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Investment courses - the opportunity to gain practical skills in investing. Training is organized not only by individual authors, but also by top companies. For example, Sberbank with 2014 conducts official educational activities under a license at Sberbank Corporate University.

Other organizations are not far behind. How beneficial it is to undergo training and who needs it - I will understand the material. I’ll tell you what are the features of paid and free, online and offline programs and give tips on how to find the right course.

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How to invest a small amount of money and invest in profitable instruments

I debunk myths: it’s quite possible to invest a small amount of money in order to receive regular income, but at the same time it’s important and competently to determine exactly where to invest it, how to distribute capital. I never tire of recalling the importance of the principle of diversification.

Everyone starts with something, and even the amount of 80-100 thousand rubles can significantly increase their income. The methods are loyal, interesting and suitable even for those who are just discovering the topic of investing. Do you have only 100 dollars that you can invest and allow even the worst outcome to lose? There are tips for you too.

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ETF funds - what it is, classifications and how to make money with a tool

ETF funds are known to the world since 1990, when a new and rather unusual tool was added to the Toronto Stock Exchange. Looking ahead, I will say: this is like a universal share with shares of different companies. On the Moscow Stock Exchange, shares are traded since 2013, and today their acquisition has become simpler.

The advantages are high diversification, liquidity, minimum amounts for starting and the opportunity to purchase even a part of large companies. There is an option to buy etf, sell it, but such operations can be done only with the help of a broker. I will talk about other principal aspects and differences with well-known mutual funds in the article. And I will begin traditionally with the definition of a concept.

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Investing in structural products - simple ways to generate income in a complex and “assembled” form

Investing in structured products sounds pretty solid, doesn't it? And today I’ll figure out whether this tool can bring significant income to qualified and, most importantly, unskilled investors. To some extent, such options are associated with hedging instruments - situations where transactions with different instruments are opened on the same market: it will not work with one thing, which means that the second method will win.

A key feature is the presence of a fixed action time. The first prototype of such a product was added to one of the American exchanges in 1969. From that moment on, its main components have expanded and changed. I will definitely tell you exactly how, but initially I will pay attention to the definition of a concept.

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What is inflation, its types and what role in the economic development of the country

What is inflation? This question is relevant for many countries that are faced with different rates of price growth and the depreciation of the national currency. Inflation, as such, is characteristic of many states, even with a high standard of living. It's just minimal. In this case, a market is formed with high competition, because the client is not used to buying something more expensive than the regular price.

The manufacturer adapts to market conditions. Not a single dissertation and scientific article was written about this economic concept, the rules of market development and what consequences to expect. In my material I will talk about the types, historical examples, about the discount rate and its role in price increases. Traditionally, I’ll start with an introduction to the key concept.

The rubric of my GQ Blog Monitor will tell you in detail what investments are and how to form a competent investment portfolio so that it works, brings profit with the least risks, and the activity itself did not require careful monitoring and constant intervention.

What is investment in simple words and why it is needed

Investing is the process of investing money, and the amount of profit and the payback period of a project depend on how successfully and competently choose the appropriate method. Materials headings are aimed at:

  • choose the appropriate option among offline and online offers;
  • consider different ways of investing;
  • determine the appropriate options for profitability and risk. Investors are not just investors who themselves determine what is acceptable to them, these are my partners, so I consider it necessary to regularly share their experience in such activities.

The concept and classification of investments

Each investor has the right to know everything about the type of investment. That is why in the articles I describe traditional and risky types of investments, namely:

  • buying and selling stocks, trading blue chips;
  • auctions with different lots;
  • the intricacies of opening an offshore account;
  • investments in credit organizations and much more.

Choosing cooperation with microfinance organizations, it is worth considering several sites from popular banks and projects that offer investments on favorable terms. The articles on collected recommendations on where to get start-up capital and how to make money with minimal investment, as well as without them. Together with you I will expand the list of synonyms for the word “invest”: from investing to rationally allocating funds.

Let's talk about investment projects and the basic rules that allow us to determine the profitable moments, as well as the traditional investment tools - in real estate, in order to save money from inflation and get profit from its rent. The market offers partners a variety of investments and the size of the initial capital: from small to fairly solid indicators. How to work with a mutual investment fund, what is the minimum for cooperation with brokers for buying shares, what is a financial pyramid and is it possible to earn money on it? I open the answers to these questions in the heading of my blog.

Investment structure

A logical system of relations and relationships within a project or activity is called a structure, and when an investor thinks to invest money and where exactly to send a certain amount, it is important to analyze such a system in advance. There are several classifications, and my materials will help you to determine in detail for yourself which type of investment is right for you:

  • by form of ownership (private or state);
  • by sector (industry, energy, financial services)
  • non-financial investments (repair, purchase of land, non-current assets, patents).

I will tell you in detail how investments in securities differ from contributions to businesses at the initial stage or in the development process. Having a balance in assets will help minimize risk and make a profit. For those who decide to discover investments in fixed assets, I will tell you how to make investments pay off quickly and how to choose the right structure for a partnership. Read, follow new articles and leave comments.

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