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What is an investment in yourself

Investing in yourself is at the same time a broad and rather vague concept, but its exceptional feature is that each of us, regardless of age, profession, material wealth, level of knowledge, needs to invest in himself, and nothing bad about it, and even more no shame.

For a long time, the generation of our grandmothers and mothers was told that the only task was to work for the good of the country, and so well when we realize today that we must work for our own good. Different investments in yourself are the support of both mental and physical health, and besides this is an opportunity to enjoy life, because it is not known who we will be next. I propose to study this question right now, choose different ways of investing in your loved one, and besides that, consider options where to invest moneyAfter all, passive income in his identity has not prevented anyone.

How is it - an investment in yourself?

What do you mean when you say “investing in yourself”? For example, for me it is to feel the joy of life, to constantly evolve, set goals for yourself and achieve them. Many Eastern practices, and besides this, modern psychology centers rush, trumpeting that you need to enjoy life and increase the capital of joy in your inner world. As a rule, investments in your inner world are not only financial investments, but also books for self-development, instructive recreation, training, sports, working with specialists, communicating with people who can share valuable experiences and lights, motivate, self-knowledge, meditation and continue this list for a long time.

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Any investments in yourself and your I must be adjusted not only taking into account different age periods, but also different needs at every stage of life.

What do we invest and in what?

I am convinced that the main investment in oneself is not how much money (but their role cannot be minimized), for how long. Every day we donate our time to learn something new, read a few pages of the book, watch a new video, or even attend a master class on sushi and rolls. If you select the main objects that you can invest in yourself, I’ll dwell on the following:

  • Time - 1440 minutes every day we are given in order to embody all the important, if not everyday tasks, and we need to introduce classes for ourselves and the soul, work issues, entertainment, washing dishes, etc;
  • Money. Something valuable is worth a certain amount, although there are some offers that go for free.
  • Knowledge and skills - both those that generate income in the future, and those that just entertain you, teach you something pleasant, support your health.

Sometimes such investments can help you to change the usual, everyday and necessary way of life, and change the type of activity, especially since remote work allows you to do this. Previously, people invested money in a diploma, in the crust itself, but now the wise invest money in knowledge and competencies (a buzzword that means a portfolio of practical and theoretical knowledge, the ability to make independent decisions).

Getting a diploma

Agree, to pay courses in private academies for programmers or CEO for the year will cost, on average, the market, the order of 100-150 thousand rubles, when for the 4 year of study at the university will have to pay about the same amount. Plus courses - the intensity that allows you to quickly return the "deposit in yourself", to find a high-paying job. I agree with the fact that there is no limit to perfection, and if there is an opportunity to get the necessary and valuable knowledge for you, it means you need to use it, and if you have to pay for this knowledge.

Investing in your health

We are told about the value of health from early childhood, and it is logical to consider the most profitable investments in this context. If there is no strength, something is disturbing and sore, worried, then what kind of normal life can we talk about. Basic the rules of rich people they say that you need to take care of yourself and your health, and prevention or treatment in the early stages is always much more profitable and more effective than fighting the disease in full swing.

Investing in your health does not mean visiting all doctors in order to find something from you, but to listen to your body, to set priorities in work and rest, to eat balanced foods, to support the body if necessary with vitamins or other drugs.

Invest in your look

If the инвестиции в криптовалюту more anonymous, then investing in their appearance is one of the factors that helps to stand out among others, gain popularity or create a certain reputation. Appearance - these are important aspects in many cases, in particular, if you remember the rule that they meet according to their clothes and only escort, taking into account their mental abilities. But in this material I would like to consider another direction: some girls are tuning themselves completely to get married successfully.


The idea is fundamentally correct: if you want something to bring money, you need to invest it. I would note that some investments in your own type are investments in your status and your health. Buying expensive quality shoes, we protect our feet as much as possible from heat or cold, buying quality cosmetics, protect ourselves from allergies, and so you can find many examples. Comprehensive investments in yourself are not just a selection of fashionable modern onions, but work on yourself in the gym, maintaining physical beauty by visiting beauty salons, a neat approach in everything, starting from hair and manicure and ending up with money in wallet in order of increasing. Many of these contributions do not commit to spend a lot of money, but just to be attentive to yourself and, of course, require time-consuming.

Investing in your knowledge

Knowledge that brings pleasure and income is effective knowledge, and you can achieve it if you systematically increase your mental capital, including if you received a lot from nature or your parents. It is necessary to invest in yourself, and the essence is that such investments justify themselves in the future, and if in the near future, even better.

Of course, today there are many different ways to learn and learn something new and at different prices, but the most effective ones are:

  1. Master classes - one topic, as a rule, is narrated by trainers in chamber groups for 1-2 classes;
  2. Training - a broader area with the participation of experts in the field;
  3. Courses (relevant for language learning, working with computer programs);
  4. Travels. They say rightly, if you want to know a country, its life, or even learn a language, visit it and live in it.

And among the free options you can select video and audio lessons, education through the network, clubs of interest. The latter has become quite popular in Europe, when once a week a company of acquaintances and strangers gathers, and each of them teaches or tells others what he knows and can do according to the “circle learning” technology.

Surround yourself with smart and successful people.

Effective, working investment in yourself is not a static amount or a non-recurring percentage of your monthly profit, it is a continuous development that is also influenced by the people around you. I am convinced that you need to run with a person who is an order of magnitude stronger and more resilient to you, also in all the rest: if you are near a successful person, he can become an incentive for you to develop and take new steps in the life stage.

Rich surroundings

Look the richest people in the worldthey don’t always buy expensive designer items for themselves, but in most cases they communicate with those who have approximately the same number of zeros in the account, and the friendship between Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg does even speculation and legends. Since investments in yourself should pay off (as well as investments in any other kind), you should surround yourself with people who think the same way, or at least in the same direction. A positive example has not yet spoiled anyone, and it is likely that over time you will become for whom a motivating partner, if not a coach and mentor.

Do not be afraid to spend money

Few theoretically know how to get rich, you need to apply knowledge in practice, and sometimes even supplement the list with your own recommendations. From my own experience, I can say that the value of money is felt only when you are free and spending a lot of it, regardless of whether you buy yourself another cup in a collection, a car or a soft toy, exchanging 4 dozen. Literate investments in themselves have taught us to enjoy life and rationally spend the budget, set priorities, choose ways to invest, which will bring profit in the future.

Spend money

Tips to help you understand investments in yourself are not static, and they need to be constantly supplemented, because each of us knows and feels our needs. The main thing is to build a goal and go to it, and besides this it’s understandable that spending money on yourself, enjoying life is not at all shameful, but on the contrary prolongs our years of high-quality life. I traditionally wish you - let knowledge how to invest in yourself bring real benefits: financial, psychological, physical, because in the complex “cost” of such dividends from yourself and life is difficult to overestimate.

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Comments (32) (Comments)
Mikhail (29.03.2019 to 18: 10)
Investing in yourself is only effective with the young, already our generation, which, as rightly noted, have been taught to love and appreciate themselves.
Kreator (19.01.2019 to 11: 30)
I love to invest myself in categories of knowledge, which does not happen much. Therefore, courses, trainings, master classes and all that are familiar to me things. I can outline such training as a way to constantly be in good shape. But I will give advice: do not think that if you paid for the same training, but you were not really interested in it, that such an investment would bring you personal income - never. We must do everything in the complex, including making money in the complex: knowing for what or for whom, for what.
Artigo (16.01.2019 to 15: 35)
I love to travel and I can say this: even if it is sometimes expensive, but it is extremely effective: you relax your head, you change the situation, which means you are less tired of the routine, you take root in the culture of the country. Behind such investments in yourself of your beloved future, definitely.
ferg (12.12.2018 to 15: 12)
Thank you for the interesting and worthwhile material. I agree with the fact that rich people are economical, but they are not greedy and invest in themselves exactly, and rightly so.
Artis (11.12.2018 to 12: 32)
Investments in yourself as well as investments in banks or the same HYIPs should be regular. I believe that it is impossible to go once a year to drawing courses and say that you are already an artist, that is, you constantly invest, add coal to your internal boiler, so to speak.
bonif (27.11.2018 to 11: 07)
Definitely - self-development, whatever it was paid or free of charge, is necessary in any case without it anywhere, even if you are 5 years old, even if you are 55 years old.
Sergei (28.10.2018 to 16: 58)
I agree that it is necessary to learn how to easily spend money on yourself and allow yourself to do it, but it’s not written exactly how. I think this is a problem for many who, when changing jobs, receive other income and do not know how to manage their new profits.
Deklan (18.10.2018 to 10: 27)
That's right, you have to invest in your health, and if you don’t invest, you can earn so much that you won’t be happy with even a million.
Haik (01.10.2018 to 17: 55)
I do not quite understand the fabulous financial investments in their appearance of some women, but, probably, financially this then bounces off. Speaking of investments in yourself, I would say this: the more there is and invested, the more you want.
Vornicus (18.09.2018 to 10: 24)
Some learn to invest in themselves, some teach someone. Everything is different, but the promise that money for work must be spent and invested so that they make new money is a valuable thought.
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