Cryptocurrency capitalization or what is the price of virtual money?

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Cryptocurrency capitalization

Few people know what “cryptocurrency capitalization” is, and in fact, cryptographs rightly consider the future currency and knowing what their price depends on is the duty of every inhabitant of the planet who considers himself financially literate. The realities of modern life are such that to be successful in a world that is constantly changing and acquiring innovations, you can only keep up with all these innovations.

And although the cryptocurrency is no longer a wonder, and many people have long known about it and successfully earned it, there are still many gaps in knowledge about cryptographic signs. In this article I will cover the issue of cryptocurrency capitalization, I will tell you in detail what it is and what the price of cryptocurrency depends on.

Capitalization is

The concept of capitalization is often misunderstood due to the low financial literacy of the majority of the population, although the concept is not new. What is the only thing they do not attribute this concept to and, often, it simply loses its deep meaning.

Capitalization is the market value of the assets (most often referring to company shares) in circulation. In order to know the capitalization, you need to multiply the number of all available shares by the price of one.

Let me explain this concept with a simple example. There is a company that issues shares in the number of 100 pieces, and one such share of the company has a value of 100 000 rubles. In order to find out how much the whole company costs by the standards of the exchange, the shares of which are represented in the shares, it is necessary to multiply the number of these shares by the cost per piece. Thus, the price of our company, and hence the capitalization, is 10 million rubles. It was in such an experimental way that we established what capitalization is and why it depends directly.

Cryptocurrency capitalization

If we talk about cryptocurrency, then each of its varieties has its own capitalization (for example, onecoin capitalization). At the same time, do not confuse capitalization with the exchange rate - these are different concepts, although interrelated with each other - the higher the exchange rate becomes, the higher the market capitalization rises. But with cryptocurrency is not so simple as with the shares of the company, which was presented above. If the number of shares is amenable to accounting and accounting, then with cryptocurrency the situation is somewhat different and it follows from the very peculiarities of virtual money. First of all, it is important to note that, in general, the issue of cryptocurrency capitalization is rather controversial - many financiers and researchers in this field refer to the fact that it is simply impossible to establish the exact amount of the market value of any of the cryptocurrencies. It is based on the fact that many cryptographic signs have long been lost and it is not possible to determine how many such ones are and where they are. For example, the creator (or creators) of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamotu went missing, “taking” 1 million cuts with him. There are also numerous cases where, at the dawn of cryptocurrency, virtual money disappeared along with lost passwords, burned hard drives that were stored on, etc. Today, when humanity has comprehended the value of virtual money (many make Bitcoin investment), they are just not lost, but still, some cases of missing cryptographs are taking place.

Methods and mechanisms

Capitalization methods

So, the capitalization of a cryptocurrency depends on its total quantity and the cost per unit. The mechanism for calculating the market value of any of the cryptocurrencies is quite underdeveloped, because, according to many experts, the amount that is called today is very far from the real situation. This is due to the very specifics of the cryptographs, whose number is constantly increasing (for example, the reason why Bitcoin cloud mining and mining of other altcoins). These are not company stocks that were issued once and are rising or falling in price, because both Bitcoin and altcoins continue to be generated. Do not forget that to know the exact number even of those bitcoins is simply impossible.

It is known how many cryptographs were generated, but to establish that they really exist at a given time is an unrealistic task. Nevertheless, few people listen to the experts, and in the wake of the hype around Bitcoin, everyone continues to calculate its market value. At the same time, everyone continues to turn a blind eye to the fact that Bitcoin or another currency is a banknote, albeit a virtual one, and it is not advisable to equate it with company shares - is it possible to pay for a company share in a cafe or a store? Anyway, according to preliminary estimates, from 1,5 to 4 million bitcoins are lost forever, because if the data from the hard disk is lost, then restore access to the wallets, and therefore the currency, is not possible. As for me, this is quite an impressive amount in order to calculate the market value of the cue ball as incorrect. Thus, the concept of “cryptocurrency capitalization” is quite relative, and many are skeptical about whether it is possible to apply this formulation to cryptographic signs at all.

Cryptocurrency market

Nevertheless, a cryptocurrency market exists, and an investor who wants to invest in this direction, it is simply necessary to keep records of the total value of one or another cryptocurrency. Why do you ask, because it seems to be enough to know the course of the currency? In fact, capitalization shows an important parameter, which gives an idea of ​​which currency is worth mining or which one to keep your savings. Despite the limited emission, the market value of cryptocurrency is a priori programmed for continuous economic development. Since the number of signs of a currency is constantly increasing, and the exchange rate is growing depending on the need, capitalization cannot remain unchanged or go down. The most popular, and therefore expensive in every sense, currency is Bitcoin - it is he who has the largest market capitalization (and there is no kriptovalyuta monero or others can not compare with this crypto giant). Moreover, this cryptocurrency even breaks market value records - at the beginning of 2017, the amount reached 15 billion US dollars. At the same time, I note that Bitcoin is the most volatile, and its course is constantly jumping in different directions - of course, and capitalization will change its performance.

Cryptocurrencies and market capitalization

The cryptocurrency market is very unstable and various exchanges show different pricing policies in relation to it. Since cryptocurrencies have high volatility, indicators on one exchange may be less than another, and even at different times of the day, you can get different indicators when calculating capitalization. However, it cannot be denied that the cryptocurrency market exists - it exists and even develops very actively - it’s not for nothing that they consider cryptocurrency to be the currency of the future. After the general interest of cryptocurrency and the inflow of real money into its market, the scale of this very market began to increase significantly. Many even little-known cryptocurrencies can boast that their capitalization has reached not only millions, but also billions, and this contributes to an even greater increase in demand for virtual currency units.

# Logo Name Symbol Algorithm USD price Market capitalization
1 Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC SHA-256 9111.42 166327000000.00
2 Ethereum Ethereum ETH Dagger-Hashimoto 230.433 25341800000.00
3 XRP XRP XRP ECDSA 0.239548 10496500000.00
4 Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash BCH SHA-256 778.107 13262100000.00
5 Tether Tether USDT 1.00391 4660520000.00
6 EOS EOS EOS 6.01433 4560090000.00
7 Litecoin Litecoin LTC Scrypt 62.052 3985450000.00
8 Cardano Cardano ADA SHA-256 0.149199 3868290000.00
9 NEO NEO NEO 53.3117 3465260000.00
10 TRON TRON TRX 0.0489173 3216220000.00
11 IOTA IOTA DAG 2.5058 6964950000.00
12 IOTA MIOTA 1.10877 3081860000.00
13 Stellar Stellar XLM Transaction fee 0.0600971 1215370000.00
14 Monero Monero XMR CPU mining, CryptoNight 68.9933 1205380000.00
15 Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic ETC Dagger-Hashimoto 8.19615 953322000.00
16 Qtum Qtum Qtum 14.6548 1296710000.00
17 Binance Coin Binance Coin BNB Transaction fee 10.9314 1082360000.00
18 Dash Dash DASH X11 90.6503 848995000.00
19 ICON ICON ICX 2.56023 990918000.00
20 OmiseGO OmiseGO OMG SHA-256 8.98254 916601000.00
21 Iconomi Iconomi ICN 3.65822 361909000.00
22 Bitcoin Gold Bitcoin Gold BTG 48.8089 825353000.00
23 NEM NEM XEM Blockchain 0.0544788 490309000.00
24 Zcash Zcash ZEC Equihash 52.2329 483868000.00
25 Populous Populous PPT Scrypt 13.5363 500898000.00
26 Dogecoin Dogecoin DOGE Scrypt 0.00250967 310194000.00
27 Status of Construction Status of Construction SNT Transaction fee 0.0866719 300793000.00
28 Decred Decred DCR Blake256 19.0474 205461000.00
29 Veritaseum Veritaseum VERI Scrypt 131.985 268807000.00
30 Lisk Lisk LSK sidechain 1.39453 170641000.00
31 Ethos Ethos Bqx 1.87809 139967000.00
32 Augur Augur REP Smart contract 12.5996 138595000.00
33 Waves Waves WAVES Transaction fee 1.31133 132860000.00
34 MonaCoin MONA 1.88701 124032000.00
35 Namecoin Namecoin NMC 5.87968 86645400.00
36 Gas Gas GAS Scrypt 16.8641 168446000.00
37 Funfair Funfair FUN Scrypt 0.0340629 156862000.00
38 Siacoin Siacoin SC Blake2b 0.00227296 95048300.00
39 DigixDAO DigixDAO DGD Smart contract 43.2032 86406500.00
40 Bytecoin Bytecoin BCN CPU mining, CryptoNight 0.000458511 84396600.00
41 clams clams CLAM 20.0729 72426400.00
42 DigiByte DigiByte DGB SHA256, Scrypt, Qubit, Skein, Groestl 0.00638799 82363400.00
43 Syscoin Syscoin SYS Scrypt 0.0992332 54846400.00
44 TokenCard TokenCard TKN 2.30486 54496200.00
45 Bitcoindark Bitcoindark BTCD SHA-256 44.9151 57889300.00
46 Komodo Komodo KMD Equilhash 0.64342 76349600.00
47 Counterparty Counterparty XCP Transaction fee 32.925 86180000.00
48 TenX TenX PAY 0.962847 100773000.00
49 Aragon Aragon ANT 4.31076 114141000.00
50 Melon Melon MLN 45.0895 36635300.00

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