Where can I get money for a business from scratch or find an investor

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Money for business

Looking for money for business? Remember that sooner or later, if they are not from your personal piggy bank, they will have to be given away, or you must consistently and regularly pay profit. Before you still get the money to start a business, you need to calculate all the “For” and “Against” and select for yourself the most suitable ways.

It’s always fun, a bit difficult, but very few people, having tried such a direction once, come back to companies running by other people. Today, about where to really get large and small amounts, and what methods are good for your future site.

Money for business

Opening your own business and finding money for business is a noble cause, a bit risky, but it can be a good investment in the future, because, first, everyone remembers the saying about risk and champagne, and second, sometimes the moment comes you understand that you are ready to work exclusively for yourself, and not for your uncle, and you are inspired by the rate of profit solely of your own sheet, and not by the general reports of firms. Along with the development of the idea, a completely logical question arises, how to get money for a business and at the same time so that

  • Minimize risks;
  • Receive due amount;
  • It is rational to spend them;
  • Quickly find the right amount.

Where to get money for Youtube business

In order to minimize the risks of “burn out”, I recommend to draw up a detailed business plan in advance, regardless of how many and how many sources of investment you will use.

How to start a business from scratch without money

Money for business is not as fantastic a concept as it may seem at first glance, and the development of the market, the partial support of the state, and getting out of the shadow of many spheres contributes to what you can try. It remains the case for small - to find a starting capital. If you have matured only an idea and nothing more, then it's time, using the successful international experience, to discover краудфандинг and at specialized sites to raise funds from potential investors.

Business from scratch

You yourself specify in advance what method and procedure of dividend payments you will offer. I cannot say that I am directly convinced that in our country it is really possible to launch my business exclusively on one idea (at least, we need to connect), but over time, I hope this will become a reality. Therefore, if you are confident in your idea, its competition in the modern market with others, you have calculated in advance the difficulties of entering the market and planned your activity - look, and you will find a way out where to get money. And about the most popular ways of talking further.

Own savings

If you are prone to savings, then together buying a new car or expanding living space, you can try to invest in your own business, and thus participate in long-term, but in fact, more efficient investments. Speaking about the main advantages of this method of obtaining money for business development, I will highlight:

  • You yourself coordinate waste and do not have to report financially to anyone;
  • You risk only your money, which means you sleep tight and in the event of a loss you will blame only yourself;
  • More balanced decisions are made.

One thing remains, at least now to make savings and make a millionso that after what time it turned into the main money for business.

If time permits, the main sphere of employment, then I recommend developing your business in parallel with other employment and not abandoning a stable income at the time of launch.

Bank loan

Sometimes there is no other solution, how to get money for a business on a credit basis. Of course, interest, and the very fact that a loan must be repaid a little psychologically pressure an entrepreneur, but sometimes this is the only way to get the missing or even the entire amount of start-up capital. Today, such services are characterized by a number of aspects, including:

  • Provide loans for businesses state and private banks;
  • Different interest rates and conditions;
  • Different pledge: from real estate to actually the business itself.

As a rule, the money is given out in rubles, and I recommend, if the option of choosing the working time is provided, to stop at 3-5 - the average payback period of the project.

Bank loan

You can consider not only a classic loan, but also leasing. In fact, if you need to take money for a business up to 10 000 000, then in most cases the bank will help you out.

Open a business with friends

On the one hand, it's a great idea, because you trust these people, also financially. On the other hand, if you want to lose a friend, then you should lend him money or open a business with him. Of course, this rule is not relevant for everyone, but often such situations take place. If you are set for positive and that you can make decisions on business together, or each of the participants will receive a separate direction in the development of the company, then it's time to think where to invest rubles and you and your friends.

Business with friends

I recommend, despite strong friendship, to separate business issues and document the starting equity participation and the basic rights and obligations.

Borrow from relatives

If you still don't know how to save money and could not save up start-up capital to start your business - you can call relatives, remind yourself, call for a Sunday lunch and ask for money by chance. The development of the future situation can be represented as follows:

  1. You will get the money, in time you will give the debt, and everything will be cool;
  2. You will receive money, business will not go, you will not give money - you will lose relatives;
  3. You will not give money, but you will constantly pay dividends from profits.
I am still not very inclined to work with close people, especially relatives, because close family ties postpone the imprint on the psychological background, and do not always favorably influence further relationships.

Find investors

The modern way to get money for business, which is one of the most common in our country. Here you can pay attention to domestic investors, as well as international ones, the number of which is increasing every year due to the creation of loyal investment climate conditions. Pros:

  1. Independent relationships;
  2. Clarity of planning;
  3. If giant investors respond to your business offer, a good signal is that the concept is chosen.


  • As in any other case, the risk that things will not go;
  • Sometimes too much time is spent searching for investors.

Where to find investors willing to give money for business? There are special online platforms for this, and besides this, contests and open start-up festivals are often organized to find financial assistants to their business.

Business angels

People with extensive experience in the business will not only help you choose the most effective direction for your business, but also in some cases may be your first, if not the main, investors.

Business Angels

For a novice entrepreneur, this practice is very important, because in addition to solid practical advice, you can get the necessary psychological support from people who already experienced this, however, several years ago.

Government grant

If you are still concerned about the question of where to get money for a business from scratch, you can pay attention to government support offers (although let's be honest, they are not always so attractive that you want to use it). Every year there are new preferential conditions that help start a business, among them:

  • Grants;
  • Discounts on loans;
  • Loyal leasing terms in state banks;
  • Informational support and financial subsidies for businesses that are opened by the unemployed and those new to entrepreneurship.

Basically, they offer preferential conditions for the return of credit funds, a series of master classes from experts, but in order to become a participant in such a program and collect all the necessary certificates, one can aimlessly spend a lot of time.

Launching a related business

This option is beneficial for you, or, for example, your friends who want invest money at interest. The main advantage of the organization of such a platform is that the experience gained from the first is quite positive, since the matter is still functioning. Speaking about the most typical ways to open a related business, you can highlight:

  1. Sale of related products (for example, you have a flower shop, and in it you install a shop window with soft toys and cards);
  2. You have a transport company and you buy a mobile refrigerator to provide transportation services;
  3. You are a mom on maternity leave and start an online store of children's things and gradually add to the site and commission goods.
The correct approach is to gradually expand your business, which allows returning invested funds not so spontaneously with already acquired market knowledge and significantly increasing turnover, reducing risks, including due to the fact that funds work in different areas of diversification on the same site.


Today, there are many sites that allow you to put your idea, not only for universal analysis, but also for potential investors to support you. As a rule, they do this with the expectation of obtaining further profit, although it is possible that wealthy business sharks just want to support you free of charge.


As a rule, they invest fiat money, but sometimes you can count on investments in cryptocurrency. For each project on the sites there is a certain time to raise funds, and if the amount is not collected for it, the project is automatically excluded from the site.

In which business to invest money

The answer to this question is rather complicated and requires preliminary detailed monitoring of all factors that are currently present in the market, among them:

  • Competition;
  • Starting amount for call;
  • Average payback period;
  • Risks;
  • How important is personal presence;
  • Sources of investment or start-up capital, and under what conditions;
  • Launch dates.

Of course, the very direction of the business is a key aspect, and it is not always an original idea that will be appreciated, or not uncommon, when launching an ordinary small grocery store with products in high-rise buildings is much more profitable than launching a private, guarded parking lot in the city’s office center. Here it is important to guess with the idea, and not to delay with the terms, and to calculate everything and find money for business.

What business to invest in

Its business is a complex process and takes time, patience and very rarely almost immediately the founder raises a financial wave to the crest. Nevertheless, who wants to work and knows how to count and plan everything in advance, is looking for basic and additional income ways, loyally and competently expands the range of goods or services, has high chances to save money, and earn an apartment. Being in search of money, evaluate when they should be returned, in what currency you take the debt for your business and the level of inflation. Traditionally, I wish you money for business to become lucky, and your business will go, bringing emotional and financial pleasure.

Author Ganesa K.
A professional investor with 5 years of experience with various financial instruments, maintains his blog and advises depositors. Own effective methods and information support for investments.
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Comments (26) (Comments)
Olga (16.04.2019 to 09: 29)
I can say this, 12 years ago I took a loan from a state bank under my production of metal-plastic windows and then it was real and the discount and tax rebate were substantial. Now there is only one name left of this, but plus that I already have a ready and running business, and the resulting income can be put in different baskets for different profits. When I was thinking about starting another business, neither the idea came constructive, and now there is no sense in drawing up a business plan either, everything is very unstable, so now you can’t take money from a business from anyone, you have to work with what’s already started.
Alexander Varlov (13.02.2019 to 17: 22)
It is necessary to search simultaneously in several directions, someone will like the idea, or you can find someone who is looking for where to invest, or even simply financial support for the young talent. So knock on all the doors and knock on people's heads - then there will be an effect.
Alexey (12.01.2019 to 12: 38)
Money for business can still be taken from turnover, though it is for sure that 3 – 4 of the year you will live in your business, but then you can live as a person.
Net (03.01.2019 to 11: 06)
Net: Where to find investors for business with ,, 0 ,, - so that he can wait a year for business development ????
Alexsey (16.12.2018 to 16: 36)
Money for business must be given, not taken, but for this you need to work. By the way, I recently read that rich people tend to work more and accumulate, the weeks are poor. Of course, if you work super hard, then you can give money for a business and receive passive income, and once you try it, it’s hard to stop.
Monix (08.11.2018 to 14: 40)
I can say so, if you take money for business, including huge amounts from friends on equity shares, then you need to expand then somehow without them, or you can burn out from the constant duet. Yes, it is not very good to go into a new business yourself, but on the other hand, these are tough business rules and your friends can do the same. And so 1 is a common business.
Gram (13.08.2018 to 15: 06)
I do not believe that you can reach real investors abroad so that they can invest your project. Neither me nor my friends did it.
Radik (08.08.2018 to 18: 08)
There was a positive experience in finding financing for the production of clothing. I was searching for exactly 3 of the month, and I thought that they were already putting up a special site, because the time was right. I found a friend from Holland, now he also sends me a cloth for sewing. But I was lucky.
Arsen (10.07.2018 to 17: 22)
I think that while our country is not very attractive for international investors, except for some very strong individual companies, they know that half of the injections are stupid for kickbacks.
Denis (10.07.2018 to 11: 39)
And I for the fact that the money for their business should be taken only from international investors. 1. They are richer. 2. Somehow you do not feel so compressed. 3. It is much more profitable and easier to work with them, and most importantly it is transparent.
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