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Author: Ganesa
Author: Ganesa

PAMM Account Rating - What the numbers say about the PAMM Account

Have you decided to try a new investment instrument? Study in detail the rating of PAMM accounts with reference to its type of work: conservative, moderate or aggressive. In the new material of my blog I will give answers to questions on what principle such ratings are built, how the coefficient of account comfort is calculated and why this indicator is extremely important.

What is important, except for the period of work and the size of the average profit? Why does the drawdown put pressure on the investor not only financially, but also psychologically? Who chooses aggressive accounts, and what's the point? Answers to these questions, as well as other important aspects concerning the rating of PAMM-accounts and how to work with each of the existing types - below.

Author: Ganesa

Investments in PAMM accounts - profit from trust management of PAMM for trading in the market

Investments in PAMM work on the basis of trust management, which makes PAMM accounts close to mutual funds, but the working period is not so long, and the size of investments is designed for clients with different portfolios. Keeping the principle of proportional distribution of profits and losses, you can get a good profit.

Estimating market indicators, the size of profitability from 20% per month. At the same time, there are certain risks of cooperation, about which I think it is important to tell in more detail. Some useful recommendations on how to choose a manager, how much is better to invest and what principle of division of working capital to choose - in the latest article of my blog.

Author: Ganesa

PAMM account investment strategy, income secrets in PAMM

The result of investing in PAMM accounts directly depends on how successful the chosen PAMM strategy is. If you do not have a certain consistent plan of action when trying to make money using such an uneasy investment tool, then success depends entirely on the will of chance. Therefore, we always consider all investment options, and what is an investment? You have already read in the previous article..

When it comes to money, and sometimes rather big money, you need to arm yourself to the teeth and clearly follow the established strategy. Not only will you be able to earn income, but also whether your money will go back to your wallet. How to successfully invest in PAMM-accounts, read in this article.

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