B2B Jewelry: overview and reviews b2b.jewelry - jewelry business with 2 passive income areas and a wide affiliate program (SCAM)

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For a long time there was no investment project on a blog that is associated with the jewelry business. The B2B Jewelry project (official site: b2b.jewelry) is developing, becoming popular, thanks in part to interesting marketing. Before us is a classic multi-level network marketing, but with reference to the real business on earth - jewelry stores.

On the site you can even watch video reviews from stores. The administration plans to open more than 500 company stores in Ukraine, and then enter the international market. The business belongs to the company "Sharm", which is officially registered and pays taxes.

Legend of the project B2b.jewelry

This business project allows you to get a significant cashback by buying jewelry in stores, as well as in the online store. According to information posted on the official website, the company is rapidly developing, progressing and not subject to any economic disasters. According to the administrator, the reason for success in the market is a wise and balanced approach, as well as an exclusive marketing strategy. The business is being built together with European partners, which allow you to quickly adapt to current market conditions.

B2b.jewelry about the project

Link to the project: B2b.jewelry Title: SCAM
Start Date: 23.08.2019 Added on blog: 30.10.2019
Charges: from 2% per week, from 60% per month (for 365 days) My contribution: 1000$
Affiliate: 8% Insurance: -
Min contribution: 100$ Deposit Bonus: -
Min conclusion: 10$ Those. data: SSL CloudFlare Inc ECC CA-2 + Ddos protection
payment type: Manual Payments: PM
Topic on the forum: MMGP CMS project: Samopisny script
Domain: GoDaddy.com, 2020-04-02 IP address:

Marketing project B2b Jewelry

There is no classic marketing in the project, but they offer us to earn income thanks to the 2 capabilities:

  • purchase of various jewelry and cashback;
  • purchase of gift certificates.

An additional bonus is available as part of the affiliate program, but for this you need, at a minimum, to buy goods for 50 dollars. Reading the reviews of real customers about B2b.jewelry, you can see that the affiliate program is quite wide, consists of 12 levels, and allows you to receive from 8% to 19% of the purchase made according to your recommendation.

B2b.jewelry affiliate program

Technical part of the project

The site has an SSL security certificate, works in Russian and Ukrainian. The content and design is unique, fully conveys the indicated direction. Registration and entrance to your personal account for B2b.jewelry customers in the right corner on the main page. Among the headings:

  • "Bonus system";
  • "Career";
  • "News";
  • Chef;
  • "Contacts";
  • "Score".

Project payment systems, how to open a deposit and withdraw profit

You can work with bank cards, and customers outside Ukraine can use the Perfect Money system. Payouts every Friday. Referral bonus - on Mondays.

Registration and opening a deposit in the project B2b.jewelry

1. To register in the project, click "Sign up", my invitee ID is 105202:

B2b.jewelry registration

2. Next go to "Store"if you can buy jewelry from Ukraine, since I am in another country, I buy certificates, but the buying system is basically the same, for this you choose the type of payment, make the purchase amount and more"Buy":

B2b.jewelry buying certificate

    How to earn even more and get cashback (likes of GQ blog)?

    1. Cashback - what does it mean? I return to EACH my partner a certain part of the contribution and the size is specified in the review for each site.
    2. To all projects there is a button "Order refbek". It can be obtained only within the framework of the 1st level of the referral program.
    3. You must be my referral - that is, register through the Ganesa affiliate link.

    Order Onioni.am refback

    It is necessary to fill in:

    1. Your email (which is indicated in the project)
    2. Login (which is indicated in the project)
    3. Name of the project where you contributed
    4. Insurance option - default is “Standard” (if there is no other option in the review itself)
    5. Your wallet and number
    6. Amount of your contribution to the project
    7. Currency of your deposit
    8. Image is NOT required, but desirable

    In order to be my partner, it is important to regularly comment on articles on the blog, and to unsubscribe that you received payments under project reviews, and leave feedback in the subject on MMGP.

    The benefits of working on the face: you not only get a very high refback, but also get cash prizes for regular comments - from $ 0.10 per comment. Results - every month on the 10th. First place gets (more details can be found here):

    1. 15 $ - 1st place
    2. 10 $ - 2st place
    3. $ 5 - 3rd place

    ☂️ What is insurance? For certain projects I provide insurance, and you can find such a site from the list thanks to the marking “The project is under the protection of". What does it mean? If you did not manage to break even and get an income, then after a scam you can fill out the appropriate form and I will personally return absolute losses from my personal funds: the difference between payments and a deposit.

    👑️️️ To all successful projects, do not forget to fill out the refback and insurance forms, as well as leave your comments about receiving funds. With GQ Blog Monitor, investing is even more profitable!

      My deposit to the project B2b.jewelry

      Given the direction of work of B2b.jewelry, a real business, I hope that the company will not fall into scam for a long time, so I buy in the amount of 1000 $.

      Ganesa's opinion on the B2b Jewelry project and how much can you earn?

      I will say that the company has been operating since August 2018 of the year and during this time has shown positive results in development - 20 of new stores in different cities of Ukraine and 1 in Kazakhstan. Currently, more than 50 thousand customers are registered. In the topic of the B2b.jewelry project at the MMGP investment forum, it is noted that the project pays, you can notice the positive mood of investors and make sure that there really exist jewelry stores under this brand.

      Cashback is credited in equal shares every Friday, thus 52 times per year. You can get per year net from 104% to 182% of the purchase price:

      1. If the starting price of the product is from 1000 hryvnia, count on 104%;
      2. from 9000 hryvnia - by 120%;
      3. from 27 thousand hryvnias - 135%;
      4. from 81 thousand hryvnias - by 156%;
      5. from 243 thousand hryvnias - by a maximum of 182%.

      B2b.jewelry buying jewelry

      Another option for obtaining passive income is gift certificates for gold and silver, which can be "bought" in company stores.

      1. With the amount of 1000-9000 hryvnia, a certificate for silver per year will bring 228,8%, for gold - 176,8%.
      2. If the cost is 9000-27000 hryvnia - 280,8% and 192,4%, respectively.
      3. When you purchase a certificate in the amount of 27 thousand - 81 thousand for silver, you get 332,8%, for gold - 208%.
      4. The amount of 81 thousand - 243 thousand hryvnias invested in the certificate for silver will bring 358,8% for the year, for gold - 228,8%.
      5. The cost from 243 thousand to 1 million hryvnias for silver for 365 days will bring 369,2%, for gold 254,8% of income.
      6. Investments in excess of 1 mln hryvnia bring profit of 384,8% and 280,8%, respectively.

      B2b.jewelry buying certificates

      You can choose the frequency of payments: once a week, per month, quarter, half year or year. At the end of the year, you can exchange a certificate for jewelry with its nominal value. My forecast for work is quite positive, primarily due to the fact that it is a real, and not just an online business.

      ☂️ This and other projects can become part of your competent investment portfolio, which will give financial stability. Not sure how to form it?

      Write me (telegrams: @GanesaBlog), I’ll give a free consultation and show how you can increase revenue with minimal risk (If you do not have a telegram, then the tab "Contact us").

      ✅ My 5-year work experience will help beginners overcome the temptation to invest huge amounts of money in all projects at once, avoid losses and help determine how much investment is effective and safe. Experienced investors always consult with me not only to be happy with their income, but also to increase their profits regularly.
      🙏 Your investment portfolio is part of the financial image, and let's make it attractive.

      Information about forums, monitors where the project is present, you can see on AllHyipMon.ru

      Information on contributions to the project, you can see on ISP

      Project Information at Hyiplogs

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