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Successful man

Everyone has a different concept of success: someone will be like this if they earn more by 100 more against the background of others, someone will become successful by buying a house or a block of shares in a profitable company. As for me, financial success is the receipt of income not only from the main place of work, but also from other sources.

An article is not just theoretical recommendations on how to become a successful investor from scratch addressed to a beginner; in fact, these are most of the methods gathered in one place that helped me to start generating passive income, which I am happy to share with you.

How to become a good investor?

A very important question: where to start and whether a huge amount for investments is necessary in order to receive income. No, you can start working with 100 dollars, but at the same time you need to constantly save profits in order to increase the working amount for investing. Arguing how to become a good investor, you should carefully evaluate and think about such issues:

  1. Do you have a financial pillow?
  2. Do you work somewhere and get income from it?
  3. How much are you willing to invest?
  4. How much are you willing to lose?
  5. Realities of the country, legislative conditions and guarantees of investments.

Successful man

I must say right away: you can and should try, therefore invest a small amount at the starting stage - the perfect solution. And how much - everyone determines for himself.

What are the tools for investing?

A successful person is convinced that money should bring new money. At the same time, it is correct when several tools with different profitability and with different risk levels are included in the list of workers at the same time. Fortunately, today the market has something to choose from for the investor. I must say right away: choose a portfolio taking into account personal interests, but if you need help, it is better to attract a financial consultant. This practice is very common in Western countries and has already managed to prove its effectiveness. Remember: success does not come to those who constantly complain about life, but to those who explore opportunities and work with them.


To purchase securities of Russian or foreign companies, you need to open a brokerage account or IIS. Then, personally or with the help of trust, choose which and how many shares to buy. Thanks to securities, in the future you can make a profit due to the price difference at the time of purchase and sale or receive dividends from the companies that pay them.


The principle of operation is similar to stocks: you buy securities, as if lending to a company or the state (not only the Russian Federation). After a certain period, you are paid a profit, and you can get back the spent prices on the purchase of bonds - the nominal value. A good alternative to fairly expensive stocks with large lots. For a purchase, you should contact brokers.

ETF funds

Considering classic or ETFs, you can earn income by buying shares immediately in a large number of shares. It attracts with a loyal amount for the start, as well as the fact that the portfolio is immediately optimally diversified: all stocks at the same time cannot lose value and fall below the rating. The tool is quite popular in Western countries.


Mutual Funds

It is not enough to know how to become smart; one must learn to apply this knowledge. Mutual funds help to receive up to 5-7% per year, but subject to a minimum contribution. A very popular tool 5-7 years ago in Russia. When choosing a fund for equity participation, pay attention to the indicated commissions. Mutual Fund allows working with stocks, bonds, mixed investments, commodity market, mortgage fund and other instruments.

Bank deposits

Studying the step-by-step instructions on how to become a millionaire, the bank certainly will not help much in this. But as a way to invest a small amount so that it is "not eaten up by inflation", and so as not to be kept at home, or if it is simply "superfluous," you can still consider it. Plus, there is insurance from the state up to 1,4 million. You can cooperate with both commercial (as a rule, offer a percentage higher than average) and state-owned banks.


Those who at one time believed in the success of digital gold may have changed their mind several times, but at the same time they are satisfied with the general trend. I agree: you can’t guess the course direction (and the latest PTS leaps confirm this), but with the right approach, you can get a significant plus by investing in the stages of the ICO. Recently, a very popular Gram, but to buy it, you must have a solid capital.


Real estate

A good and proven option, how to make dollars. When managing commercial or residential real estate, you can rent it out and receive payments in foreign currency. For transparent cooperation it is better to conclude an agreement. Of course, in this case, taxes on profits cannot be avoided. You can get real estate income in such cases:

  • if the price rises;
  • buy the “killed” option, make repairs in it and sell it profitably.


One of the ways how to make money, provides that you either invest in a company, or you yourself develop a new product, bring it to the market and receive investments from others. We all know about high-profile and successful companies that have raised capital for development through crowdfunding, like Uber, Dropbox, Cloudera. But there are those who may not generate income, and one must be prepared for this also emotionally and financially.

Where to get money for investing?

This question excites everyone who decides to invest. At one time, Brian Tracy, who, although born in a poor family, managed to become a billionaire and gain popularity, answered this question like this: "Accumulate and save." In his opinion, one of the characteristic features of successful people is the accumulation of funds. Among what I can say, referring to my own experience, I will highlight 3 of the basic rule-opportunity, where to get the initial capital:

  • savings from stable income (up to 30%);
  • lottery winnings;
  • gifts, because it is possible that they will give you money, but you don’t really want to buy one, so invest these funds and let them work!

No money

It is strictly forbidden to invest what is borrowed and the last amount!

How to learn investing and what qualities do investors need?

There are many books and seminars on how to succeed, as many opportunities to learn about the experience of others. I believe that studying to invest is a long process and there is no final result - a diploma or certificate. They can only become such an adjusted passive income, that you are confident in your future for tomorrow, for a year, or even 10 years in advance. Constantly accumulate knowledge, and check everything through your own experience. But among the qualities that are characteristic of a successful investor, I highlight the following:

  1. Cold calculation. Few people invest in pairs.
  2. The decision to invest is best made on a full stomach, and "spend the night" with this thought.
  3. Less risk! No matter how high the proposed yield is, remember the possible chance to lose everything!

Rules for a successful investor

I regularly read books and listen to audio lessons from the gurus on how to become a successful investor, and many rules have become useful and necessary for me. First of all, I try to constantly expand my portfolio: therefore, stocks of different companies, and participation in cash flow online game equally good, but each in due time. I will introduce you more closely to the key tips that you need to adhere to constantly.

Diversify Risks

In other words - share risks. As a rule, for every 3 stable instrument, you can add one, but more risky. Moreover, the rule is also relevant when we talk about the amount of investments in such tools. Do not pursue exclusively high interest rates, think about how you will return the money.


Set a clear goal

It’s not enough to know how to become rich, you need to clearly understand why you need it: buy an apartment, change a car, start a business, pay for children’s education - there are many options for spending money. If you clearly draw your final goal in your thoughts, then the money will “go” easier and easier. It’s good when the target is drawn and the accumulation account is kept.

Assess risks

Studying how to become rich, you will often encounter 10 laws of wealth in different editions and from different authors, but what unites them is that they all have a clause on risks. Online projects can turn into scam, the license will be revoked from the broker, the bank will be declared bankrupt. But! We all know the saying about champagne, so it’s worth the risk, but in moderation, to enjoy the taste of sparkling wine.

Learn constantly

Do not stop there and expand your knowledge base. I recommend reading books and memoirs, where billionaires share their experience, like Tony Robbins, whose companies give him about 5 billion dollars a year. Discover courses - online training programs that focus on the practical component. Plus, when there is homework and constant contact with the coach.

Advantages and disadvantages of investing

As in any other process, there are pros and cons. They can be described not only by economists or financiers with vast experience, but also by the investors themselves. Among the main advantages can be distinguished - receiving funds without direct participation. I’ll also draw your attention to 3 important investment strengths.

Investment benefits

Pros Features
There is no limit to perfection You can develop the number of work tools, increase income
Perspective direction With a competent approach, investment is very profitable and has significant prospects for further development.
Inflation protection The accumulated capital works, but not decreases due to the percentage of inflation

Cons of investments

Cons Features
Risk exposure Each tool is risky to some extent.
Start-up capital required To invest something, you must initially accumulate this “something”
Investing requires skill and control It is important to understand the tools, market sentiment

Myths about investing

There are a lot of tips on how to become a successful investor, free and master of your money, but remember the important thing - they are not all effective and what works well in one case, not 100%, which will work in another. The most popular myth is that you don’t have to do anything, just accumulate capital and that’s all! This is a delusion that can leave you with nothing.

Master of life

It is necessary to study technologies and discover new tools for themselves, even by giving money in trust. I’ll draw your attention to another misconception: there is no need to keep records. This is fundamentally wrong, because money loves an account, and one way to control it will be Yandex Yammi service, about which much has been written on Quite often you can come across such a concept as a social investor. This is a contributor who uses investments as a way to get stability in social life, to form a financial pillow.

On the other hand, it is an investor who chooses inexpensive ways to invest money - social, for example, deposits or mutual funds. Another concept suggests that this is a way to invest in socially important projects, with a positive effect for many others. Summarizing, I want to emphasize: successful investment is a goal that can be achieved, but not to be stopped at, allowing you to constantly find new and effective tools and receive higher returns. I wish that each of my partners could call themselves successful in investing and receive the same rating from others.

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Gavighma (13.03.2020 to 16: 11)
There is something to agree with, and there is something to argue with. The success of investments is associated with a certain time, and I would clarify that it is different for everyone.
Kagataxe (12.02.2020 to 08: 05)
There are many valuable recommendations, but investing in startups is very risky. I would not use them.
Shaktirn (07.02.2020 to 18: 03)
The article is motivating, but the question of where to accumulate capital for investments is still relevant. I can’t save 30%, because there are so many places where you have to pay the same salary. And as if I didn’t want to, but I can’t postpone a third of the income. In the sequel, write an article on how to learn how to accumulate.
Mubei (07.02.2020 to 09: 02)
You can talk a lot, but no one will refuse to be successful.
Alsardin (27.12.2019 to 15: 45)
I do not agree with the author that success is achieved. Success is a very, very subjective result, for some, a summer residence is an indicator, and for someone, Vieron Buggati is all different. Therefore, I do not think that success is a good evaluating word for investment projects.
Ariudar (04.12.2019 to 14: 06)
As for me, there is a lot of interesting and instructive, but you still need to do everything yourself, the only way you can get valuable experience, achieve success. For someone, a year, for someone two, for someone never
Malarn (03.12.2019 to 14: 56)
Of course, I really want everyone to be successful, but human greed and a "hot head" will not go anywhere
Thordilen (25.11.2019 to 16: 02)
A successful investor never brags, and does not reveal all the secrets of investments. Some to share, and some - never in his life will open
Zhenya (20.11.2019 to 04: 25)
To become a successful investor, you need initial capital for investing, this is at least. I do not advise laying a flat. :)
Tatyana (16.11.2019 to 17: 00)
Who would tell my son what a successful investor is, otherwise he only does what he takes loans, and then he pays interest and fines. (
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