All about Forex - starting knowledge. How to start your way of a currency trader?

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How is the Forex market different from the stock market and how do you know who is suitable for whom?

How the Forex market differs from the stock market - in 2 minutes you can’t completely tell. I propose to learn in detail about what Forex is, its pros and cons. What is the stock market like and what are its strengths and weaknesses?

Discussions among traders do not cease to subside: which platform is better for work. They are joined by investors who do not know where it is safer and more efficient to invest their savings. I will understand, and in the beginning - the definition of one of the key concepts.

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How to make money on trading and what is needed for this?

Despite the fact that MTC and altcoins are up to date on a daily basis, talk about how to make money on cryptocurrency trading does not cease; who is engaged in trade and what skills, as well as psychological qualities should be inherent in a specialist.

It cannot be said that in order to earn money on trading you need to graduate from a university, but nevertheless the experience and knowledge gained from courses, educational programs or trainings will not hurt. Next, I’ll talk about what traders are, how to choose the market, the trading system, and what it takes to become a professional.

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Forex History

The history of the Forex market begins in ancient times. You can recall that one tribe traded metal from another for wood, stone for salt and many more different pairs. Some countries received their currencies, then exchange letters were used.

There was an attempt to tie the currencies of states to gold, and for some time it worked, but the crisis in the USA at the beginning of the 70's destroyed the financial idyll. As a result, a full-fledged Forex currency market appeared, and each of us, with the help of intermediaries, can make an investment in it. I'll start with the definition of the concept and its important features.

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Locking positions in Forex - an overview of the strategy and how to open a "lock"

Locking positions in Forex is one of the ways if you can’t make a profit, then at least wait for margin call loss reduction. This is not the only strategy used by traders, and, of course, has strengths and weaknesses. Do not assume that the “castle” is a panacea or 100% of the drawdown, then everyone would be a billionaire, opening at least one deal.

Recently, a strategy of reversal limit orders has been used as an alternative, but experienced traders are in no hurry to abandon the “castle” in their practice. It's time to talk about the main features of locking.

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Forex trust management and its types - what is the effectiveness of the WSB robot?

Trust management on Forex with the help of the WSB robot is an opportunity to invest funds and at the same time not to regularly monitor their work, current situation. The market has certain trading risks, but profitability is quite attractive. Using copying transactions or PAMM accounts still requires a certain amount of time and control from the investor.

Plus, it’s worthwhile to show analytical skills and choose the “right” trader. Automatic trading, in comparison with the manual mode, is more optimized, tested with proven efficiency, and is also, to some extent, a type of trust management.

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