What is trust management - how to go and tips on choosing a DM of companies

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Concept of trust management

Trust management is a designation that many have heard, but not everyone knows the essence of this set of words, and this is very vain, because this is one of the most effective ways to get passive income. Everybody dreams of living beautifully: expensive resorts attract us all, and cars captivate the windows of expensive boutiques, but for a beautiful life no less “beautiful” earnings are needed. Therefore, it is time to find out what trust management is and how to earn money on it, and how the cryptocurrency control system works?

In the daily bustle between home and work, we sometimes forget to live, and if we manage to get a more or less acceptable standard of living, then in these rat races it is difficult to find time to enjoy being. Passive income offers the possibility of a good income with minimal effort, but not everyone can find the way that will bring money without spending time and effort.

Trust management

Trust management offers the same investment activity, but with minimal risks, because such relationships are officially registered and are governed by the letter of the law. What is this outlandish way of extracting passive profit, and what is its feature - later in the article.

Speaking of remote control it is necessary to immediately indicate that this is a fairly broad concept, which may include various investments in a wide range of objects. At the same time, initially, trust management as such existed only “on the ground”, and already with technical and social progress, business relationships of this kind moved to the online plane, transformed into online investment. Therefore, more and more often we hear about various investment instruments and pay attention to them, but fear of such unexplored frauds, always due to the risk of losing their savings, is always wary of action.

Trust management is the act of transferring personal assets in the form of any material assets to third parties for the purpose of obtaining benefits.

In simple, narrow-minded language, control is the transfer of your funds (it doesn't matter whether it is money, a house or a business) to those who, unlike you, can increase this money, and you will only get your benefit without being involved in the process. It should be distinguished that, as well as material values ​​can be very different, so the scope of their application can be any, and the person acting as trustee can be a separate state or your neighbor, who decided to succeed and earn some money. There is no need to go far for examples. We all know what a bank is and that this organization accepts funds on deposits by paying interest.

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And so, create bank deposit - it is also the transfer of funds to the management of the organization, which will put them into circulation, will receive a profit and share it with you. As you see, trust management is quite common in our life and moreover, it is a completely legal phenomenon, which is regulated by the Civil Code. It is worth noting that trust management has many benefits and resort to it for three main reasons: due to lack of time, knowledge or the inability to perform any actions for profit. At the same time, both individuals and legal organizations can increase their capital by engaging it in trust management.

Types of trust management

Not many people know, but the transfer to asset management, as a form of trust management, has legally existed for more than 10 years. During this time, the most diverse spheres of human activity were involved in the plane of such business relationships - as our people rely on fabrications, they are strong and sometimes earn money in the most eccentric ways. But we will not talk about any outlandish forms of DM - they exist on the verge of law and morality, and we will decompose more traditional options.

The transfer of personal funds into the hands of professionals who can use various investment tools and increase capital has become very affordable nowadays, because today you can carry out these actions through a PC and an Internet connection. Of course, there is a great demand for an increase in supply, so it is not surprising that there is a whole classification of types of control systems, which we will consider below.

Types of trust management

Stock management

The concept of assets means the combination of movable and immovable property, money belonging to a particular company. At the same time, not only material values ​​with physical embodiment are classified as assets - these can be rights, patents, deposits in banks, investments in gold. Asset trust management has something in common with the property management, but it’s still not the same thing, a slight difference in the legal field exists. In essence, property is the material objects of a company that are required to have documents, regardless of whether they bring income or not, whereas an asset is required to generate income and does not necessarily have any legal rights.

Securities management

Many owners of securities simply do not find the time to manage them and earn income. In this case, it is possible to transfer management of the shares to a broker or any company that will provide profit from the existing assets. At the same time, the securities themselves will be on the stock exchange at the depositary, while the managers will be responsible for their movement, settlements, payment of taxes, etc.


You just have to make a profit, which will bring investment management, and in his spare time to engage in personal affairs. At the same time, the law prescribes that the securities manager cannot guarantee that you will certainly receive income and are not obliged to do this at all. The essence of this registry lies in the fact that the securities market is a rather spontaneous environment and market participants cannot predict with any 100% guarantee the profitability of an asset. But the owner of the shares can choose certain tactics of behavior in the market, and the broker is obliged to follow these instructions. Thus, you can provide some control over the state of securities and their relative safety.

Table of types of securities for investment:

Security paper (according to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation) Issuer Transaction form
Government securities
State Auction
Bonds (Private Securities)
Organization Sale in open access
International Securities
Interstate structures At the discretion of the issuer

Property management

If you once committed real estate investment and own an apartment or house, they can also be transferred to management. For example, if you do not have the time or opportunity to donate your property on your own, then you can receive income from housing by entering into an agreement with a real estate firm.

You can be anywhere in the world and do anything at the same time as the professionals will take over the trust management of the apartment: they will find a tenant for your property, charge you and transfer to your account, and even do various cleaning and repair work, and if necessary, and payment of utilities, while you will enjoy life. What is not passive income? In turn, the realtor will take a certain percentage of his services, which will somewhat reduce the profitability of the delivery of housing, rather than if these actions would be carried out by you on your own.

Property management

The main type of management is the transfer of property in trust management. There are several material values ​​that are defined by law as property and are most often used for transfer to management:

  • land;
  • building;
  • goods, products;
  • inventory and tools;
  • equipment and apparatus;
  • law (individual enterprises in the form of trademarks, products, services, law requirements).

And this is not a complete list of property - the entire list is clearly recorded and described in the legislation of our country. That is, all that is property and, theoretically, can generate income during its operation can be transferred to trust management.

Money management

Most often, it is money that is transferred to the management of other individuals and organizations, therefore financial investment management is allocated to a separate category. In this case, the manager makes their profitable investment and receives a certain percentage, and the owner of the capital - a profit. And, it would seem, everyone is happy and everything is in the black, but there are some nuances of this investment, which we will consider below. First, at the legislative level, it is fixed that the minimum amount that can be transferred to trust management is 200 thousand rubles.

Money management

Of course, there are small investors who do not have such significant funds, but they still want to earn on full liability. In this case, there is a combination of funds in the so-called pools - several investors invest money in a common cash desk and the manager will already manage this amount, and the profit will be divided depending on the share of participation. A striking example of this type of control is PAMM-accounts, when organizing which a trader manages funds and spends on Forex Exchange financial transactions, and profits in proportion to the contribution is distributed among the participants. Of course, this type of remote control can be considered to be to some extent high-risk, because it is not known whether the manager will be able to extract profit. Often it depends on external factors, and the loss of money will not be reimbursed to you by anyone.

Speaking about all the above types of trust management, it is worth noting that this is a fairly safe investment instrument, but it is important to choose the right manager that will increase the available capital.

Transition to trust management

So, you have come to the conclusion that you cannot manage your own assets and values, but you don’t want to invest in questionable MLM projects and mutual aid funds - it’s time to use the services of a trustee who can increase your capital. And, it would seem, it is easy to turn it - find a person or a company that is engaged in remote control and get a well-deserved profit. But not everything is so simple in our world, and one should carefully prepare and go through a lot of paperwork in order to arrange everything legally.

Transition to trust management

To properly transfer your assets to the DM you need to be knowledgeable with the legal field in which these relationships operate.

There are many nuances that in many ways ensure the success of transferring something in trust, so it is necessary to approach this process very carefully. Of course, the choice of the trustee, the preparation of documents, and awareness in the rules of cooperation based on the DM are of great importance. How to understand this all and successfully go to remote control, read on.

Selection of management company 5 recommendations

It is important to choose the company that you entrust the management of financial investments or property. It is important to emphasize that not only a large investment firm, but also an individual can perform this role, even if it does not conduct business. But not all trustees are equally good and the candidates should be very carefully analyzed, because the success of further cooperation and your passive earnings in particular depend on their experience, approach to business, awareness of the issue.

Below we offer you five main recommendations, which will allow you to give preference to a decent, able to provide a stable income company. At the same time, do not accept these rules as a true guide to action - you can develop a personal strategy for the selection of a manager or borrow the experience of successful colleagues.

Selection of the management company

The level of analytical service of the company

Companies in which the analytical department works poorly and do not know how to monitor and draw conclusions about market sentiments on time simply cannot provide full wages on your capital. Moreover, with such a manager, you can not only earn, but also lose what you already have. Therefore, select a company for the remote control that has an analytics department that fully provides the process with high-quality and timely analysis of the economy, politics, company affairs and those who are able to build accurate forecasts.

Management Company Experience

It goes without saying that an experienced company will be able to more adequately manage your capital, make the right decisions in difficult situations, find the most profitable and profitable offers. Knowing the tenure of a manager in a particular market segment, you can approximately estimate how competent this option is and whether it suits you. In addition, the term of work will indicate to you the reliability of the company, because if the manager has worked for a certain number of years, he is in certain demand, and if his services are needed, it is logical that he most likely knows how to manage clients' capital.

Company rating in the market

The national rating agency conducts its activities in our country, which monitors the success of trust managers and builds the ratings of the best of them. This official organization analyzes the work of boards according to various parameters and market segments, and assesses how they cope with their obligations to customers.

The NRA has been operating for more than 14 years and is currently the most authoritative and reliable rating agency in the country, with the results of its monitoring being accepted by both the public and government agencies as financial advice. In a word, if you chose any company, then double-check its location in the NRA ranking - the organization provides reliable data and if the company is not on the list of the best, then perhaps you should not cooperate with it.

Volume of assets under management

About the reliability and seriousness of the company says and the amount of money or the amount of property that is delegated to manage the company. If the manager gives a good profit, then of course, he will be in demand, and his clients will line up in a queue. In this case, in the management of a particular person or company there will be a significant amount of assets, which will be indicative for you in making such an important choice. The same managers who are trusted by insignificant management of financial assets are likely to be newcomers who, because of inept actions, will simply drain your funds into the pipe.

Reviews of the Criminal Code

Not the last thing is to check the reviews, which say that it is the management company. Do not be encouraged by a high rating or large volume in the management of the company, because sometimes these indicators do not reflect the whole picture of risk for you. On the network, you can find reviews about everything and, of course, about the success in the DM as well. At the same time, you should not believe too flattering comments about the work of the company - in our world everything is bought and sold, therefore be able to filter the information received. But the negative reviews that prevail clearly indicate that it is unlikely to succeed in gaining a stable income by giving your assets to the management of the company.

Preparation of documents for transmission

The transfer to trust management of capital begins with the preparation of documents confirming that you really own this property. If there are such, it is necessary to prepare a contract for transferring assets to trust management, which is drawn up in the form prescribed by law. And only after that the registration of the remote control in the state register follows, and in the event of any ambiguity, additional documents may be requested from you. It is noteworthy that it is much easier to arrange trust management with a legal entity, that is, a certain company that has registration documents. If you decide to transfer the property for management to an individual who does not have permits for such activities, then registration in the legal field will be difficult.

Cost of management company services

It goes without saying that nobody will take your capital for management free of charge. You will be charged a certain fee for fiduciary management services, which will be agreed in advance and, as a rule, amounts to a certain percentage of the profits received. But it is possible that the trustee will take for his services a fixed amount, independent of the success of his activities. At the stage of registration of the contract, it is agreed in advance what the amount of payment for the services of the manager will be. In addition, it is also necessary to specify and specify in the contract the terms of payment and their frequency, the conditions under which payment to the manager will not accrue, as well as the conditions for submitting reports on the work done and the timing of their presentation.

Trust management agreement

Agreement with the Criminal Code

As mentioned above, there is a form established by law, according to which the contract of trust management of property is drawn up. It will have legal force and in case of violation of rights or non-fulfillment of obligations, the responsibility established by law will follow. At the same time, you should not confuse the concepts and assume that after signing the contract, the property transferred into trust management will become someone’s property. This is far from being the case and, except for increasing your capital, the manager does not have any rights to your assets and the owner in any case remains you.

There are some features of the execution of such a contract:

  • The term of the remote control agreement cannot be more than 5 years.
  • When concluding an agreement with a person who has citizenship of another country, court proceedings in case of non-fulfillment of any conditions of the agreement can be long and unsuccessful.

Trust management rules

All features of the relationship between the owner of the property and the manager are governed by the contract between them and are described in the rules of trust management. In particular, the following conditions are prescribed in the contract:

  • The volume, composition or amount of assets transferred from the owner to the manager.
  • The official data about the owner of the property and the trustee who takes the assets.
  • The amount of remuneration to the manager for the work done (a fixed amount or percentage of profitability).
  • Features, strategies, principles of trusted assets management. In other words - the tactics of the manager in relation to the property handed over to the management.
  • The duration of the contract.
  • Penalty for failure to comply with the conditions prescribed by the contract.

Management Companies Rating

When choosing a company for registration of trust management, the orientation towards the rating of the best management companies plays a small role. There are a large number of such organizations and individuals and in order not to fall for fraudsters, unscrupulous, or simply inexperienced managers, their success must be analyzed, in which such ratings help.

In this article we have already mentioned the National Rating Agency, which monitors the activity and relevance of managers. But there are many independent ratings that offer their own list of reliable management companies.

We will present you our trust management rating, which is compiled after an objective analysis of existing large companies. Moreover, the ranking of the best managers will be updated, which will allow you to receive accurate and real information. Trust management is a profitable tool for obtaining passive income, which can significantly increase your initial capital without the cost of personal time. At the same time, in many respects the success of the transfer of assets to management depends on the correctness of the choice that must be made after a detailed analysis of the managing company, its experience and reputation.

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