Scam (SCAM) - what is it? Signs of scam and whether there is life after it.

Posted by: Ganesa

What is a scam?

I write a lot about how to make money online, but at the same time I always clarify that each project has a risk, and therefore I know what it is about myself and I did it more than once.

The biggest amount that was lost in the project - 2 thousands of dollars, you see, is quite disappointing, but this experience taught me to be more attentive and prudent.

I think that all readers and investors of my blog know what HYIP is, and he keeps up with the scam, because the end is obligatory, the question is in time and whether we have time to make money, repay the deposit and make a profit. Therefore, it should be understood that the end will come and it’s not something that treats it simply and philosophically, just to get used to the fact that this is a characteristic thing for investment projects. And about the details of scam and how to expose it by the first signs, right now.

Scam what is it?

In English, scam is nothing else like a scam and a scam. But then a fundamental moment arises - no one gives you any guarantees, and you should count on the efficiency, honesty and mood of the admin on our profit. If I were asked to list synonyms for scam, I would single out the following:

  • bankruptcy;
  • end of payments;
  • end of the project.

The word is so light and corrosive that it immediately came into use and was attached directly to online investing, and gave rise to new words: “soskamilsya”, “grinned”, “pals”.

What is scam Youtube

I would like to clarify: any project, with any legend, from any admin is doomed to scam. And it must always be taken into account in the work and in the choice of amounts for investments.

Sometimes scam comes across the American version, and at once I want to note that I, at least, have met three ways to write this word. Understanding that this is a fraud, I would like to stop focusing on the fact that you can be intentionally spying on social networks, which is typical for the United States.

Then, gathering information about what you like, what kind of music you listen to, etc. on dating sites you meet the “perfect half” and scam is activated: long communication, correspondence, and then love of life, but you want a gift from a scammer, and pay for a plane ticket or send a couple hundred dollars to pack up a fridge. So let's not think that only financial projects are scamming, unfortunately, people are subject to this.

Causes scam. Why are scam projects?

I think that you can write a whole book on this issue, but for now I’m writing only a small article and I want to highlight 2's large groups of reasons for scam:

  • subjective - all stones fly towards the administrator;
  • objective (independent) - the project has ceased to raise funds due to some changes in tariffs, investment conditions.

We all want to make a million, and the admins also want, therefore, sometimes they don’t cope with their sense of greed, and, having collected money from investors, take the money and fly where they look. I note one trend that is quite popular for many Internet projects - the admin does not immediately say that a scam happened, but tells stories about moving to a new service, an attack of Martians, blames a sharp jump in the dollar rate, the launch of new tariffs or crypts, the project is moving away from recent DDOS attack. Enumeration excuses can be forever, but one thing is clear - that's all.

Causes scam

Signs of a fast investment project scam

Sometimes a scam site can be seen immediately, and, of course, intuition is included and protects us from investing in this segment. Sometimes the project works for a long time, everything is fine, makes payments regularly, and suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, the site does not work, the admin does not respond, there’s no money to see. Sometimes (which is rare, but it happens), as the skam comes, the admin announces that all funds will be returned to the participants. Of course, these are units, but there are some. I suggest in detail with you, dear friends and partners, to talk about what makes the scam projects different from the rest and how you can see them from the first acquaintance.

Technical failures

The site then works, it does not work, the entrance to your personal account looks like a lottery - lucky - no luck. Sometimes an attack can indeed be carried out on the site, but in 90% of cases it is a sign of scam. In addition, I recommend paying attention to security in the search box. Of course, its presence is not a guarantee of neskam, but at least some reassurance.

The technical error

Problems with output

Before the start of cooperation with the project, you thought, which cryptocurrency to invest, and now you can not get payments either in the crypt or in Fiat? This is also a sure sign of a scam, and the fact that the project pays can also be found out at specialized forums and sites, where the people will not be late in responding. Sometimes the system does not miss the withdrawal of large sums, in this case, try to reduce and check it.

Percent increase

When the sites offer super conditions and an increase in percentage through 2,5 or 10 days, you just need to wait a bit - another signal that we are facing scam projects. Also alarming is the absolute change in the conditions of tariff plans or a sharp, unreasonable increase in the profit of investors - a gift for the New Year, a solar eclipse, and so on.

Advertising set

That HYIP projects were recognizable, they need to be advertised, but when there are too many advertisements, it means that the admin wants to recoup the money invested in this segment per hour of operation of his platform, and another 24 hours later close the payments once and for all. There is always enough skepticism about the abundance of advertising everywhere, including public transport, as well as its various forms - video, audio, graphics.

Promotions and deposit bonuses

If I were asked what scam is and what its typical signs are, then I wouldn’t definitely select the first in the segment, since the refka, affiliate program, in fact, is also a bonus. Sometimes at the start, the admin (sometimes from his own savings) bridges the difference, of course, he remains in profit. Too large percentages are alarming, and 1-3-5% - why not. I’ll clarify that at the start “I’ve invested thousands of dollars from 10 and got a piece plus” - definitely doesn’t add any inner confidence in choosing a site.

Protect against scam

There is no universal recipe that will allow you to protect yourself from scam and not find out for yourself who the scammers are (scammers, crooks), but it is worth remembering a number of recommendations that allow you to significantly minimize the risks, one of which is diversification. Secondly, do not rely only on your intuition, look what the forums know about the site and its current status.

Scam protection

Third, before determining where to invest money, and at what the big sums, begin with the small. Sometimes it is worthwhile to involve independent consultants in choosing a specific project. Always study in detail: how many primary signs of frank scam and make a decision consciously.

The rule that a project that started an hour ago is more risky than the one that has already attracted investors in a couple of days does not always work. The term of work is not considered an objective indicator of a fast scam.

What not to do with a scam

When you feel what scam means for yourself personally, I strongly recommend (I understand how difficult it is sometimes), do not spend money in the project further, do not torment yourself and just accept the fact that money is buried. Of course, you can apply to the police or other authorities, but in fact, you are not robbed, and you yourself gave the money to the company. It would seem that just a couple of days ago you were counting on a project as a passive income, and now you can’t even go into your personal account. It happens, and without this, internet investing is not possible.

I would recommend everyone to cool down during a scam, not to invest in a wave of anger and desire to recoup in other projects, and even more so to work with borrowed funds and go for reinvestment.

If the project offered to replenish the balance through bank cards, you can, of course, try to return the funds through chargeback, and there are still positive examples of such a decision. Feeling for yourself and realizing that scam is the end, I recommend not to increase panic and evaluate some possible solutions: internal transfers, reinvestment in another project, sometimes you can even write to the support service, but not the fact that someone will answer you .

No scam

When we evaluate options, where to get money urgently, we try not to think that this is not forever and that this will continue, at least our whole life. With the time of active investing, such a feeling is dulled and more objective thinking makes it easier to survive scams without losing confidence in the entire investment system. Summing up, I will note that scam slang and all the words that have come from it is a mandatory component of online projects related to investing. I, of course, do everything in my power to select projects with minimal risks, but this is the market and it has its own rules, and sometimes even too veiled roles.

Traditionally, I wish you that scams happened when you repulsed a deposit, received a profit and brought it out, and that there were few of them in life.

Author Ganesa K.
A professional investor with 5 years of experience with various financial instruments, maintains his blog and advises depositors. Own effective methods and information support for investments.
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Comments (28) (Comments)
Victor (26.01.2020 to 04: 54)
Over time, you begin to see signs of imminent scam, but you do not always want to believe in it and immediately get a rake.
Anvar (12.06.2019 to 13: 29)
Once, in its regular column, Ganesa offered to read a book, self-made, about the scam and HYIP industry, about how they work, how to recapture money to both the investor and the admin, about feelings of greed and rationality .... I will say this both for the book and for the material - thanks. I like the easy way to admit my mistakes. Although it can not be considered a mistake. The main thing is not to go all-in and not put everything "on zero."
Aivi (05.04.2019 to 18: 30)
The most annoying thing is when the project has already been betrayed, and no one yet knows about it, and the admin builds up advertising for several hours and attracts funds, and the site does not lie down, in general, there are no signs indicating a catch. And then you invest money, and that's all - out.
Terl (31.03.2019 to 16: 50)
Our whole life is a scam, and a scam, first of all, is a dollar, more precisely, its course towards the national ruble. I’ve thrown us so many times that it’s time to stop working with him, and we still buy green ones.
corsair (14.02.2019 to 21: 51)
The main thing, knowing what a scam is and feeling it on your wallet, is not to start blowing on the cold, as wise people say. To correct everything, the main thing is that the head is sober and sober-minded.
fora4ka (30.01.2019 to 16: 28)
I agree with the fact that when advertising is rushing - this is definitely a negative indicator and is designed for beginners without intuition and basic knowledge in investing. But I also do not recommend investing in projects in which there is no advertising at all - just an indicator that the administrator is a miser, well, a crook is understandable.
Icer (13.01.2019 to 10: 31)
I will say this, the first weather is really difficult, both from psychology and from the indicators of its profit. Then, when there are more funds, more projects and more profit, you somehow calm down. Well, scam - it will be, and nothing depends on us.
Rooms (02.11.2018 to 09: 27)
I liked the light style and even the share of humor in the article. Thanks to the author. It is necessary to re-read, like some kind of a project.
Timka (08.10.2018 to 11: 42)
Of course trite and unrealistic, but let's reduce the scams, especially now. Sometimes these weeks are bad, I want to score at all, but when it’s fat, I don’t want to remember this word at all, let alone say it out loud.
Kalleos (21.09.2018 to 08: 53)
By the way, about to write to the support service. Tried, once even correctly answered: Sorry, they say, work is underway, you will receive funds, as the company rises from its knees. Well, fun to trace how and what the admin answers to such requests.
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