InstaForex Broker Review: Resource Features and Instaforex Reviews

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Instaforex (Instaforex) is a large forex broker whose name is familiar to many, even people, very distant from stock trading. In addition to the full range of access services foreign exchange marketThe stock and securities market, this company is engaged in active social activities and sponsors sports teams - among its partners are well-known football players, the world chess champion and a number of Olympians.

In this article, I propose to talk in more detail about this versatile broker, which has several advantages and disadvantages.

Information about Instaforex

InstaForex started 10 years ago, at 2007, when the company was founded. First of all, the broker entered into an agreement with the well-known supplier of trading equipment MetaQuotes Softare and large “suppliers” of news, among which was Reuters - from the start, it became clear that a serious player in this field is having a claim to championship. Further, the company began to grow and develop rapidly, its representations appeared literally all over the world - today there are 260, and they are located on almost all continents of our planet. At the same time, the main office of the company is located in Kaliningrad, and the total representative offices in Russia are 16.

To date, the number of customers of the company has long exceeded 2 million people and continues to grow actively. This is not surprising, because the service was the first to offer opportunities previously inaccessible to customers:

  • Investments in the PAMM system
  • Copy trades of successful traders through ForexCopy
  • Opening real accounts in the MetaTrader 5 trading terminal

The broker's advantages include the presence of nine MetaTrader servers, a flexible customer loyalty system, a demo account, and many, many other interesting features for users:

  • 107 currency pairs, 200 CFD instruments on futures and stocks
  • Minimum deposit from 10 $
  • 1: 1 to 1: 1000 Leverage
  • Option trading
  • Trading in the foreign exchange market without a spread
  • Fixed spreads
  • 13% interest on free cash
  • Hedging Advice
  • Webinars

Oddnym word, stock market and the Forex market, the broker makes available for its users, turns into enrichment tools. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Instaforex official website

The broker’s website is abundantly filled with information, not only about himself, but there are also training materials for beginning investors: video tutorials, books, articles and much more, which will quickly increase the financial literacy of newbies. But the main thing is not the information component, but trading tools InstaForex and its services.

Instaforex Services

Forex options

Trading on options appeared on InstaForex relatively recently and offers to make money on currency quotes. All that is needed is to predict price dynamics to a certain value. If you can make an accurate forecast, then you will be charged a reward in the amount of 1.8 points from the initial "bid." For example, if you invest 100 $ in an option and its conditions come true, then 180 $ will return to your account, if the forecast is unreliable, you will lose your money.

The advantage of such a system is ease of use, the risks are clear in advance, but at the same time, the risks are incompatible with profitability, because, in fact, 1.8 points are extremely low profitability under such conditions.

Forexcopy options

Working with a broker can be greatly simplified if you buy a subscription and copy the deals of successful traders. At what all this can be done on a full machine - you only need to set the appropriate settings - copying by the specified parameters will be carried out instantly. The interesting thing is that you only have to pay for copying if you made a profit that exceeds the cost of the subscription: if you are in a small plus, then the system will not take the last from you - a fairly democratic approach.

PAMM system

The most popular earning on InstaForex is PAMM accounts. A broker, like many others, offers its mediation services to traders and investors, thanks to which - some get the opportunity to earn on their knowledge and skills, while others have an income from investments in PAMM. In general, the PAMM system InstaForex differs little from similar systems of competing brokers.

Instawallet system

But Instaforex is not only interesting with its trading tools. This broker offers very favorable and convenient conditions for international funds transfers. As we know, payments from abroad are subject to substantial commissions, and with large sums you can lose a lot, and in Instaforex such transfers can be made absolutely without a commission. The broker offers to transfer funds between participants without any costs. It is very convenient and distinguishes Instaforex from other market players who are not so loyal to users.

InstaForex personal account

Go to your personal account in Instaforex can be found on the main page. In this case, you can get there if you are registered in the system, and the registration procedure in the project has some peculiarities. Since the personal account is linked to a trading account, one user can have several accounts at once if he makes several accounts. Such a system may seem very inconvenient, but you can quickly switch between accounts and, in fact, they will always be at your fingertips. In your personal account, you will not only have access to all the broker's functionality, but also the news section, statistics of financial transactions, your account data and the economic calendar.

Sign up

So, you guessed it, that without registering with InstaForex you can’t do anything. This process does not take much of your time, it will take just a couple of minutes:


  1. On the main page, choose the type of account you want to open - if you are a beginner and would like to familiarize yourself with the broker's functionality, then it is better to open a demo account and try to earn virtual money (you will receive a no deposit bonus and be able to trade). If you are ready to immediately rush into battle with your own blood means, then you should already click the "Open Trading Account" button.
  2. On the page that opens, we get acquainted with the advantages and capabilities of the system: do not buy the cat in the bag - read everything carefully. Next, go down the page and, having found the registration form, enter the correct data. Specify the name, mail, phone, and also accept the terms of use of the service and, if necessary, check the box, confirming that you want to receive a training letter to the specified e-mail.
  3. Then, detailed personal information will follow.
  4. At the end of the whole process, it comes to passwords, here specify the type of account, currency, and other data.
  5. All data must be copied and saved, because you will definitely need it when working with a broker.

Register Instaforex

Sign In

Subsequent logging into the system will not cause you any difficulties - you need to select the type of login on the main one - “Customer Login” or “Partner Login”, and then specify the account number and password. After that, click the "Login" button and get into your personal account. Before using the functionality of the site, I advise you to read the article "Stock Exchange».

InstaForex Login

Instaforex reviews

Instaforex - a weighty figure among Forex brokers and this is achieved not only through fruitful work, but also an active advertising campaign, to which famous people are attracted. Not the last role in the positive image of Instaforex is played by sponsorship (Roboforex also went the same way). Despite all the advantages, the network can meet both positive reviews about the company, and negative. Some point out the inconvenience of the system, problems with the withdrawal of funds and other nuances, but in general there are much more positive assessments than negative ones. And the broker is not a hundred dollar bill, in order to please everyone, it is not necessary to deny that such moods can be caused by the machinations of competitors who every day feel how the broker reaches leading positions. In any case, the broker has its own InstaForex forum, where you can chat with users and get competent answers from company representatives.

Instaforex has long earned credibility among traders and investors, a considerable number of users vivid confirmation of this. Despite the minor nuances, the broker offers many interesting chips that his competitors do not have, and at the same time there are well-loved and familiar trading tools (present in other brokers - Forex4you, Alpari), which allow everyone to earn money.

Author Ganesa K.
A professional investor with 5 years of experience with various financial instruments, maintains his blog and advises depositors. Own effective methods and information support for investments.
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Comments (11) (Comments)
Moscow (29.07.2020 to 13: 13)
I'm far from a professional in this business, but I even see that insta are great. The main thing is to withdraw your money, to increase capital, it is allowed and encouraged in every possible way for traders. At the moment, several accounts have been opened, one of which is aimed at forex copy, I want to say that this service is very convenient, especially for beginners, there is an opportunity to get a double benefit, although no one is insured against falls. But even with this approach, income, compared to the previous period, has grown, which is good news.
Valentin (15.05.2020 to 17: 47)
For a long trading life, I clearly understood that I need to read the contracts, thanks to this complexity no matter how happened. I want to note that instaforex is the only broker with whom there are never unresolved issues. Provided normal conditions for earnings, payment chose Qiwi and Yandex. The conclusion is often no more than 2 days, but you also need to look at the time of the financial department.
Mishanya (12.02.2020 to 09: 24)
I moved on to the shoulder at 1: 500, I have never received so much joy from transactions and profits from them, I bet eur / usd Sell, set the take-off by 90 p, I still get bonuses for comments and balance replenishment, in general, everything helps so that the trader continues to play. I don’t have any sky-high profits, this is my hobby, but I pay tribute to this broker, the service never hangs, I still look at the pammas, why not.
Miami (06.11.2019 to 06: 47)
There is nothing more interesting than scalping, t. you trade with credit. shoulder, I earn more than a long-term, over time you feel, predict what the market situation will be. The speed of execution of orders at a height, as well as the number of trading instruments.
manimani (15.10.2018 to 11: 31)
Their pamm works well, I invested a couple of hundred bucks last spring in two managers from the insta. Withdrawing is now obtained by 50-60 per month, but it is obvious that if you invest more, and the share of profits will increase. Choose traders at the beginning of the rating, with a large number of investors, as I chose, these plus-minus 5-10 positions will be walking up and down, but in my whole stable trading lead. The profit that I get from them suits me a lot more than my own trading. I get more interest on 15 from Pamm! Here it is given to whom.
gorich (13.08.2018 to 09: 48)
I saw an advertisement on Facebook, for the sake of interest I decided to open an account. I liked the execution, all the orders work very quickly and cleanly. Profit was able to earn two months after the start. The bonus on 30% replenishment helped a lot. I tried to withdraw $ 150, read on the forums that through electronic wallets almost instantly withdraw. I put an application for poison - and indeed, in ten minutes 10 ten and my money came to the wallet. Nicely. Very fast!
Ganesa (31.07.2018 to 10: 45)
InstaForex - I think Alix just confused the pages)
InstaForex (31.07.2018 to 10: 36)
Alix, hello! Explain, please, what is your question?
Alix (25.07.2018 to 19: 19)
Transaction ID: 9aa1ae21-2078-4d57-8 31b-1021a7fae8b2 To: Taken: -50.00 USD Commission: No commission Submitted: 50.00bXNUMX Submitted by: XNUMXbXNUMX Submitted by: XNUMXbXNUMX Submitted by: XNUMXbXNUMX Submitted by: XNUMXbXNUMX
Dolmatov (23.07.2018 to 12: 50)
I really like their online training and support. He came to forex in general with a green newbie, for the $ 10 bonus from social networks. By the way, thanks, it is very interesting and useful to read your pages. So I poured the first bonus in one day, but this only increased the interest in the market. I decided for myself that I had to figure out how to make money on it. I read the entire site far and wide, watched all the training videos and webinars, even ordered a couple of books - according to those analysis and wave theory, and began to understand something. He earned about $ 80 on his cent account, practically from scratch. In general, for all newbies: try, use all the learning opportunities that InstaForex gives - this is a very cool experience!
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