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Author: Ganesa

How to buy in online stores safely, quickly and profitably: a simple instruction for dummies

Last year, according to information from domestic banks, Russians spent 8,6 billion rubles on purchases in foreign online stores, which is 11% less than in 2018. During the quarantine period, the demand for online purchases increased and I think that such a direction will be observed for a long period. That is why I want to tell you how to buy in online stores with a profitable and safe, having formed a kind of instruction for dummies.

Why is it important not only in the price that the product is offered to buy and what other factors bribe it to stay on one or another site? Almost every 3rd purchase is carried out using a smartphone, and site owners know this and take appropriate measures to influence the buyer.

Author: Ganesa

Cashback with Aliexpress - how to return a percentage of the purchase of 2020 year?

Namaste dear readers! This is my second article on "What is cashback?", and it will talk about the most popular and hot issue on the Internet - this is how to get a good bonus when buying on AliExpress. This mega huge portal, for sellers and buyers from around the world, has long surpassed the eBay giant. And for good reason First of all, these are prices!

They are more attractive than on eBay. The number of products on 30% more, or rather the assortment, I think it is more correct to say so. Support - also on the level! If the seller is a "fraudster", then you have a huge amount of time after the purchase to ask for help and return your money to your wallet. Yes, and all sorts of bonuses all the time ... I think there’s enough advertising, let's get down to more important and interesting.

Author: Ganesa

What is cashback? Cashback - refund for purchases

Namaste dear friends! It's time to talk not only about how to make money, but also how to spend it and at the same time return it.

You know that when you buy a T-shirt, sausage or gasoline - then you can return a certain percentage of the purchase amount back? Not? You lose a lot every day, I think it's time to stop doing it and start increasing your card account.

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