How cloud mining works and what is its benefit for investors and anyone who wants to receive cryptocurrency. Rating of cloud mining services

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Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is one of the easiest and fastest ways to practice knowing the world of cryptocurrency and get coins without direct physical participation. Each client is looking for reliable mining, which offers good rates of return, works with several algorithms for mining different cryptocurrencies, has a solid reputation and exposes loyal amounts to start a partnership.

In my material I will give recommendations on the choice of reliable services, I will tell you about the principle of capacity distribution, how to calculate the profit in advance, and which cryptocurrency for cloud-mining is the most popular. Read all in my article.

TOP cloud mining services

In order for my readers and partners not only to get acquainted with services for cloud mining, but also to profit from it, I offer, in my opinion, the most stable companies with a good reputation.

Hashing24 stars
A convenient platform for professionals and beginners. The service allows you to extract exclusively VTS. Industrial miners in the market for more than 5 years and during this time have significantly increased the technical park of farms. The main supplier of technical capacity - the company BitFury (yield 160.83% per year) instruction Go to Hashing24
Cloud mining
HashNest stars
The site is based on the SHA256 algorithm. The platform offers to invest in ready-made power, or to buy a separate manner, which will be delivered to the DATA-center within 72 hours. Interestingly, the team’s electricity bill is calculated automatically from each investor’s profit. There is an internal exchange for capacity trading. (yield 134% per year) instruction Go to HashNest
Mining site
Minergate star
The pool allowing to attract currency through the browser, for convenience of work the Smart mode is provided. It offers a solid amount of coins for mining, while there is no reduction in the hashrate for mining the main coin. There are many interface languages ​​available. 2 type of awards is available: PPLNS and PPS and the corresponding commissions: for the first option - 1%, the second - 1,5% (yield 100% per year) instruction Go to MinerGate instruction Go to Hashflare Zcash

Most often offered just bitcoin mining, about the technical nuances of which I have already spoken in my material on the blog. The popularity of the PTS is associated with the complexity of the blockchain and the constant complication in the extraction of blocks. Some resources specialize in other coins, choosing for this the appropriate equipment and algorithms.

Long-term contracts
Services traditionally offer long-term contracts, although from time to time tariff lines are updated through flexible short-term offers.

What is cloud mining and how it works

Cloud mining is an opportunity to receive cryptocurrencies and positive feedback from those who have chosen this line of investment without a personalized purchase and farm operation, once again confirms this. In fact, this one way to get passive incomeand which are still relevant and accessible today - in my material. The principle of the cloud company is quite simple:

  • the administration buys a piece of equipment and places it in countries with cheap energy and legal conditions for operations;
  • through advertising campaigns, investments are made to customers who are going to expand technical capacities;
  • The received cryptomonettes are distributed taking into account the amounts contributed between the partners.

The advantages of cloud mining compared to other ways of investing

process Weak sides Advantages of cloud mining
Bank deposit
  • low interest;
  • attachments exclusively in fiat
  • the percentage is higher (from 3 to 10% per month);
  • investments in cryptocurrency, as well as Fiat.
Buying Property
  • a starting large amount is required;
  • long payback time;
  • the need for control and additional investments (repair).
  • investments are available with 1 dollar, and also without any investment;
  • reinvestment and increase of the deposit, opening a new client.
Real business investment
  • high risk;
  • long payback period.
  • average risk;
  • payback is achieved after 10 – 15 months after investment.
Purchase of shares
  • the need to use the services of brokers.
  • direct cooperation.
Hip projects
  • high risk;
  • lack of conditions for the conclusion of contracts.
  • official contract (if desired by the client);
  • availability of documents authorizing the activity.

How to make money on cloud mining

Considering cloud mining and wondering: how much can you earn in a month, is it worth initially to determine What method of cooperation with the service is chosen:

  • investing in a finished project;
  • rent out some or all of your own equipment.

The most popular first option, since it is less expensive to start a partnership. The client registers on the site, buys certain capacities, makes a profit on the terms of the company. The average in the market is from 3% to 10% per month. If you have an asic miner (for example, you bought it for self-production, but the cost price is too expensive or for other reasons you decided to stop the independent process), you can rent it out or sell it.

Cloud mining system

At the initial stage, as well as with time for the development of the company, they cooperate with the owners of farms and buy used equipment on favorable terms. Such announcements can be found periodically on specialized sites. As a rule, payments are received in cryptocurrency, so you need to have your wallet, and then the funds received can be exchanged for Fiat or sent for trading on best cryptocurrency exchangesabout which my material is already ready.

Capacity purchase

The direct way is to buy power. Conveniently, each client, getting acquainted with the working conditions, for example at nicehash, chooses for himself a suitable tariff plan. You buy power remotely and, as it were, take your company equipment for a while. Buying power, pay attention to such aspects:

  • type of payment;
  • in what currency are the funds deposited and withdrawn;
  • the term of the contract;
  • stable or dynamic profitability.

This is one of the surest ways how to earn bitcoin, and what methods are still worth considering - in the already prepared material on the blog.

Creating a farm

Creating your own farm is problematic because:

  • equipment must be purchased (the average price of a mini-farm from 2,5 thousand dollars);
  • launch and control of all processes;
  • organization of mining in countries where it is possible to obtain an official permit for it or if there is no official ban on such activities in the territory of the state.

In order to establish cloud mining, you must have a staff of specialists and constantly monitor the work of asic-processors or video cards.

Attracting partners

If you choose cloud mining, for example hashflare, you can increase profits by attracting partners. Affiliate program is presented in several levels. Taking part in promotions, promotion, distributing your referral link can be obtained on average up to 5-7% of partners' investments. Companies that are just entering the market are particularly interested in this service.

Youtube cloud mining

Cloud Mining without Attachments

Available and mining without investment. To do this, you need to find a platform that offers bonuses for fulfilling a number of conditions, and then the funds received are invested in the company and bring profit. Among such conditions, there is a bonus for registration, a bonus for attracted partners, the development of promotion actions. Large amounts can not be counted on, but there are advantages in the method:

  • parallel work with several projects;
  • no financial risks;
  • gaining investment experience.

Recently there has been a trend that new companies offer ethereum mining (about the technical nuances of the process in my material), making a bet on him, and not on the PTS. This can be explained by the instability of Bitcoin, and besides this by the fact that ETH's home production has almost completely exhausted itself. Multicurrency cloud farms, which operate on the erc20 algorithm, are gradually gaining popularity.

Service selection

Understanding how cloud mining works and what it is in the modern world, you need a competent approach to choosing a service for investments. In addition to the many promotional materials, customer reviews that are already cooperating with the site, I recommend to take into account such aspects:

  • reputation of the company in ratings, on forums;
  • where is it;
  • Does the site offer live tracking of farm work?
  • Interest rates adequate to market conditions.

Registration Bonuses

Choosing cloud mining with a bonus, you should understand: it is charged only for registration or you need to make at least the minimum deposit. Bonuses are allocated in GH / s. Of course, this is not a big capital, but for starting work with sites with a long period is enough. When the client has ceased to doubt the performance and reliability of the service, he can make his deposit. If investing is not accepted in Fiat, my material is about how and where to buy cryptocurrencypublished on will be useful for you.

Sign Up Bonus

Power distribution

The basic principle of cloud mining is: the more you invest, the more power you expect, which means the return on investment period is shortened, and this rule is relevant even if you personally look for reliable websites in advance for investing or collaborating without investing in 2019. The capacity indicator also depends on the conditions of the selected contract, sometimes it can be increased during promotional periods.

Cloud Mining Calculator

A reliable company always offers a mining calculator. The online program allows you to calculate how much power you will receive, recalculate it into percentages, and then can offer a calculation:

  • by days;
  • weeks;
  • months;
  • specify the time of arrival at breakeven.

Most often, you can find out about future profits even before registration. As a rule, such services, iq mining in particular, offers a calculator on the main page. Choosing cloud mining, which works now and in the future will pay funds in 2019, it is important to predict the current rate of the extracted cryptocurrencies in advance. Now in many forums, every review literally shouts: bitcoin has decreased in market value by 10% per day, but many expect a price jump on it and on altcoins next year.

Profit indicator
Please note: most companies reserve the right to unilaterally change the rate of profit, as well as the amount of rent.

Summarizing, I will mark: Mining farmAs I have already said in my material, a technically costly system that requires not only tremendous monetary investments, but knowledge and experience of how to work with them, choosing a location, and studying legislative nuances. It is much easier and faster for profit to choose cloud mining, where it is enough to arrange a deposit, virtually rent power, and make a regular profit.

Some resources, like genesis mining or the giant eobot, have already established themselves as reliable partners in cloud mining. But there are currencies that can not be mined, they have a strict emission, and if you are interested in just such - read how to buy cryptocurrency ripl, especially since analysts predict her good prospects. I wish you that the choice of service taking into account all the parameters was direct hits on 10-ku, and the profit from the production of cryptocurrency was regularly credited to your account.

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