Mining Monero (Monero) in 2020 year - on the video card, on the processor

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Mining Monero

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Mining Monero (Monero) can be another revolution not only financially, but also cryptomir, since developers are ready to regularly change the protocol in order not to make the extraction of a crypt solely for those who have the means to buy asik miners. Chinese manufacturers are not too sharing the optimism of the authors Monero and try to come up with something effective.

Loyal electricity consumption, consistently high rates on the stock exchanges, speed of finding blocks - in this case, the monero mining calculator says that mining is quite popular and effective even at home, so AMD and Nvidia video cards can help with this. How else can I get XMR, I study with you.

How Monero Works

Officially, Monero appeared on 25 on April 2014, and literally in 5 months it was subjected to a massive hacker attack, but the mining and its popularity did not suffer. Since the fraudsters could not get their hands on the issue of coins, and one of the key features in this matter was the specific mining. I will not discover America if I say that extraction of crypto currency gradually develops into the industrial segment, and has already fully entered the commercial rails. The same crypt is based on the CryptoNote application layer protocol, so Monero is notable for its strong protection and anonymity. In order to get XMR, use video cards, processors, proprietary applications and pools, but first things first.

Mining Monero Youtube

Mining Monero on the video card

Just want to note that the mining on video cards can be performed on AMD and Nvidia, but the latter is a little worse, more precisely less efficient. In fact, the extraction of this crypt is no different from others - Monero is mined as a result of the generated block in a certain algorithm. The key feature is that you don't need expensive. Mining farm, which means that the Monero cost price will be much lower, and there is a high probability of getting a steady income by placing it on the stock exchange. Especially since the moment is often included in the mining, that the crypt falls directly on the exchange wallet. What do we need for mining Monero:

  1. Create a special wallet;
  2. Choose a suitable pool (or even several);
  3. Configure and run.
Since the Monero mining occurs on a video card, an average gaming computer can handle it, which means that the cost of production is possible for many beginners.

Mining at AMD

Many choose this option of extraction for the Ether, but since Monero is notable for heightened confidentiality and a good trading course, many have recently begun to rely on it. In fact, installing and launching a mining will not take more than half an hour, and payback is a matter of fact - within a month you can earn a new, improved graphics card.

Monero AMD

The extraction algorithm is simple:

  • Download and install a special miner;
  • Traditionally, the program is unpacked after saving (at this stage, mining Monero may require a reboot);
  • Choosing a special pool, taking into account commissions and ways of working, as a rule, both experienced and novice miners prefer nanopool;
  • We enter the address of the wallet and the name of the worker in the required field.

Important point: After the hard forks of the network, it is mandatory to add the pow7 1 symbols to the claymore gpu-miner configuration.

Mining at Nvidia

Suitable for video cards and processors, but in order to get new Nvidia drivers, go to the official website. Next, to get Monero, you need to install and run a program, for example, a cuda-miner, suitable for both medium and powerful Intel processors. You can run the program through the bat-file, and if you did everything correctly, a console window and new pop-up balls will appear.

Monero Nvidia

This miner is the most profitable for Nvidia, because by increasing the extraction rate, the efficiency increases by 10-15% than other developers. Plus, you can use the Minergate pool and the EWBF program, which allows you to engage in mining, not only Monero, but other crypts without conflict.

Mining Monero on a CPU

Together with Monero mining on a video card, you can choose mining on a processor, in particular, a CPU. Technologically, the process is not much different from the extraction of currency on the video card. In order to streamline the process, it is necessary to provide for:

  • The presence of the processor itself, of course, that the more powerful the better;
  • A purse where the mined Coins will go;
  • Decide on a pool;
  • Select a miner, download and install it.
Some experienced miners offer internal purses of exchanges, in particular, Yobit and Exmo, as the main wallet for storing Monero, since the local wallet for XMR is rather complicated. Of course, keeping funds on the stock exchange is not exactly the right approach, but you can immediately start a transaction with this crypt, and, having received another crypt in return, transfer it to a more reliable wallet, and if you buy fiat, put it on the card.

Mining Monero on a CPU

When the stock wallet is installed, select the XMR in the list of supporting currencies and click on “Top up”. The next stage of Monero mining is the selection of a pool for technical and commercial characteristics. Looking ahead, after you have downloaded the file, unpack the config.txt, enter the address of the wallet and run the bat-file. Job statistics are visible in each specific pool. What kind of pool for Monero to choose, directly depends on the efficiency and profitability, evenly, when we choose cloud mining, which allows us to rely on a certain reward, for example, in bitcoin.

Monero Mine Pool

It is possible to mine Monero with the help of powerful enough computers, while still need to look for a special pool. Monero is often compared with Bitcoin, and if Bitcoin does not make sense to extract oneself, then in the case of Monero, there is still a sense, although there is more RAM to record the transaction in 8. At the same time, we simply cannot do without a pool if we mine on a video card or processor. Almost 99% of all manners are mined by Monero using such sites, and therefore, their choice should be taken as seriously as possible, taking into account:

  • Performance;
  • Number of participants;
  • The principle of the distribution of awards - equally or by share;
  • Size of commissions;
  • Minimum stationary costs;
  • Minimum amount for withdrawal;
  • The average of what percentage of Monero blocks mined is accounted for by merging
Minergate star
A key feature in the ability to mine different crypts on different algorithms. For convenience, there is an application for smartphones that allows you to mine altcoins. According to statistics, every Monero 9 block is mined here. On average, a miner with the 1000 kH / s technical part can earn up to a 0,15 XMR per week, which is approximately 26 dollars. Can be used for operating systems Windows (only x64 discharge), Linux or MacOS. On the union gets mining 15% blocks. For a full download, you can earn up to 300 XMR per month. instruction Go to MinerGate
Dwarfpool stars
The key feature is not so many participants in the union, but not too high performance. To start work, you do not need to register, and the loyal 1,5% commission is quite suitable for many participants. I draw your attention to the fact that when withdrawing the mined Monero, you need to pay another commission - 0,008 XMR for local wallets or 0,014 XMR for exchange wallets. Differ in the increased safety. 18 Mh / s performance. instructions Go to Dwarfpool stars
The pool accounts for 10% of all blocks. 25-26 Mh / s performance. On average, 2000 users are running. According to statistics, weekly earnings are 30-40 XMR. The size of the commission is 2%, but for the withdrawal you need to accumulate 0,3 XMR. Mostly suitable for advanced users who work in mining Monero with multiple processors. For convenience, there are statistics online. instruction Go to Monero.Crypto-pool stars
Exceptional feature - the possibility of extraction exclusively Monero. The average performance is not too large, and it provides its order 600 getters. There are 7 mining ports with total 25000 complexity. The minimum payout for withdrawals is 0,5 XMR, and for convenience of payments, an automatic payment is provided every 6 hours. Suitable for beginners who are engaged in mining on processors. Performance is 3-4 Mh / s, this is not a very big figure, but for beginners it is enough. instructions Go to

You can also bet on Nicehash, as those who want to buy power, or those who want to sell them, signing a contract. And about how to register at the site, how to start working and make a profit - in the ready-made material on the GQ Blog Monitor.

Monero mining algorithm

In order to slightly “step on the heels” of Asic, the Monero developers have already stated several times that they will regularly change the extraction algorithm, there is no clear timetable, but the first fork has already been carried out. In their opinion, the CryptoNote protocol should support anonymity, decentralization, and also allow crypt to be obtained by many, and not only by owners of superpower devices. To me, it’s like trying to overcome a big conspiracy theory.

Monero Algorithm

The CryptoNote algorithm for Monero, unlike SHA-256, has several advantages, for example, regular forks of the network will reduce the hypothetical pressure on the miners. Secondly, the reduction of centralization is a key trump card in the way of the advancement of all the crypts of the world, and Monero in particular. Thirdly, passive income can be provided to many market participants, and not just sharks. In fact, Monero is based on a cyclic signature protocol, so it is very convenient and practical in the anonymity setting segment. The lack of the necessary deep figure-out is a key feature of mining, and this opens up opportunities even for working on a laptop or a stationary PC.

Monero mining profitability

Speaking of mining cryptocurrency, factors such as:

  • Protocol;
  • Mining equipment;
  • Electricity consumption;
  • Quotes exchanges.

Since XMR is quite realistic to mine even at home, and the cost of purchasing equipment is not too high, this is a plus in the positive aspects of the crypt. Secondly, profitability increases, because Monero can be listed on the stock exchange and, after playing on the course, you can buy other coins. The hashing rate is growing rapidly, and this is a good indicator. Since the XMR token is often associated with holding a pamp, some potential getters treated it extremely doubtfully, but since each new block is generated about once every 2 minutes, then the efficiency of mining per person. At the same time, many independent miners highly appreciate Monero's reliability and do not even abandon their loot when traveling in other countries.

The profitability of mining Monero

Since the mining Monero is still more down to earth and affordable than bitcoin, and a bit similar, but simplified than Ethereum, it can be said that the currency can become available to many, and it is quite possible with successful trading on the stock exchanges and earn a million. Since the developers are planning to constantly adjust the working Monero algorithm, mining on the video cards will remain one of the main ways to get the crypt. Traditionally, you wish you only profitable mining Monero, successful work with many crypts and a successful course on the stock exchanges.

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Comments (31) (Comments)
Goldeb (03.06.2018 to 12: 18)
In fact, the mining of Monero is very convenient and it’s great that the developers (the fantastic five, as they are called) keep the opportunity to receive the crypt on their own for everyone, and not just the giants with a bag of money for the technical base.
kriket2 (02.06.2018 to 11: 17)
I have Monero in my crypto portfolio, he used to mine it himself, and eventually withdrew from it and use the services of cloud platforms. I can not say that it is more effective, just do not waste time on it.
Serduk (31.05.2018 to 14: 57)
We still turn to pools, and this is not an independent mining, although on the other hand it is simply impossible to get a token in a different way.
Dima (31.05.2018 to 03: 36)
I had read Monero mining before, but there was a short article, it is written here in more detail. I think he has good prospects.
giros33 (28.05.2018 to 07: 25)
When I chose the currency for the main mining at the end of 2016, the fact that it was breaking was important for me when choosing Monero, but everything remained intact. I think that this algorithm itself has become the key one, since it mixes all the network data into a vinaigrette.
Ivan (27.05.2018 to 18: 48)
It is unlikely that mining Monero prolongs the service life used for this video card and / or processor. Their depreciation must be considered when calculating the profitability of mining.
Alexander (25.05.2018 to 09: 24)
In fact, anonymity is important not only in the transaction - who transferred it to whom, and your balance remains hidden, because if you work hard and someone knows the address of your wallet - you can see. Yes, the minint of the military-technical cooperation is so expensive that the future will obviously be in the hands of “everyday crypts”, I call it so if it is possible to mine at home.
Richard (24.05.2018 to 22: 22)
Article- detailed instructions for the extraction of cryptocurrency Monero! It remains only to buy equipment)
Ronniy (23.05.2018 to 15: 29)
I tried to work at Dwarfpool, a really good and high-quality playground. Well, the fact that Monero is difficult to track - finally a serious trump card. And if mine is also better not to shine, you never know who can lay you in special agencies.
Farni (21.05.2018 to 19: 20)
I think that the rate last year so abruptly jumped on this currency - not only the merit of the mining algorithm itself, but in fact all the crypts grew. I think a lot has been fueled by the fact that the Asiki began to clash with the system.
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