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Posted by: Ganesa - this is not the first, and not the last representative of the sites that bring together investors and borrowers. In fact, the technology is simple: a small company has shipped the goods to a large company, but has not yet received payment for it, but already has the next order for which it needs money, or it won the tender. Funds are urgently needed, and there is no time for lengthy procedures for preparing documents and processing at banks - the P2P platform comes to the rescue. For investors, it offers affordable pricing in calls and not long periods of work.

In this review, I invite my readers and investors to learn about the most significant aspects of the site and evaluate the pros and cons of working with it. At the same time, they raise the topic of a target loan and ways of protecting deposits by the administration, received from all investors. Technology work: from registration to the method of transferring money - right now in the finished material.

What is

One of the most popular services in the CIS countries over the past 3 of the year is Р2Р-lending: in fact, there is a company that processes your application as quickly as possible and lends money. Sometimes this can be done even without a certificate of income from work. To simplify the lives of customers, such loans were issued not only in offices, but also through special sites. And besides this similar service is ideal for those who still think where to investBecause loyal conditions allow you to get a stable and good profit.

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The name of the company from the Hungarian language literally translates as “prosperity” and “possession of money”, and confident work on the Russian market for more than a year confirms this. The firm with “Siberian roots” during this period was able to conduct transactions for more than 17 billion rubles.

Penza official site

The predominance of saturated blue color is a proprietary feature of a company providing financial services in the domestic market. The structure of the platform itself is quite understandable: depending on whether you are an investor or a borrower, you choose the right field and gradually go over it. Penzens interface is quite clear, and allows you to perform the necessary operations as quickly as possible, and most importantly, safely.

If you have questions - a traditional, constantly updated column with answers. Registration is provided, and in addition, you can get acquainted with the company's activities in detail through links to official pages on social networks: Facebook, Instagram and chat in Telegram.

Penza statistics

Services to borrowers

You can get a target loan literally in one day, without any queues and a huge amount of documents provided for your application to be considered at least. Further from the drop-down list, you can choose the immediate purpose of the loan:

  • State Factoring;
  • Execution of the contract and tender;
  • Loan materials.

The most financially “costly point” is the execution of the tender, which for 3 of the year of operation (since March 2015) approached the mark of 950 million rubles of funds disbursed. In second place are government contracts with an indicator of 200 million. For those who have a financial proposal, the website promptly reviews the application from various sides.

Terms of borrowers

In order to trace whether the transaction is actually entered in the state register, there is a special check button. To do this, select the procedure number on This allows you to actually track the application, whether it is entered in the state register, registered in accordance with all the rules. The last step to work is to click on the “Get a loan” button.

The advantages of cooperation with the company are that the application is reviewed by experts as quickly as possible and from various sides, and the client does not need to collect a huge set of documents and visit the bank several times to meet with a credit manager or expert. The answer is obtained directly online.

Investor Services

The company proposes to get up to 20% annual profit, and, perhaps, such an indicator helps to practically realize the knowledge how to get rich. At the beginning of its business 3 a year ago, this figure was approaching the 30% mark, but gradually the profitability decreased, becoming more close to the realities of the market. Before you start, you need to register by entering the following data:

  1. Choose your status: private or business person;
  2. Surname, name and patronymic as indicated in the documents, in particular, the passport;
  3. Work email;
  4. Password and copy.

Registration will begin traditionally after you tick the box that you are familiar with and agree to the rules of the Agency Agreement, authorize the use of your data and accept the terms of the License Agreement. You need to confirm the registration through the link that comes to the specified E-mail address.

Terms of Investors

We are offered to participate in the project with a completely loyal amount of call - a total of 5 thousands for the period 2 of the month. Clicking on "become an investor", we get acquainted with the important advantages that the company offers us:

  • Each loan application is checked on 400 different parameters, which makes the risk of losses for investors minimal;
  • Financial performance: risk of default and risk of delay (indicators at the time of this writing are 0,2% and 0,4%).

It is positive that the platform offers to read about the results of its activities in quite substantial sources in the world of finance and investment, in particular:

  • RBC;
  • Statements;
  • Kommersant;
  • Invest Forsyth;
  • Forbes.

The company offers direct links to get closer to publications. Solid performance in the regular reporting of work - a very important point for those who are still thinking about where to invest in 2018 year, and the minimum working period of the deposit on 2 of the month allows you to make a profit in the current year.

The administration initially clarifies the details of possible critical situations when the borrower does not return the funds, focusing on such points:

  • Connection of a department with receivables;
  • Maximum attention and control at the loan issuing stage;
  • Control during the issuance of funds and their movement on the electronic platform;
  • The use of artificial intelligence for scoring, minimizing the risks due to the removal of the human factor.

Agent Services

The company is developing, as evidenced by its focus in attracting the official agent network. First you need to fill in the online form, specifying your details, and if your candidature interests the team, then it will contact you for an interview and directly conclude an agent contract. Completing the form, you should specify:

  • Organization;
  • FIO;
  • Contact phone number;
  • INN;
  • Website or profile link in social networks;
  • E-mail address;
  • Subject of cooperation;
  • Experience in similar projects and directions;
  • Additional information that may be beneficial to submit your candidacy in the review process. platform: what's the benefit

The direction of the Р2Р-platform is quite popular in many countries, and, in fact, is very similar in form to venture investment, which are based on raising funds from outside, but only if you invest them as well. Secondly, this is the connection of information programs and applications, which is also relevant for work in this segment. Thirdly, this is cross-border communication with customers: both borrowers and investors. Sites for earning on the Internet they are rapidly developing, and if they previously offered exclusively the performance of some tasks, now it is an investment that no longer requires you to control at all stages or to participate directly in physical or mental work.

The administration also provided a video guide for investors from the moment of registration to the immediate financial transaction, which is especially important for newcomers in this field. Choosing your role to work on the platform, as well as quite loyal conditions for investing - minimally 5 thousand rubles, you can consider the Р2Р-platform as a means of additional passive income, and borrowers as an ambulance financial aid. reviews

Since the company has been in the financial market for almost a year, it has managed to gain quite a good reputation, both among borrowers and among investors. The question "Where to invest rubles»For many, he decided quickly enough, and capital began to make a profit. Secondly, customers of the site highly appreciate the fact that the company itself regularly holds meetings of investors, organizes webinars, attracts agents, which indicates its openness in cooperation.

Penza reviews

Kraydinvesting - a popular direction, and practical for all parties: one - to quickly get a loan, but only exclusively target, the second - to invest at its discretion the amount of money and make a profit, and plus that you can invest in several loans at the same time. And the fact that VBTs does not prohibit the activity of the platform is another important plus in choosing it directly.

Summing up, I note that the company operates with large amounts of work and looks open enough for those who need a loan and those who want to invest. Analyzing statistical data, I note that in the past six months, the indicator of attracted funds from Penza is more from legal entities than from physical ones, and tender loans are leading in the repayment segment. Traditionally, I wish you during the cooperation from different sides with the Р2Р-platform to find a benefit: either quickly get a target loan at a loyal interest, or receive the promised profit with minimal risks, while feeling most comfortable.

Author Ganesa K.
A professional investor with 5 years of experience with various financial instruments, maintains his blog and advises depositors. Own effective methods and information support for investments.
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Comments (5) (Comments)
Drake (20.06.2018 to 07: 52)
Today there are a lot of similar platforms on the investment market, like Penenza, but this one somehow works and works well. For me, the moment is also important, which emphasizes in the article that the company is open in information cooperation and articles, and meetings, and the provision of analytical results of work. Although I love the risk, but when everything is transparent in terms of money, it is solid.
Denis (14.06.2018 to 08: 26)
A definite plus that you can immediately track the position in the registry by number, otherwise you can invest in projects that are invented and there is no point, only minuses.
Sasha (11.06.2018 to 14: 03)
From my own experience, I can say that Penenza’s website is so-so “footed”, but this is not the main point that is important in work. The main thing is what? It is correct that there are clients for loans, which the funds were returned in time, and we, the investors, got profit from this.
Alana (09.06.2018 to 16: 26)
I agree with the author of the material that kraydinvesting due to the simplicity of operations and speed of data processing in applications really soon the market can conquer, if not yet conquered. From, from the end of 2016, when everyone was shouting to the right and left that this was a HYIP, but nothing, still works, and I make a profit. I chose a platform for reviews on the network at special forums, and right away it did not cause any huge negative moments and locations.
Philip (08.06.2018 to 14: 24)
Once invested in one of the loans with Penenza. I will say this - you will not earn huge profit, but for those who have it one of the basic ways of receiving passive income is one of very solid decisions. And the money invested, and they work. Therefore, I do not consider the platform as the main income, but as an additional one, it’s the most.
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