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Veeam Software - an innovative company of Russian businessmen, sold for $ 5 billion

I will start my new material about the successful technology brand Veeam Software with the fact that just a couple of days in Russia immediately appeared 2 dollar billionaires. They became Ratmir Timashev and Andrei Baronov. They received this status through the sale of their company to another, associated with the American Insight Partner Fund.

Despite the fact that the contract has not yet been signed, businessmen have already been ranked among the richest people in the country. It is expected that the transaction will be fully finalized in the first quarter and important details, as is customary in the business world, have not been disclosed so far. In the meantime, it's time to discover Veeam Software closer.

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Overview and reviews of - P2P mutual lending platform: pluses and pitfalls

The platform is not the first and not the last in the Russian financial market that connects investors and borrowers: one allows you to quickly receive money online, the second - invest in order for them to work.

In my review, I will draw attention to the strengths and weaknesses of cooperation with such a platform, and be sure to summarize what there are reviews on the network. I must say right away: the site also has such a heading, and if you read it, you will see that absolutely all comments are about the positive result of cooperation, which leads to the idea that such messages are unreliable.

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VTB My Investments application - an online solution for cooperation with a broker

The VTB My Investments application is a service specially developed for the broker of the same name. The VTB broker is trying to keep up to date, and therefore offers customers an application for remote work. In fairness, I’ll say that both the bank itself and the broker somehow have been very much lately: both in the print press and on TV screens.

Currently, the total number of customers is almost 400 thousand, which is a good indicator for the Russian Federation. For more than a year there has been an application whose slogan is “Professionals Work”. How much this will be dealt with further.

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Robinhood app - is it so free service from an American broker and how to work with it?

Robinhood investing is a start-up that allows you to earn income through positive transactions in different markets. The company was founded by Beihu Bhatt and Vlad Tenev. It was officially launched in 2013, and for 6 years it has shown only rapid growth. Interestingly, other giant companies could not repeat the success of this application from different angles: neither in terms of attracted investments, nor in the number of customers.

According to one of the latest data, 6 million people are permanent partners of the company, including through the application. Its main direction is trading, and I will tell you how to do it in order to master it for a beginner.

Posted by: Ganesa - an overview of innovations in the P2P platform for investors is a striking example of a platform that began as a platform for issuing loans for tendering to various companies, and over time expanded the list of destinations. But the summer changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation narrowed the possibility of lending to the company to participate in the tender, but today the service offers to invest in loans for the execution of contracts.

In comparison with the previous tool, this one offers to invest money for a longer period, and the profitability remains quite high. Let me refresh you a little with what the company is famous for and why it is spoken positively in the context of Russian crowdfunding.

The rubric of my GQ Blog Monitor will tell you in detail what investments are and how to form a competent investment portfolio so that it works, brings profit with the least risks, and the activity itself did not require careful monitoring and constant intervention.

What is investment in simple words and why it is needed

Investing is the process of investing money, and the amount of profit and the payback period of a project depend on how successfully and competently choose the appropriate method. Materials headings are aimed at:

  • choose the appropriate option among offline and online offers;
  • consider different ways of investing;
  • determine the appropriate options for profitability and risk. Investors are not just investors who themselves determine what is acceptable to them, these are my partners, so I consider it necessary to regularly share their experience in such activities.

The concept and classification of investments

Each investor has the right to know everything about the type of investment. That is why in the articles I describe traditional and risky types of investments, namely:

  • buying and selling stocks, trading blue chips;
  • auctions with different lots;
  • the intricacies of opening an offshore account;
  • investments in credit organizations and much more.

Choosing cooperation with microfinance organizations, it is worth considering several sites from popular banks and projects that offer investments on favorable terms. The articles on collected recommendations on where to get start-up capital and how to make money with minimal investment, as well as without them. Together with you I will expand the list of synonyms for the word “invest”: from investing to rationally allocating funds.

Let's talk about investment projects and the basic rules that allow us to determine the profitable moments, as well as the traditional investment tools - in real estate, in order to save money from inflation and get profit from its rent. The market offers partners a variety of investments and the size of the initial capital: from small to fairly solid indicators. How to work with a mutual investment fund, what is the minimum for cooperation with brokers for buying shares, what is a financial pyramid and is it possible to earn money on it? I open the answers to these questions in the heading of my blog.

Investment structure

A logical system of relations and relationships within a project or activity is called a structure, and when an investor thinks to invest money and where exactly to send a certain amount, it is important to analyze such a system in advance. There are several classifications, and my materials will help you to determine in detail for yourself which type of investment is right for you:

  • by form of ownership (private or state);
  • by sector (industry, energy, financial services)
  • non-financial investments (repair, purchase of land, non-current assets, patents).

I will tell you in detail how investments in securities differ from contributions to businesses at the initial stage or in the development process. Having a balance in assets will help minimize risk and make a profit. For those who decide to discover investments in fixed assets, I will tell you how to make investments pay off quickly and how to choose the right structure for a partnership. Read, follow new articles and leave comments.

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