How to invest a small amount of money and invest in profitable instruments

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Small amount

I debunk myths: it’s quite possible to invest a small amount of money in order to receive regular income, but at the same time it’s important and competently to determine exactly where to invest it, how to distribute capital. I never tire of recalling the importance of the principle of diversification.

Everyone starts with something, and even the amount of 80-100 thousand rubles can significantly increase their income. The methods are loyal, interesting and suitable even for those who are just discovering the topic of investing. Do you have only 100 dollars that you can invest and allow even the worst outcome to lose? There are tips for you too.

5 ways to invest a little money for a beginner

When considering investments for medium or even small amounts in different currencies, it is worth remembering that you cannot invest everything in one instrument. It is important to evaluate not only potential returns, but also possible risks. Properly investing means investing money in such a way as to regularly receive income from various sources, form a financial pillow. It’s not at all necessary to have millions in order to establish passive income.

Initially, in Russia, the most popular way to invest was apartment buildings. You could buy a room or an attic in an apartment building and rent them out.

Investments in crypto currency

Investing in cryptocurrencies is one of the most highly profitable, but at the same time highly risky types of investments. Here, in just one day, you can either become a millionaire or lose all your investments. But as they say, who does not take risks does not drink champagne! There are risks in any type of investment, even deposits in the bank may disappear with the revocation of the bank’s license.

Matby wallet

11 years have passed since the creation of the first cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). And over the years, the cue ball has grown significantly in price, but this is not the limit. Since cryptocurrency is digital gold, the amount of which is limited, its price will certainly increase. Therefore, in the investment portfolio of each investor, there must be bitcoin. You can buy cryptocurrency for rubles in the online exchanger Matby. This is a 2 in 1 service: exchanger and crypto wallet. After a simple registration on the site, you need to replenish the balance in rubles (you can send it by credit card or e-wallet), and then you can start exchanging real money for digital.

Exchange takes place instantly and without commissions. In addition to the usual BTC, here you can buy, sell and safely store Litecoin, Zcash and Dash. Online wallets for each cryptocurrency are available in the “Accept Cryptocurrency” section. In case of questions, a competent support service is available around the clock. Detailed cryptocurrency purchase instructions reviewed in a video review.

Deposit at the bank

The bank offers small interest rates in rubles, dollars or euros, which are significantly lower than the interest on loans. But at the same time, a potential investor has a significant advantage - his contribution is insured up to 1,4 million rubles by the state. At the same time, cash is not stored at home and choosing a certain type of deposit, it can always be terminated when funds are urgently needed.

Bank deposit

Purchase of shares of enterprises

The passive income tool allows you to receive dividends from the activities of different companies:

  • Russian;
  • world.

Both ordinary and preferred shares are available. As a rule, the amounts are not large up to 5-7% per year, but a big plus is that you can buy one share and expand your portfolio over time. Shares are traded in lots, their purchase is allowed only to professional investors or through brokers.

Investment in mutual funds

Quite popular part structural productsproviding trust management. A significant plus is a low threshold for launch: no more than 3 thousand rubles, but the payback period is quite long. The conditions are individual for each investment fund. The tool was in special demand in the Russian Federation 5-7 years ago.

Investment in PAMM accounts

It’s not necessary to know the rules and strategies of Forex trading, the main thing is to understand how to choose a PAMM account and invest in it. It can be several accounts at the same time from different managers with floating profitability. Trading on PAMM-accounts is carried out only through a broker. When choosing exactly where you want to distribute funds, I recommend paying attention to:

  • Term of the work;
  • applicable strategies (passive, aggressive);
  • profitability indicator for a certain period;
  • how many deals are open now.


Investment in bonds

You can work with domestic market bonds or Eurobonds. In fact, the investor buys debt obligations, which in time will be repaid by the state or company. In order to receive funds in this way, it is worth opening an IIS, using the services of brokers.

Recently, investing in MFIs has become even more popular. Microcredit organizations are attracted by the fact that their activities are in demand on the market, which means it is profitable.

Successful Investment Rules

Imagine that you have 100 thousand rubles and you are studying ideas for investing small amounts. I would definitely recommend the following tools in my portfolio:

  1. cryptocurrency (tokens and coins with good growth prospects);
  2. Forex market (automated trading via bot, PAMM accounts);
  3. Mutual fund or bank deposit;
  4. Online sites
  5. investments in business (start-up, business), including on shared terms.

The percentage in each instrument is determined by you independently. Knowing and following the basic rules, how to earn a student, which are collected on, you can stop living on only one scholarship, but even save money.


Having a steady income

Regular passive income is an excellent way to receive funds, both for those who work and those who do not work in the traditional sense of the word. For example, you invested in real estate and renting it out, every month you expect money to come. Using online projects, you can receive income even for a couple of days, but during this time you will not only break even, but also get a net profit.

I remind you: it is considered correct to save at least 30% of all income.

Planning and strategy

Develop your investment portfolio yourself or contact a financial advisor for help in this matter. Initially, ask yourself the question: what are the most profitable, what risks and their levels are characteristic for them and when will you be able to get back what you invested. Ready to take risks? An aggressive strategy awaits you, but no more than several times a year. But the average (democratic) and allows you to make a profit, and not risk on the verge.

The distribution of money in different directions

Diversification is the principle when money is stored in different places, but at the same time generate income. I recommend choosing one or another investment tool, paying attention to:

  1. minimum amounts to start cooperation;
  2. reputation, customer reviews;
  3. yield;
  4. possible risks;
  5. Warranties offered
  6. how and when you can withdraw the invested funds.

Large amounts can be invested in a potentially profitable business and either become a co-founder, or simply receive dividends for a certain period. A similar policy is also in the case of the search for start-ups for co-financing, including on crowdfunding platforms.

Investments at a large percentage are not always safe, but sometimes such projects also bring profit if you manage to invest funds in time and withdraw them, overcoming the feeling of greed.

You yourself determine the initial amount for investments, taking into account the conditions of a particular instrument. I recommend starting work with at least 1000-1500 dollars, this is enough to get passive income and understand the principle of investing, “feel” the market, choose the appropriate strategy. To summarize, I note: investments of small amounts in different currencies with good returns are not so small. I will focus on options where to invest 100 dollars. This amount is quite real for everyone to accumulate.

Popular 100 $ attachment tools

Tool Minimum call (rubles) Suggested Return (%)
Mutual Fund (alternative to independent purchase of securities) 1000-1500 from 5% per year
Deposit 1000-1500 Up to 4-5 per year, depending on the type, conditions, duration of work.
Purchase of shares The lot is taken into account (on average, the price of 1 securities of the TOP company (Sberbank, Gazprom) ranges from 1500 to 2000) Prior to 8, subject to a “positive” financial period.
Bonds 1000 Up to 10 per year
Online projects 200 Individually
Investments in start-ups 500 Individually

I want to finish the article with a very revealing story. If you still think that investment is the lot of the rich, you are mistaken. Swedish homeless Kurt Degerman for a long time collected and handed over glass containers. The proceeds were invested in Swedish companies. And only after his death, his fortune was estimated at 1,4 million dollars. (What a shock it was for relatives!) Leading the usual “tramp” style of life, Kurt did not spend a dime, but showed that you can find start-up capital for investments and receive passive income anytime, anywhere.

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Diktilar (19.04.2020 to 20: 03)
the image turned out to be easy, and I think it is very important for beginners: you should try to invest and why not start with $ 100, then increase the amount. Do not rush: you always have time to do it.
Morluril (25.03.2020 to 07: 31)
I can’t postpone it. although not a spender, but 30% is a third, this is dofiga in fact.
Anaragra (17.03.2020 to 09: 20)
I would say that investing, you always want to get even more. Therefore, we again direct the income to this tool, well, or another, but this is not right.
Mavelis (08.02.2020 to 17: 05)
It is not investment that ruins people; a large percentage is ruining it.
Aleksfx (08.02.2020 to 19: 07)
Mavelis, when there is no way out, some agree to this
Madwyn (03.01.2020 to 08: 33)
Nevertheless, you can somehow manage with small amounts for investment yourself, but large ones are better to invest through trust management. Or bring in a personal consultant to help you allocate funds
Dador (26.12.2019 to 08: 37)
A big plus of investing in bonds is small amounts, although many work with such in the USA, and somehow after the collapse of the entire system in the 90s, nobody considers these securities, although the cost of a thousand rubles is very attractive.
Centrige (07.12.2019 to 15: 53)
Stocks are a reliable tool, and a good investment that shoots from 2 parties: either dividends, or you wait for the rate to grow and sell on the market. Margin is your personal profit
Centrilanim (13.11.2019 to 13: 55)
Of course, it would be better to include money from real estate rental in the general portfolio, but to buy it, you have to sweat the wrong word. Both residential and commercial always provide good profits.
Modinis (14.10.2019 to 10: 17)
I like that the emphasis is on the fact that investing small amounts is possible and quite real!
Yarer (20.09.2019 to 10: 46)
I can’t say that I fully agree that the starting amount for investments should be 80 thousand rubles, 100 bucks. I started working with 300 bucks at the end of the 2016 year, but then there was a peak of highs. I went in in small amounts, neatly, sometimes even panickyly neatly, but in the end now I have other effective and less risky instruments in my portfolio with different returns.
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