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Cashback services

Namaste dear friends! It's time to talk not only about how to make money, but also how to spend it and at the same time return it.

You know that when you buy a T-shirt, sausage or gasoline - then you can return a certain percentage of the purchase amount back? Not? You lose a lot every day, I think it's time to stop doing it and start increasing your card account.

Cashback what is it?

So, what is cashback and how does it work? In Russia, it appeared not so long ago as abroad, and the percentage is not very fat yet, but I think it will stop soon, and every self-respecting bank or store will begin to provide a cashback service (at least to motivate the purchase). Translated from the English word CashBack translates as "return of money." But initially, this term had a slightly different meaning. Once upon a time, when the Internet worked thanks to the telephone, there were very few plastic card holders and ATMs in the world.

Cashback Card

And if a person wanted to withdraw money from the card, and there was no terminal nearby, he could go to the store, which provided cashback service and buy goods there with a small surcharge, and after paying the seller gave him this surcharge in paper bills. Having found out about such a service, the bankers decided to assign it to themselves (well, or pick up the idea of ​​cunning sellers), and began to return to their customers a small percentage of their purchases.

Very quickly it gained popularity, and now if we take for example US banks - each bank offers such a pleasant service to its client. All over the world, people use this service, and cashback has become just megapopular in all its directions. There is a huge amount of customer loyalty programs, you can buy jeans and get 2% of their value back, or you can find another purchase option where the return percentage will be higher. Decide only for buyers, what product or service they need to buy, and where the percentage is higher.

Cashback from purchases

Yes, the most popular cashback option is to go shopping and return with a plus on the card. For example, you went to the H & M store. We looked at a cardigan for the price of 5 000 rubles. The store has a cashback program for example 4% from the purchase. You bought this gorgeous cardigan. After some time, 200 rubles comes to your card on the card (direct ref program). This is your cashback.

Many banks cooperate with stores, check your bank - which store has a loyalty program through it. Maybe this is exactly the store where you are at least once a week. We have the opportunity to get a discount up to 40% for the purchase, but we must look for ... combine, etc. But the benefit will be on the face, as they say. There are a lot of services, starting with EPN Cashback and ending with small sites, where there are a couple of stores in the structure and a return to 1% bonuses.

Cashback aliexpress

Probably the most popular theme in general, is it aliexpress cashback or as some say "alibonus". Is it really that simple) have you seen the number of sellers on this site? Imagine what a wild competition there is! Therefore, every self-respecting Chinese seller simply has to motivate the client to buy from him. And then who comes to the rescue? That's right, he is.

Cashback Ali

There is a huge amount of cashback services, for example, here is one of them: Copicote (let's talk about the service in more detail in the next article). Just register and that's it. They provide 5.5% with purchase. The only condition is the purchase through the copicot, i.e. You need to switch to aliexpress from the service, otherwise the bonus will not be credited. But if you search in the open spaces of Runet, then you can probably find a more tasty percentage. Personally, I'm too lazy, because I need to read and see how the reviews work. I am not looking for hard ways.

LetyShops cashback service

And there is such a remarkable and popular service Letishops. The most popular cashback service in Russia. Over a million users! How is it different from other similar projects? The fact that it is connected to an unreal number of stores and services. More than 1000 - the choice is huge. Plus, the service likes to pamper its customers with various bonuses, promotions and an increase in the return from the purchase to 9%. There are all sorts of coupons). In general, I consider him a leader in this field.


Copicot service

In second place after LetyShop. But much less connected partners, but few duplicates. Those. if you did not find your shop in the list of lethop, then here it can be. He also likes to pamper his clients, but a little less. And he has one big drawback - it is slow. Earlier than after 4 of the month, you cannot withdraw your money.


Bank cards with cashback

What is a cashback card? Banks provide their customers with cards where the refund from the purchase function works. But the banks are tricky, they have few partners, and among them only those whose prices are initially too high. How would they return your overpayment percentage, but why? If around the corner you already buy the same thing, but at the right price.

Therefore, when you choose a bank card with this option, it is best to carefully examine all partners of the bank and the return percentage and amount. Some banks make a refund, for example: only at the gas station Gazprom (price for 92 is certainly too high compared to others), and only if you refuel your horse with 50 once a month. The meaning of such a bank with its bonus? Because 200 rubles search for this refueling, and burn liters of gasoline.

Tinkoff cashback

Oleg Tinkoff is gaining popularity, a good businessman. But not about him ... But his maps will be discussed. First, it does not have debit cards and ATMs. Only credit cards and online bank, will you be comfortable? Secondly, the percentage from 1 to 30 return. 1% is certainly not enough, but if you spend from a million a month - it will be a nice bonus. Quarterly categories are selected for which the increased bonus 5% will be paid. You can select categories in the bank office.

  • Tickets (air + railway)
  • Apparel
  • Footwear
  • Booksellers
  • Fuel
  • Restaurants, etc.

Choose you what you spend the most money on in a month. But no more than three categories for the increased bonus 5%. And sometimes Tinkoff holds unprecedented generosity, as much as 30% return from purchases from the networks of their partners. Among them:

  • Gett
  • Media Markt
  • Kari
  • Messenger
  • Ozone
  • Ebay
  • WildBerries, etc.


Everyone's favorite "sberych." Let's take a look at it. What does Sberbank offer us? They call it “Thank you from Sberbank” - 0.5% of the purchase (1 ruble = 1 score). Sberbank's generosity knows no bounds. But if you are a VIP client and you have a Premier card, you can increase the bonus in 6 times. But you cannot withdraw these bonuses to your home rubles, you can only spend them in the stores of the bank’s partner. But there is a plus - you will receive a bonus from any purchase, anyway, you bought bread or a ticket to the show.

Thank you from Sberbank


What does Alpha offer us? And he offers up to 10% of the cost at any gas station. 5% for shopping in restaurants. Already pleasant conditions, they know how to lure. True to 10% at the gas station - how much is the minimum? But there are a couple of big advantages:

  • You get a "World" card - and these are bonuses around the world.
  • Works with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Accrual of interest on the balance of the savings account up to 7%
  • Alfa-Bank partners provide customers with discounts up to 15%

And the final plus or minus you decide, the maximum amount of cashback - 60 000 rubles per year. But out of all three banks represented, I like Alfa-Bank.

Cards with cashback

I studied a lot of banks, saw a lot of numbers. And I decided to facilitate your search, so here is a sign of the best deals from banks (in my opinion).

Card (bank) Cashback Size Cost of Service Card type
Alfa-Bank from 5% to 10% from 599 rubles per month Debit
RosBank 7% (first three months) - 1% from 500 rubles per month Debit
Tinkoff 1% to 5% (selected categories) 99 rubles per month Credit
VTB24 from 1% to 3% (gas stations) 350 rubles per month Debit

Well, in general, then I told everything and explained, I will update the info as necessary. But I advise everyone to use the services and bank cards. Of course, you won’t save millions, but even if you return 50 000 rubles on your purchases a year, it will be a nice addition to your wallet.

I’ll write about services and maps in the following articles, and if you know about some fancy website that has a lot of stores in partners, then throw in comments. I will study, write a review and do it myself for my own selfish purposes.

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Andrei (05.06.2019 to 14: 32)
As for me, a cashback is a useful thing that allows you to return some of the money spent. I also advise you to follow all the offers of banks about cashback. Recently I came across https://b-cashback.com/ I really liked that there is a lot of information on bank cards with cashback on the site.
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