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Money for business is called Alpha Stream, and reviews and reviews suggest that this is a popular Р2Р platform that offers quick loans to borrowers and investors to make money on it. This service is not new to our country, and it is worth carefully analyzing the project, assessing all the advantages and disadvantages in order to finally determine for yourself this or that platform for cooperation.

Working on the market since the end of February, 2016, and the preliminary announcement at the end of 2015 about its launch, today the project is gaining popularity, even with the toughest times. At the same time, the authors focused not only on the speed of processing the application, but also on the title, having introduced the service stream by analogy with the movement of alpha particles in physics - quickly and orderly. What can be obtained, thanks to the site, and what risks of investments exist - further in the material.

Alpha Stream Service

The ambitious goal of the project organizers is to make the best Р2Р service in the country. In fact, this direction is far from new and means a platform where you can get a fast and unsecured loan, in particular for business, and investors to make a profit by investing in its work. If I were asked to be briefly asked to say what the alpha stream is associated with, I would tell 5 the main facts that I know about the site:

  1. Not the only service in the country, but its direct competitor StartTrack.
  2. The idea belongs to Nikita Abramenko, service director.
  3. Choosing such investment in the InternetYou can earn an average of up to 25% per annum.
  4. An alpha stream is a scoring center and a transaction operator between individuals.
  5. The company managed to make known in the press, raising funds for lending to 24 companies in the amount of 25 million rubles in just 30 minutes in 2016.

Overview Alpha Stream Youtube

And the fact that the site is assigned to a well-known bank only adds to its advantages in the work. Potok.Digital itself declares itself as a crowdfunding platform (and what is important not in the offshore zone), working by simplifying the number of links in issuing a loan: that is: the investor receives a profit for turnover of borrowed funds, bypassing the banks.

Alpha Flow Concept

Initially, the site Potok.Digital is concentrated in 2-s parallel points of work and offers to enter as a borrower or as an investor, and then introduces the terms of cooperation. The direction of Alpha Flow is based on the prompt processing of a loan application without additional collection of documents. In fact, from anywhere in the world we can find out: whether a company or an individual entrepreneur will receive a loan and how much money is available for a loan.

In order to find out how much money you can count on a loan, you must enter in the search line the name of the company or individual entrepreneur and click on the amount calculation button. The stream base instantly processes the credit history and makes its verdict.

Alpha Flow Concept

This method is one of the distinguishing investments in Russia, and clarifying that, not everything is so bad in the market of passive income, as it may seem at first glance. And the country's largest commercial bank decided to take this project under its wing. Analyzing the alpha bank reviews, we understand that the terms of lending through the bank are much more complicated than using the flow, so it is not surprising that both borrowers and investors are interested in such cooperation.

Issuance of credit

The main plus is that the flow offers the issuance of a loan online, which means that you can specify payment details and receive funds. The site clarifies that the charges go in for 2-x days, but in fact, the alpha stream reviews say that only a few are lucky enough to get money, and on average, this happens through 3-5 working days from the time the application is confirmed.

Loan in Alpha Potok

Loan repayment

Choosing the alpha stream for cooperation, the company must repay the loan body, interest charges once a week. At the same time, the cost of using money is indicated per month. I note that in the event of bankruptcy or default, all obligations to pay the court fee, penalties and penalties are borne by the borrowing companies, which increases the benefits and security directly for investors, who make sure that their investment portfolio is filled regularly.

Tax liabilities

The alpha flow company pays tax, according to information on some sites, thus provides the investor with a net profit, but it should be understood that the alpha flow itself is not a tax agent, but a subsidiary of Potok. Digital - yes. Since the month comes about 300-400 applications, and the loan rate remains the same, we can say that tax liabilities fall on the shoulders of borrowers - exclusively legal entities.

In any case, using the flow as a way to close the temporary cash void, it is beneficial to apply here, rather than spend time preparing a portfolio of documents and submitting it to the bank for consideration. The important point is that the stream “with a digital prefix” has Russian registration, and this adds transparency to the work with the site and eliminates tax problems, which is important for investors while considering a potential place to invest.

Alpha Stream for Investor

The average annual yield of the project is regularly updated, and at the time of preparing the article it was 17,3%. Actual offers are available on the pages of the stream site, and you can see:

  • Name of the company;
  • How much credit is needed;
  • The purpose of the funds - the purchase of equipment, the expansion of the base.

The simplicity of the conditions is captivating, and for some reason the richest people in the world and today they continue to issue such loans through special sites, since the Р2Р segment is efficient and in demand. More than 300 of small and medium-sized businesses throughout the territory of the Russian Federation are available for work in this segment of Alpha Flow.

Yield Alfa Potok

Studying in many ways, including parallel use, how to make a million, you can bring this goal as close as possible, especially since the stream offers loyal conditions and minimal risks, in particular:

  • The company earns only when the borrower pays on the loan, and therefore, is interested in him to repay obligations to the investor;
  • your alpha bank investments are distributed to at least 20 companies, which means that the risks of loss are reduced due to diversification;
  • In order to estimate potential income, the stream site offers open profit statistics.

It is possible to reinvest funds. I will discuss in detail the conditions for each depositor:

  • Entry from 10 thousand to 500 thousand rubles;
  • the ability to independently choose one or another company for investments by reviewing its profile and evaluating financial performance;
  • It is stipulated that credit obligations are repaid by companies weekly.

It is this feature of the work flow that allows you to add the number of potential investors, because weekly repayments of the body and interest are a good application for stable success, therefore, if you are still looking for ways where to invest money, it is worth a closer look at the service.

Default risks

We do not live in the illusory world, therefore financial risks accompany any business and any investments, in particular venture investment. It is indicative, but the company itself informs its customers that there are companies with which the flow platform has previously collaborated, but now it is in a suspended state.

Investors should understand that the risk of non-return of funds exists always, but at the same time the company is doing everything possible to minimize it. If the company to which the investor issued the loan, declared itself bankrupt, then there are several options for resolving the situation:

  • Withholding funds in court;
  • pre-trial penalty.

Sometimes bankruptcy auctions are organized, where there is the possibility of buying a credit commitment. Often, collection companies are used to collect debt and minimize default. In this case, the investor will receive up to 65% of their investments, and the firm itself will receive up to 35% of the remaining loan body. A similar situation was at the beginning of 2017, with a problem loan from BT Battery LLC. And given that alpha investments are presented in a distributed form, this means that the chances of loss are minimal and amount to about 20%.

By the middle of 2016, the flow of borrowers decreased, which resulted in a decrease in yield to 7-9% per year, instead of the promised 30%. The company offered more loyal terms to potential customers who wanted to get a loan, and the flow resumed in the 4 month.

Investing in the Stream

Alpha Stream for the borrower

First you need to register as a borrower so that it is always convenient and easy to enter the office and analyze the entire history of the loan. Working with the service is quick and easy, and the use of the stream helps both small and medium businesses. Talking about the main points that you need to know and take into account at the time of application:

  • order an electronic bank statement to demonstrate your solvency or receive it in your personal account;
  • tie it up in the application review form;
  • specify the amount you are counting on.

The Alfa-Stream service offers a fixed percentage for the use of a loan - 2% per month, while there are no hidden fees or commissions. You can know your allowed limit for a loan within 5 minutes, which justifies the name flow - quickly applied for - quickly got the result - quickly received credit funds and, of course, quickly repaid their debt obligations.

For the investor, the flow also makes sense: I chose this particular P2Р platform, invested in it and gets a stable passive income, and before that it is important to evaluate and calculate ROI. I would like to dwell on the fact that it is very difficult for new businessmen to get a loan, and sometimes it is simply unrealistic to do that, because banks are skeptical of new players in the market, and it is long and difficult to collect the necessary documentation. This direction of services from alpha loan groups, in fact, “wiggles the economy,” and allows newcomers to develop. Selecting the basic conditions for the borrower to enter the stream, I’ll focus on the following:

  • loan amount from 100 thousand to 2 million rubles;
  • the firm must work at least a year and have official registration;
  • the loan rate is formed individually and ranges from 20 to 40%;
  • no collateral needed.

It is this moment, if you evaluate the alpha loan group reviews, captivates many newcomers and those who already use the services of the stream and repaid loan obligations.

Flow rate

It is clarified that on the basis of the flow you can receive money already after 2 of the day, after considering the loan application within 5 minutes. In fact, the alpha stream considers your application in the order of a few hours, and this cannot be considered a significant flaw in the work. Of course, the flow rate directly depends on how the client places a loan application and how investors are located. Recent trends indicate that investors are not interested in very large investments, but choose loans up to 500 thousand rubles with minimal risks, which is also associated with an unstable ruble exchange rate. Since the flow sends profits to the card on the basis of the work of each percent, sometimes it is not entirely profitable - it is difficult to save a large amount, which, in my opinion, directly affects the operation of the site.

Borrowing at Stream

Summing up, I will designate that Р2Р-crediting at the beginning of entering the market, like everything new, was perceived very skeptically, carefully and I would even say cautiously, just like on the online site Freedom 24. Over time, the expansion of the number of borrowers, and, consequently, of the flow of investors, as well as work under the brand of a well-known bank in the country, have borne fruit, and today this “organization of non-bank lending” serves more and more representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, and gives weekly income to investors.

Simple registration on the site, depending on your role, and whether you are a client of Alfa Bank or not, allows you to quickly open an account and get started. Today, the alpha stream is no longer associated with the American elder brother, OnDeck, but acts as an independent brand.

Estimating the flow offers, it should be understood that the profit from lending to a company may periodically change depending on the performance indicators. Traditionally, at the end of the article I want to wish you that the flow was profitable and safe for you, regardless of whether you are an investor or a borrower, and financial operations on the site are as quick and efficient as possible.

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Comments (49) (Comments)
Kandivus (08.09.2019 to 16: 51)
Large companies often borrow, but for a short time and often bypass banks in order not to shine before the tax, and such P2P sites are excellent assistants in this.
Snezz (14.08.2019 to 14: 17)
Well, a loan at 40% per annum is major major. Although, I think, if the company needs money, then there is no other way, but for the second time they will think whether to use such services.
Yarik (23.06.2019 to 13: 36)
I work with the platform as an investor for a little more than a year. Net income for this period is 23,8% for now, but for now. There are a couple of months in the factory before reaching the coveted 30%.
R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№ (09.06.2019 to 23: 37)
Question to the representative of "Alpha-Stream"; is it true that I read the statement here. If you turn on "Refinancing", then the money will not be distributed to all Borrowers, but can be transferred to one Borrower?
Dmitriy (21.03.2019 to 10: 54)
I remember that as soon as the alpha stream entered the arena, everyone shouted that it was pure HYIP, but it was not exactly HYIP that came out, and it also brought good profit. Now nobody shouts, and all silently invest.
Alvar (04.03.2019 to 09: 33)
Tell me, is there any improvement in feedback speed for investors?
Alpha flow (09.03.2019 to 06: 15)
Alvar, Yes, the service is improving, we try to take into account all the requests of our customers. At the moment, requests that come to the mail are processed within two days, for operational communication there is a hotline (8 800 222 45 74)
Roldolf (26.02.2019 to 00: 57)
I think that reinvestment can play a bad joke with investors here. One circle - and then you need to take a break and use something else.
Alpha flow (12.03.2019 to 14: 55)
Roldolf, Hello! The final decision on the re-deposit of money naturally remains yours, but according to our statistics, refinancing increases income by an average of 1,9%.
KarKarych (14.03.2019 to 18: 26)
Roldolf, it sounds somehow very suspicious to use))) by the way, by the way, the main profit fell after refinancing started. But maybe lucky with the lack of defaults, I myself have not really understood the chips. Money is boiling and boiling, the amount is not very large, it seems it is not a pity.
Dmitry Derunov (21.02.2019 to 21: 34)
Hello. An application for a loan # 296774 2 a week ago offered me to borrow money (they borrowed from them earlier, they have sad experience), with a creak, but I agreed, I consider the offer not beneficial because of 2 and 6 inquiries and the limited loan period. In general, they have a completely normal credit offer, they do not differ from others. Closer to the point .. I was approved for a loan about 8 - 9 days ago (the site says-2day) the amount of everything is just a little more than 100than, although I approved 500th thousand for my company .. I expect to raise funds, I called and clarified earlier this week when to expect money, as I have already put them in the plan for the purchase of equipment, etc. They promised on Wednesday, maximum Thursday ... today is Thursday - evening, nothing comes, I call by phone, the manager answers that he does not have information on our company ... write to the mail .. How can I understand this? I didn’t even ask them for this loan, they themselves wouldn’t offer it to me, but they would impose, I would say, but now after 2-3 weeks of communication they have no information ... then when I already agreed with the suppliers about the supply of new equipment for my company. How can you treat your work, tasks and borrowers in general so unfairly?
Sergei (02.01.2019 to 12: 00)
Alpha Stream will fire in a year, another, if it remains afloat, but for now the country is not ready for such a segment of services.
Shamiklan (27.02.2019 to 15: 03)
Sergey, Yes, the country is ready)) why wait for that. All my friends for the last two years have sharply attended to the issue of passive earnings, mostly trading in stocks. I didn’t make friends with shares at all, I am studying this story with the alpha stream now. Here we must first understand that no one will guarantee superprofit, but it is not possible to lose all funds. I think all the same to invest a minimum of ten, and then we'll see how it goes.
Lostph (03.03.2019 to 14: 06)
Shamiklan, Why didn't it happen to play on the stock exchange? And where does such confidence come from that you won't lose money with this?
Shamiklan (09.03.2019 to 06: 12)
LostPH, As for me, this is not such a passive income, it is necessary to monitor the situation every day, collect forecasts and so on. Ratchet is rare, and the meaning appears when investing the sum with at least five zeros. And then you put in and wait, why you won’t lose everything is written in the article - the amount is divided into many parts between borrowers so that there is more to be a return guarantee
Alpengold (12.11.2018 to 09: 53)
Now about 18% per year yield. Pleasure is doubtful with such risks.
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