 MTC.

Additional income is provided as part of the 3 level affiliate program: 7-2-1% of partner deposits. You can work with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. The minimum amount to withdraw 0,001 BTC, 0,033333 ETH, 33,3 XRP.

Ceribo.com tariff plan

Registration and opening a deposit in the Ceribo.com project

1. Push "Sign Up"when registering, check upline"Ganesa":

Ceribo.com registration

2. Immediately after registration, click "Make Deposit", choose a tariff plan, then a payment system. Make a deposit amount and then"Make deposit":

Ceribo.com opening deposit

    Blog Opinion on the Ceribo.com Project

    To begin with, my forecast on the work of Ceribo.com is quite good, since it is always nice to deal with a company, which has official registration and confirms this with the corresponding document. Secondly, it impresses with quite adequate marketing and reasonable amounts to start cooperation: 0,003 BTC, 0,1 ETH, 100 XRP. One cannot but focus on the fact that the project is a former partisan who earned 1 last October, and in his own topic at MMGP it is noted that he pays. I hope that the project will become popular among investors, will provide a good income and will not fall into scam for a long time.

    At the request of the project administration, a refback is not provided!

    After registration in the project, and the opening of the deposit - do not forget to order refbek!
    You can order refback by link.

    Information about forums, monitors where the project is present, you can see on AllHyipMon.ru

    Information on contributions to the project, you can see on ISP

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    19chinik65 (31.10.2019 to 05: 35)
    Oct-30-2019 04: 05: 48 PM Withdrawal 0.003945 BTC worked 2 / 1% to 15 days 959565f516a34126b5ea 6f60ef1dc34f9bdb016c bbdc447537a3f5f1e5bb 3d51
    19chinik65 (28.10.2019 to 14: 23)
    Spent 150% AFTER 15 DAYS MTC 0,01 reinvest from the balance of MTC 0,015
    LEXUS (24.10.2019 to 19: 22)
    платит 0.012969 BTC 1d49bc22c620913084a7 09ac637da554f5427620 0d9ae6d7cbf324133880 3597
    Vladimir Kholodkov (24.10.2019 to 18: 34)
    In gratitude for the fruitful cooperation, the company launches for its partners an exciting contest for the best video about us. Create and post on the social network an interesting video about us on simple terms. Winners will receive a bonus in their accounts. Three steps to win 1. Make a video about Ceribo 2. Upload your video at www.tiktok. com and repost to your personal 3 facebook page. Fill out the application Top 10 of the best videos will be voted on, by which three winners will be determined. To participate in the contest, be sure to read the detailed conditions for participation
    vanadij75 (23.10.2019 to 06: 58)
    Return of deposit with interest) A payment of 0.005525 BTC has been received into your wallet. Transaction batch is d898201812c476e604a2 a1f28bc3d5534a067001 3f1c3aec05021edf9ffd 33a7.
    LEXUS (22.10.2019 to 16: 41)
    +0.001025 btc 347a27b7f30f760d7e53 a3a3a9fd3fd3b9690c6f 6f02e28811 21b181bc2e0561
    Other (20.10.2019 to 03: 46)
    You just received 0.0336 ETH ($ 6.02 USD) You just received 0.0336 ETH ($ 6.02 USD) from an external Ethereum account. It may take up to 35 network confirmations before your Ethereum is available to trade. Sign in to view transaction
    vanadij75 (18.10.2019 to 11: 28)
    Finally, the payout has come) A payment of 0.00105 BTC has been received into your wallet. Transaction - c2a2977612ece43946fa 33d081170c5bc805800e 1359f3fa49925d714e8e 32a3.
    LEXUS (17.10.2019 to 16: 08)
    +0.001025 BTC a455b3ee291f5d755bca 2bb6e8b75893fc69fdcf 2bc66a8d27 8f6f7b9187471a
    LEXUS (14.10.2019 to 13: 49)
    +0.001024 btc ce7f5f73e20ac77dfb9c 8cd369dd9524249510b0 fcf55b3cdb f0c997972391f6
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