is an Bittrex Asian partner with an attractive bounty program.

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Bitsdaq is a division, a company partner of the American Bittrex exchange. The site is aimed not only at the Asian region, but also at conquering it significantly and quickly. In cooperation with the platform, the interesting and generous bounty program that is being offered until the end of March also attracts.

In order to work on bitsdaq, you need to register, and a daily login to your personal account will give 200 HVAC. In terms of its functionality, the exchange is similar to many other platforms, and working with it is quite simple. About the nuances of getting free coins - my new material. - Crypto Exchange for the Asian Region

Studying what the exchange and how much it can be trusted, at bitsdaq attracts the fact that it is a partner of the popular Asian platform Bittrex, and active attention to the exchange bitsdaq in the past few weeks, when the bonus program was actively launched. Experts also clarify that this is not just a stock exchange, this is a technology with the help of which a more trustworthy trade is built for traders in the Asian region on Bitrex.

Today, among the working currencies - the popular dollar, Bitcoin, ethereum, Ripple, but it is planned to expand them.

Sign up

In order to become a trader on bitsdaq, you must go through the mandatory registration. You must specify a mailbox and come up with a rather complicated password. Next to the address will come the activation code. Registration is available for those who are 18 years old.

Sign up


To complete the work in your personal profile, you must confirm your phone number.

Exchange interface

By their functional features, bitsdaq is practically the same as other platforms. The working languages ​​are Chinese and English. If you want to register in Russian on the bitsdaq exchange, you can translate the page by selecting the appropriate function in the browser. Powered support service. Since the site is new, in my cryptocurrency exchange rating she has not hit yet, but I hope that in a couple of months she will show significant results in work. You can follow the work of the platform in social networks, in particular:

  • YouTube;
  • Twitter;
  • Telegrams;
  • LinkedIn.

In order to conduct a different exchange on bitsdaq, you must select the appropriate pair, wait for the desired course and conduct a transaction. There are charts for the convenience of the traders.


What you can get coins

Despite the fact that the crypt market held a bearish mood for a long time, a bullish trend is starting up and bitsdaq airdrop is a good opportunity to get free tokens and start them up in the future. In the material on told, how steblecoin differs from tokenand how profitable they are. Want more details - read the review. It is practical and beneficial that the Asian stock market bitsdaq offers a fairly generous bounty program for everyone, regardless of the total capital that they are willing to invest in trading.

Action on the exchange and how many tokens can be obtained?

Action Bonus amount
Sign up 1000 BXBC
Verification 5000 BXBC
Partnership program 800 BXBC
If the partner passed the verification 1800 BXBC
For daily visits to the exchange 200 BXBC


Reading the testimonials of traders and customers of, one can notice that many people appreciate the administration’s generosity, especially since similar offers do not appear on the market every day. In the submission, where to buy cryptocurrency, I told the main ways, plus, described and free opportunity - airdrop. The bitsdaq bounty program is designed for many clients and runs until March 31. Then the tokens will be converted to Fiat.

Since the bonus program from bitsdaq at the very start, the available reviews online indicate that this is a good opportunity to get free HBC. A significant argument is the popularity of the American exchange, whose partner is the new platform, and the expansion of Asian expansion at its expense. Informational hype around the cryptotrading site began in mid-January and has not yet subsided.

When the stock exchange, in particular, bitsdaq holds ico, this is a good opportunity to participate in pre-sale and at better prices or to get coins for free. The emergence of tokens and their entry into the full-fledged trading market plays its role in positive cryptocurrency forecast. Plus, lately, the popularity is growing not so much to the top ones as to the new tokens.

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Comments (34) (Comments)
Vladimir Kholodkov (27.03.2019 to 16: 46)
Here's what the BXBC Candy Campaign Event a) managed to find out. Early a) BXBC (4000BXBC) will be given to those users who submitted their KYC before the end of the event (26 March 2019 of the year, 19: 00 UTC + 8) b) Other actions, such as daily login, referral, registration, deposit, trading and reward for product reviews will be credited if this happens before the end date. c) Any KYC submitted after the end date will not be awarded to BXBC d) You will receive a reward within 30 business days. e) You will not lose your candy if you do not have KYC, however KYC is required for withdrawal. f) For information on exchanging BXBC Candy, please wait for the announcement.
Kirill (29.04.2019 to 06: 55)
Vladimir Kholodkov, so when can I convert?
Aleksfx (27.03.2019 to 07: 55)
Something today did not give a bonus (((perhaps the limits were out, let's wait a little more
Vladimir Kholodkov (27.03.2019 to 16: 39)
Aleksfx, it means that I don’t have one, thought some kind of failure.
Alice (17.03.2019 to 12: 42)
If Americans and Asians are connected with the BitsDaq exchange, then there will be sense. Because both of them are advanced people.
Trubilo (15.03.2019 to 13: 30)
My opinion is that a couple of weeks and then the conditions will be tough. They will not be able to pull such a distribution and provide it with a fiat. Although the latter is not itself indicated. Coins give, but who does not speak and does not guarantee that you will do with them.
Vladimir Kholodkov (14.03.2019 to 16: 53)
Anna, I don’t know what you are doing this, my code came right after registering a phone number. Choose a country code and enter your number and here’s a confirmation code.
Jacob (14.03.2019 to 11: 09)
Maybe BitsDaq is superbirge, but it’s better to choose the one in which you are 100% sure and not to rush about like something in the hole.
Sasha (13.03.2019 to 13: 51)
By design, the site bitsdaq reminds divorce, on the Internet there is not a single fact about a partnership with bittrex, it’s very similar to a divorce.
Alexander (19.03.2019 to 05: 54)
Sasha, today made a trial XRP transaction from the exmo exchange on bitdaq. The transaction was successful in a few minutes. So the exchange functions, which is already good.
Voron (13.03.2019 to 07: 35)
In fact, only 5000 coins, if you just go to your office. Very generous and there are questions about how Bitsdaq is really solvent. But without trying, we will not know.
Inna (11.03.2019 to 02: 19)
As soon as there was interest in trading, I think the BitsDaq exchange is ideal for starting acquaintance.
Sergei (10.03.2019 to 13: 55)
I agree with those who wrote above, that for a long time there have been no distributions. Let's see how much April token will cost 1.
Elena (08.06.2019 to 20: 26)
Sergey, hello! a lot of time has passed. What about this exchange and our tokens? and where are all admins?
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