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Broker Opening

What we pay attention to when choosing a financial partner? True to reputation. Broker The opening of such services on the market for more than 22 years and has the highest AAA reliability rating. In today's article, I want to get to know my partners and investors more closely with the company, talk about in which areas you can cooperate with it and what tariffs are offered.

More than 110 thousand customers cooperate with the company during its existence, you see, this is a solid indicator, and the fact that one of the company's structures is in the top 10 of Russia's largest banks in terms of assets is already talking about something. I suggest you learn more about what a multifunctional company is that can increase your investment portfolio.

Broker Opening

The company began its work in 1995 year, and today is one of the largest financial groups in our country. Initially, the opening-broker offered services only on the domestic site and gradually moved to the international segment. A distinctive feature of cooperation is that the platform allows customers to work:

  • In all markets of the Moscow Stock Exchange and some of the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange;
  • On ITS QUIK and MetaTrader 5 terminals;
  • With ready investment offers.

I consider it indicative that the Discovery is suitable for cooperation, both for experienced investors and beginners. And the fact that the “National Rating Agency” has once again put the company at the highest possible AAA rating says about guarantees and a customer-oriented approach.

history of the company

Initially, the company began as a brokerage branch, and literally immediately began to show rapid growth rates. In addition to working with Russian clients, the site immediately focused on the development of a regional network for efficient customer service worldwide. Today, services are available throughout the Russian Federation, and in addition there are representative offices in Cyprus, Frankfurt and London. During its history, Broker 7 Discovery for years in a row has become the leader in the number of new customers, and in 2016, the company became the best in the “Stock Market Elite” competition.

What attracts in cooperation is the fact that the company works exclusively in the legislative field, has all the permissions to carry out such activities.


The first license was obtained in 2001 year, which allows the management of investment funds, mutual funds and non-state pension funds. In 2002, Otkritie received a license of a professional market participant that allows for brokerage activities.

Licenses Opening

I note that the FCSM of Russia has never withdrawn it, which indicates a productive and competent approach to work. And already after 2 of the year - a license to manage securities. This approach suggests a serious preparation, as well as the fact that customers can count on high ROI, because you can cooperate in different directions.

Trading Conditions Broker Opening

To begin with, it is not at all necessary for you to register in order to start cooperation, because you can apply online for individual consultation and selection of a suitable product. Details are indicated in each direction and specific plan, and in addition to this, at the very start, you can choose an option designed for different working hours.

Trading Solutions

Stocks and bonds

We can work with shares of Sberbank, Lukoil and others, as well as OFZ-29011 bonds. Conveniently, the projected accrual interest rate is shown immediately online. Click "Trade", Then choose a tariff and get to work. Trading is available in such areas with different packages depending on experience, cost of leverage, broker's commission size:

  • Stock;
  • Currency;
  • Urgent.

An important offer of the broker is the discovery that there is no minimum commission when entering from 50 thousand rubles.

Shares of companies

Foreign investment

You can pick up options from 5 thousand rubles - the first savings, as well as from 50 thousand rubles to 100 thousand dollars. Today, the discovery financial group proposes to invest in projects with a foreign residence permit of a different direction, a different work period, and besides under different conditions, which is especially important when the financial market becomes trans-national. Just click on “Find an idea”.


This direction is presented in 2 variants:

  • Exchange;
  • Trade.

You can replenish your account online or by choosing a physical representation - the bank opening office. It is possible to get profit due to the difference of the course, as well as due to the loyal shoulder. The withdrawal of money is carried out on the card, and transactions can be managed through terminals or by telephone from anywhere in the world.

Futures and options

If you are considering not only investment in yourself, but work with futures and options on the derivatives market. This direction allows you to improve the investment potential, and in order to gain insight into the intricacies, the brokerage house regularly holds seminars consisting of 5 classes for more efficient mastering of the trading section.

Broker fees

Cooperating with the Opening Broker, you can choose a suitable plan for the service rate. There are a total of 3 categories with their own subcategories, allowing you to choose the service you need:

  • Self-trading;
  • Trading on investment ideas;
  • Ready investment portfolios. Tariffs are formed on the basis of the minimum commission and the size of the leverage.
I will note, before deciding where to invest money, specify the tariffs: for work on the Moscow and St. Petersburg stock exchanges, they differ.

Broker fees

Trading Platforms

Many brokers offer well-established and proven work platforms that are focused on sharks and newbies. For example, if you want to buy shares of Gazprom, then you should look at one of the two terminals for work offered by brokers. The company’s website contains downloadable files that can be used for trading.


Available for many operating systems, allowing trading on Windows, Android. The program is designed for a beginner, in addition there is a guide to use. It allows you to monitor market quotes, gradually learn to trade. The first Quik terminal is available in the free version.

Quik platform


The platform is designed for an experienced trader, offers a more complex interface. Download the installation files on the broker website. I want to note that if you do not use the service for more than 90 days, it is disabled. There is a fee for using the MetaTrader terminal, most often the terminal is used for trading on fiat currency exchanges.

MetaTrader Platform

Opening Investment Tools

Structural products or tools are designed taking into account the allowable investment capital, the threshold risk threshold for the client, the period of work, direction. You choose the necessary option, if necessary, consult with the managers and make a deposit via the bank branch Otkrytie or online. At the same time, it is possible to choose directions for any amount and clarify the risk thresholds


The name itself suggests that broker discovery products exclude market risk. Of course, it is there, but strict limits can be set at the request of the client or they have already been issued in a certain tariff plan. Suitable for investors who are focused on a stable uniform income and are not yet ready to risk too. Ideal for beginners.

Protective products


A distinctive feature - guaranteed income payment, often an option is considered as an alternative. equity investments. The instrument is tied to stock quotes of famous Russian companies like Lukoil, Rosneft, VTB Bank. The rate on the coupon product varies according to the threshold values ​​of the asset.


The work is carried out with stocks and bonds, the monitoring of quotations of which is updated online. You can see stocks for trading, forecast and yield payments, the date of the close of the registry. This is convenient for determining the strategic direction in the work, in particular, if yes you are the priority of the Moscow Stock Exchange. Conducts the auction can be independently or with the help of specialists of the company.

Investment in mutual funds

You can work with mutual funds, because they have enough loyal entry, and at the same time small risks. You can choose from 13 funds with different investment conditions. Advantage of such investment in the Internet in that the call is provided up to 5 thousand rubles, and experienced analysts will help you choose the most profitable option for investments. The transaction is made fairly quickly and you can make the money work tomorrow. Work for up to a year.

UIF Opening

Trust management

Broker Discovery offers its services on favorable terms with minimal commissions and no hidden fees. Each client can choose such directions for work, in particular:

  • Stock,
  • currency,
  • urgent,
  • OTC markets
  • ready packages of offers,
  • investing in ready-made ideas.

Individual investment account

By opening it, you can get + 13%. In fact, we can work with:

  • Brokerage account with tax payments with a democratic start of call.
  • Ready-made savings portfolio with a yield of 53,9% per year with a classic risk level.
  • Savings offers 312,2% per year and investment risk level.
  • The income option is available under 221,6% and also investment type of risk.

How to work with Opening broker

You can choose independent work, or use the services of trust management. You open an account, choose a suitable tariff, you can replenish the account through the bank office Opening. If you have not yet decided what exactly you want to work with, leave a request and managers will contact you to clarify the details of cooperation. All your accounts, profitability, receipts for replenishment are available in your personal account, which you receive immediately after registration.

Register on the site

Sign up

To start the process, click on My Account, and then Register. Traditionally we enter the name, contact phone number, code from the image and click on the fact that you accept the agreement on the rules of work and the agreement to open a personal account. Registration is available for individuals and legal entities.

Optional input fields are Middle Name. I note that the registration form initially provides for the basic introduction of the phone through the + 7 format.

Registration is quick and an SMS is sent to the specified phone number, as in the case you cooperate with broker finam.

Opening of an account

On the main page we click on Open an account and immediately choose: need or not additional consultation. Next, the choice is offered 4 basic financial tool for the job:

  • Trade with tips;
  • Self-trading;
  • Buy currency;
  • View IIS.

Each tool has its own subplans. Opening an account is free, and if over time you want to change the tariff plan, then you can do it in your Personal Account. To do this, you need to submit an application and it comes into effect on the 1 day of the new month.

Open an account

Input / output of funds

For those who understand what is investment and works with them in different directions, the conditions for depositing and withdrawing funds will become attractive. You can withdraw any amount, and the commission is from 0,02% for foreign and 10 rubles for the national currency. Provided for the withdrawal of foreign currency to credit institutions, but for an additional fee of 25 dollars depending on the currency and excluding the amount. Money is credited to the account promptly and without commissions, it is convenient that among the brokers Opening offers free transfer of funds between portfolios.

Broker Reviews

Analyzing reviews on special sites, we can say that customers are used to working with the company in different directions and appreciate the proposed service. This partnership option is considered by those who use investments in Russia for a solid profit. I can note that clients highlight the work of consultants and managers, prompt resolution of complex issues.

Broker Reviews

Some of the comments in the work highlight the fact that since October 2017 Broker Discovery is actually controlled by the Central Bank, and, as you know, few people like to get involved with government representatives. To summarize, I’ll point out that a brokerage house (sometimes the company calls itself) Discovery and its subsidiaries are a good platform for newcomers who do not plan to trade on the stock exchanges themselves, or are just learning technologies.

A significant plus in diversification is a lot of areas for work, meaning less risk means more profit. Among the clients there are those who feel about themselves how to make a million with this platform. Traditionally, I want to wish you that cooperation with a financial holding company brings only pleasant emotions and juicy financial results.

Author Ganesa K.
A professional investor with 5 years of experience with various financial instruments, maintains his blog and advises depositors. Own effective methods and information support for investments.
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Comments (29) (Comments)
Victor (29.06.2019 to 05: 48)
Unfortunately, tech support, with all the accolades, no. For a week now I've been struggling to get data on a demo account on QUIK. Voice in the wilderness. No reaction
Mixa90 (08.05.2019 to 06: 29)
I like to work with companies in all that are among the top ten. This is one of them. I hope, and will not fail further, although the rapid increase in customers has so far subsided a bit.
irwin (04.05.2019 to 11: 38)
A lot of intrusive advertising about the broker. Opening was 4 a year ago, that's right everywhere. Now, apparently, things have returned to normal, and they have refused this.
Murkmark (10.04.2019 to 15: 18)
Not enthusiastic about the company's website, I worked with them at one time only for mutual funds, I had never come across shares. And the site is confusing. Comrades, make it clear.
Denis (25.02.2019 to 13: 51)
Even if you look at the news of the company, then you can understand for sure that the focus is solely on the new and what is new should be regular.
Anatoly (08.01.2019 to 15: 06)
I think that the broker Discovery will come up with something new soon, because it has set the bar very high for its customers, regularly offers them something tasty and if they do not, then they, of course, will go to a competitor. I do not think that the platform and its management will allow it.
Anton (03.01.2019 to 11: 14)
The fact that the site is included in the state program and partially returns the tax is a definite plus. I have not seen this with other brokers.
Dimka (03.12.2018 to 22: 12)
The main plus is that there is a protection system, but I didn’t work with coupons, but according to the protection system I can say that you have thought out a good thing for work, especially for extremely cautious investors, I would even say that they are paranoid in some way.
Smith (12.11.2018 to 15: 30)
I think that it is possible to work with the Opening broker only for the purchase of shares and for their specialists to do this. All other products are no different in the market, although I do not argue, solid and attractive.
Arkady (03.11.2018 to 13: 22)
I like working with brokers who have their own branches of banks, and the fact that the company has "merged" a bit with the Central Bank says only that it could not withstand the burdens from the state. I think now it is unlikely to let him go, but it’s quite profitable and safe to work with a broker. For one and a half years of work, I have never been thrown and have never addressed the service center, that the money has not been credited to the account or something else like that.
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